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  1. Hi thanks - I dont need the DAC as I have Devialet Phantom speakers with built in DACs Will do a bit more research - even if I am not using half the functionality I heard the RCS is really good if somewhat complicated compared to the Dpseaker that has a "Dummy's" RCS button
  2. Thanks - it’s typical I just bought a Dspeaker antimode 2.0, I had been keeping my eye out for one of these for ages! For now I would only use digital in and out - and probably just use the basic room correction suggestion to dial out some bass boom, and then take advantage of tone controls as and when needed. Just for listening to music I’m no sound engineer! I might get back into vinyl one day but for now I just sold up and put my records away, so I guess having A2D would be useful in case I go back! With that in mind, can you think of any good reason / functionality / sound quality to go with this over the Dspeaker? thanks
  3. Hi does this have optical in and out? Thanks
  4. Hi I’ve got a 2m black with several hundred hours on - stylus still in perfect working order with a lot of life left, so you could keep as a spare? PM me if you want to make an offer cheers jamie
  5. Someone please buy this as I have just hung up my vinyl gloves for the time being, but am very sorely tempted to get this for a rainy day as it’s such an utter bargain at that price!! Having just let my wife take over the turntable spot with nice plants and pictures I don’t think it would go down well......
  6. Ah ok great - I thought I could see the old style pillar nut screwed onto the arm pillar I currently have a Jelco on - so I same principle then just need to check I can move the pillar hole to the right place and screw some mounting holes
  7. There’s no way to attach this from the top is there? I have a solid acrylic armboard and no way to get that bolt from underneath
  8. Can’t believe this is still here. If my deck doesn’t sell soon and I change my mind about hanging up my vinyl gloves for a while, I will snap it up!
  9. Hi is the Phono Stage adjustable for an MC cart that likes 200 thingies instead of 47k ? Used to have the standard MM version but now have a better cart
  10. Hi I think looking at the front this version has optical output? I had one before and it was very good - only sold it to get a one box M2tech solution with phono stage built in - but am considering giving it another go so I can play around with different phono stages again
  11. Ah ha Did you set that up quickly because I commented on the classifieds?
  12. Turntables for sale on here - 8 Used Turntables for sale on eBay must run into the thousands It doesn't seem like there is any incentive to sign up and use the classifieds? Has this move ruined the classifieds for a lot of people, as there are so few listings people won't look here when they want to buy, and therefore people won't list here as there is no one to sell to? Just an example product and my humble observation. Thoughts?