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  1. Reduced to £170
  2. For sale an Audiophile Statabase II. Dimensions 475mm x 425mm so suitable for larger, heavier equipment. In good condition although there are some light marks but nothing obvious (see pics). These retail for £570 for sale £190. I would prefer collection but would ship at extra cost. Location - Walton on Thames KT12.
  3. mikeoz

    FS: Blue Frog Audio Bass Traps

    Hi all three traps are still available , thanks mike
  4. mikeoz

    FS: Blue Frog Audio Bass Traps

    The BF-180 is provionally sold. The square corner traps are still available. Regards, Mike
  5. For sale a pair of Blue frog audio BF-4040 square bass traps in a neutral sand colour. In excellent conditions these are 1.95 m high and 40 cm x 40 cm effective down to 40hz - ideal for placement in the corners behind your speakers. They were £490 new for sale at £150. I also have a 2ft x 6ft x 5 inch BF-180 Bass trap in the same colour and condition original price £117.50 for sale at £40 - best placed behind the listening position on the back wall. Collection only from Walton on Thames KT12.
  6. mikeoz

    Magico S5 and a bit of madness

    Sounds like a lot of money. You can buy secondhand Wilson Sashas for £14k (2 currently available from dealers at that price or less). Personally I think they are a better bet and you would lose less on resale.
  7. mikeoz

    My room is crap

    Before you throw money at the problem try moving both the speakers and the sofa away from the front/ back walls and get that coffee table out of the way. I suspect the bass will become more 'even' left to right and probably less boomy.
  8. mikeoz

    My room is crap

    try moving your listening position....
  9. mikeoz

    Proac speakers and ribbons

    Ah that's right D40R. Very nice - but expensive and none available secondhand when I was looking.
  10. mikeoz

    Proac speakers and ribbons

    Actually the Rs I heard were twin woofers so must have been the D48R ? - I lose track of their range. I think those two you mention will sound similar - don't rule out the next size up.
  11. mikeoz

    Proac speakers and ribbons

    I thought they were great. The bass on the 28/30 might be too much in your room. Personally I would be more interested in D20 vrs D28/30 rather than ribbon vrs conventional tweeter. The difference in sound quality is going to be far more obvious than between the tweeters imo (and it's more than just bass). Maybe secondhand D28s is a better bet that new D20R for similar money (my gut feeling). I thought the step up from 18 > 28 was significant. One other point I fired across the shorther length and having downward facing ports certainly helps - you can position them closer to the back wall for sure.
  12. mikeoz

    Proac speakers and ribbons

    I owned D18s for a couple of years and then D28s. I listened to D30Rs before i opted for Wilson. I thought the ribbons were good - I listened to the D30R in a large room in open space. The D18 and D28s were used in a smaller 16 x 12 space. the D28 was worth the extra over the D18 imo. All good speakers for the money and a sound second hand buy. Bass slighly compromised by the ports but not a major gripe.