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  1. vicdiaz

    2250 Gone quiet?

    Mine went silent a few weeks ago no matter what button position...
  2. Still not fixed, and I don't think it will be fixed. I just use my iPhone QManager app to stop and start QNAP apps when listening to music. Meh...
  3. Hi, there is no jumper to set on the LK140 to make it passive, just remove the cable and the active card. There is a potentiometer in the rear that adjust the mute trigger level, check this out.
  4. Late last year I sent my Arkiv MkI to Goldring for a full rebuild and I can vouch on David's work. I can't remember the Arkiv sounding so good!
  5. Hi, What happened to the Linn Open Source web site? I'm looking for the Kazoo source code to compile it for Linux and it seems the site is no longer available. The development forum does not give any clues... Seems there is no longer an OSS initiative in Linn...
  6. BTW, if anyone is interested I have a Troika in a bin. Right now not enough spare $$$ to sent it to Goldring for a rebuild.
  7. Hi Smokestack, Yes, it plays a tune. Does it sound like an original Arkiv? I can't tell since my Arkiv was used but supposedly 'low hours'. I can assure you that now it sounds a lot better and is more musical than before the rebuild.
  8. Late last year I sent two Linn Arkivs to Goldring for a full rebuild and was very pleased with the result.
  9. Hi, Last Friday I powered up my system (ADS, AK, 2250, AV5125, active AV5140s) for some late night music and something was wrong. After doing some troubleshooting I discovered that no sound was coming out from my AV5140 tweeters. I though somehow my elder son blew them, but before I went Hulk on him I tested them with a multi-meter. Low and behold, 6 ohms each one, so it's not the tweeters. Tested the tweeters with a different amp at a very low volume and they work. Hmmm... Could it be the 2250 driving the tweeters? The amp powers up, no signs of anything blown up or charred, removed the active card and tested it at a very low volume but still no sound, checked the RCA/XLR selector switch and still no sound. The connection chain is a follows: ADS -> AK -> 2250 (AV5140 tweeters) -> AV5125 (AV5140 mids and woofers). Mids and woofers sound perfectly so is not the input cables to the 2250. 2250 out of commission, active AV5140s moved to the side, and battle scarred Naim SBLs in place driven by a Naim Nait 5i. Not at the same level, but still musical. Meh...
  10. Hi, Sadly Derek Jenkins from Tangernine Audio passed away yesterday. RIP
  11. Found out what is going on. I use VPN software in my NAS and KazooServer does not work when there is an open VPN connection (4.9.5 works perfectly no matter what). As soon as I close the VPN connection the latest KazooServer version works perfectly.
  12. Everything checked and rechecked, even a new Linn RS-232 interconnect but no luck... Trying to find an older DS (first generation) to diagnose which RS-232 port is gone (DS or Kontrol) and see if Linn can still repair it.
  13. Update!!! Kazoo Server versions higher than 4.9.5 won't work while there is an open VPN session on my QNAP NAS. As soon as I closed the VPN session KazooServer worked perfectly. Now trying to get Linn to fix this since version 4.9.5 worked perfectly.
  14. Nope, I'm using a REM020 remote control which uses IR.