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    Internet speeds (domestic...bit of a rant)

    Speed aside it all depends upon what you want. A fast download speed is immaterial if you're loading up crappy Web news pages. If you have lots of users in the household and gamers then it will make a difference. I had a steady 1,8mb speed which was more than ample for Netflix and general net surfing for the two of us. Funnily enough when we upgraded fibre to cabinet I received 18,5mb on my laptop but 30-35mb via ethernet connection buffering problems were more prevalent. I don't think speed is the be all and end all. A steady signal is equally important particularly with fibre to cabinet. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  2. Pete the Feet

    Assisted Death

    My mate who I recently referred to in the Motor Neurone thread considered this and mentioned it to me on our last trip to the pub prior to him being totally incapacitated. I would have driven him and his Mrs to Switzerland but I didn't press it. If he had mentioned it again I would have had a word with his Mrs. In retrospect I'm sure he was sounding me out. If I'd have brought it up I think it may have caused much distress. What an awful situation for him and his wife. If I'd have been him I'd have taken the trip as there was no going back or miraculous recoveries on the horizon. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  3. Pete the Feet

    Assisted Death

    Easy for him to say. I bet he didn't have to worry about his nursing home fees. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  4. Pete the Feet

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    After several years of perusing this forum that is known as the Wam Arms, I accidently came across some nonsense regarding record players and such. Please explain what has happened? Has there been a change of ownership? Has there been some sort of accident in the Web design? It's a right load of old bollocks I tell you. Get rid of it before it attracts the wrong sorts like trainspotters and other deviants. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  5. Pete the Feet

    Bands In Town App

    Just bought a new phone with plenty of spare memory as the old one had no room to maneuver. Downloaded an app called BandsInTown and immediately spotted a band I saw a few months ago in the support slot for the Temperance Movement. They are on relatively local at Halifax and are called Thomas Wynn and the Believers. I can't wait as they are an American band and don't do too many gigs in the UK, especially in the north. Can't believe my luck.
  6. Pete the Feet

    Armistice Day

    I read his book a few years ago and found it very interesting. I wish I'd have heard his voice before reading it.
  7. Pete the Feet

    WAM takeover by Linn?

    I often wondered where this god awful plastic song and performance came from. Whenever I accidently stumbled across the Wogan show on a Sunday morning this or some other Michael bloody Ball song was playing. Music at its very worst. In my humble opinion of course. I do like my LP12 if I may say so but the above piece of detritus will never sully its deck.
  8. Pete the Feet

    Cheap shredders and how annoying they are

    Its a grim thought is Clothy sitting there in his shreddies.
  9. Pete the Feet

    WAM takeover by Linn?

    I listened to a fair few at the time but I suspect if the dealer sold Linn and the associated Naim then he would push these either by selective demoing or possibly not showing the competition at its best. Hi-fi stores in my area weren't on every street corner at the time. I remember going to one shop Polish Joe's, that didn't sell Linn and they referred to Ivor Tiefenbrun as some Glaswegian Jew. I just shook my head and left the premises. The offered alternatives weren't up to scratch but I did get a decent CD player off them at one point.
  10. Pete the Feet

    WAM takeover by Linn?

    Well at the time I rather liked the LP12 and there was nothing came close at the price. There may be better these days for the price. All those extras for miniscule gains are a bit of a joke but then that is true of most of so called hi-fi. I still have mine and won't be parting with it anytime soon. As for marketing, well most successful firms have to market their goods. they don't sell by their self. It is a very British thing is championing the underdog and the up and coming but once success kicks in its time to take them down a peg or two.
  11. Pete the Feet

    Dog eats man's testicles

    [quote post=" Not any longer, the dog swallowed them all... Poor Mutt's been put down unfortunately! That's a shame. About the dog I mean. I'm full of admiration for a lady who can swallow it. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  12. Pete the Feet

    Dunkirk film: Is there anything right?

    Are you a masochist? it really was bloody awful.
  13. Pete the Feet

    What films have you watched this week

    I watched it last night and really enjoyed it. Initially I thought the female love interest of Freddie was a little contrived and perhaps overplayed. However upon digging around the hinternet after the film I discovered that he left her his house and a serious part of his fortune. The Live Aid shots were great and quite moving it took me back to that momentous day when Queen truly nailed it and stole the show on both sides of the Atlantic. I'm just about to re-watch that performance on Youtube.
  14. Pete the Feet

    ANCIENT portable valve radio!

    Jeez, it'll match that amp that you're still building.
  15. Pete the Feet

    Dunkirk film: Is there anything right?

    I went to an awful lot of trouble in order to watch this film and it wasn't worth the effort. Hugely disappointing.
  16. Pete the Feet

    Peak District

    Just walk over to Blue John then there is a very pleasant route back down to Castleton via Speedwell. You could probably give Speedwell a miss but the walk is well worth it. Then maybe some public transport back to Edale. Of the two caverns Blue John is the one to visit. Don't overdo it or you'll be buggered for the night.
  17. Pete the Feet

    "The Man in the High Castle"

    Its painfully slow Clothy, a cure for insomnia that's for sure. I may take another look at it when I have nothing better to do. Outlander was interesting. She obviously wasn't cast for her acting talents, but she is a bit of a looker. There was a fair share of gratuitous humping in it to take your mind off it though. To be fair she was okay on screen but her narration was a bit stilted with some odd inflexions in her delivery.
  18. Darn sarth y Diggadebian. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  19. Pete the Feet

    On this day...

  20. Pete the Feet

    Ideal logic 30 combi

    Thet used to manufacture multi point water heaters back in the day before combis were the norm. A combi without the heating part if you like. Quite a decent unit by all accounts back in the 70's. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  21. Pete the Feet

    Fixing Stuff

    Leave Mrs Eddie with the hosepipe otherwise given a shovel she may use it for purposes of disciplinary adjustment. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  22. Pete the Feet

    Why should we pay for rich people to get married?

    Here's another one on the gravy train: A fortune built on tax evasion and government bailouts/handouts.
  23. Pete the Feet

    WW1 in colour

    I was expecting something a Saving Private Ryan or the superior Band of Brothers type production. I went to a lot of trouble to watch it by way of obtaining a Droid box, which I didn't need then loading it up with the usual free movie apps. The prime reason for box was so that I could watch Dunkirk. I remember buying my first DVD player so that I could watch Band of Brothers on some foreign DVD's before the official release of them in the UK. It was worth the effort in that case. I remember reading the screenplay book of the Band of Brothers whilst in Rouen on my way to Paris. The Paris part of the trip was cancelled and I immediately headed off on my first trip to Normandy.
  24. Pete the Feet

    WW1 in colour

    I was so looking forward to the Dunkirk film and ended up so disappointed. Half arsed script, half arsed direction, very poor.
  25. Pete the Feet

    I have got tickets to see .......................

    A mate of mine recently saw this show at the Bridgewater Hall Manchester. He mentions it every time I see him. Great show by all accounts with a full playing of Suppers Ready off Foxtrot. What more could a proper Genesis fan want, apart from Gabriel on vocals of course. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk