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  1. Saturday 3rd December 2016 at the Ukrainian Club Rochdale. Progtastic!
  2. Pete the Feet

    Emerson Lake and Palmer Tribute Gig

    Another gig this next month at the Rochdale Ukrainian Club:
  3. Pete the Feet

    What's in your loft ?

    No but the last time I was at his house there seemed to be a lot of Bluebottles floating around. He tends to hoard things. A year or so ago he found an abandoned jet ski and took that home. He said all I need to get it going is an engine, a jet etc. It was just a hull and handlebars. He obtains broken bits of equipment then gets other broken bits of equipment to put them right. As in the case with the oxy acetylene cylinders which were obtained to weld up a broken down Jag he got cheap. The regulator on the welding kit was faulty as was the blow torch. I bet his neighbours would be worried shitless if they knew he had those in his house. He has a pay as you go mobile which he keeps switched off to save money. When a mate of mine who now lives miles away needs to get in touch with him he has to write him a letter to turn his phone on in order to receive a phone call.
  4. Pete the Feet

    What's in your loft ?

    A friend of mine uses his space wisely. He removed the circular saw from the kitchen into the back of his estate car. This then made way for his Colchester lathe. However he had to move the oxy acetylene bottles out of the kitchen into the living room. He was only able to do this by moving his many speaker cabinets and broken televisions into other areas. Apparently there is a sofa in his living room underneath his varied treasures. He had to move some of his house plants out onto the pavement in the street in order to facilitate this logistical enterprise.
  5. Pete the Feet

    What's in your loft ?

    Careful how you go. Once boarded the temptation is to load up with needless junk resulting in the flexing of the joists. Ceiling joists are in the loft are not generally designed for loadbearing, particularly in 60s housing. The first indication you may have of overloading are dots appearing on the ceiling underneath. These will be the nails holding up the plasterboard on the ceiling. On the other hand your joists may be up to the job.
  6. Pete the Feet

    Worth watching on Amazon Prime

    Beat, a German subtitled crime based drama series set in a techno club. If you don't like techno and the general club type vibe then stick with the first episode as it gets better.
  7. Pete the Feet

    Madness......on the BBC

    I didn't see it but they were discussing it at work the other day. The general consensus was one of enjoyment. The Madness gig that was. I saw the Jools thing last year and was disappointed compared to previous years. I flipped through much of it. He really does need to learn a new tune. His weekly show at least tries to showcase some new acts as well as established acts. I wouldn't knock it as there's probably no better alternative currently available and nobody forces you to watch it. I find it quite sad when so called music lovers slate a show because of the presenter. The show at least attempts to show some new music. It used to be a much better show than say the Old Grey which often only had one decent or interesting band on a week if you were lucky.
  8. Pete the Feet

    Ethan Winer challenges Paul McGowan to a public debate

    Did Winer not bring the stripper on to illustrate his/her points?
  9. Pete the Feet

    The Sweeney v The Professionals

    I'm sorry but whenever I see Lewis Collins in the Professionals I always think back to a previous role of his:
  10. Pete the Feet

    2019 Wishlist

    Coyote Peterson deserves to meet a similar end to Steve Irwin.
  11. Pete the Feet

    The Sweeney v The Professionals

    Would have been better in a camisole.
  12. Pete the Feet

    Ray Sawyer RIP

    A chap I once worked with was a roadie on one of their tours at the height of their fame. He said it was the best band he ever worked with from a personal point of view. They treated all the roadies well and were good guys all round.
  13. Pete the Feet

    Happy New Year to Everyone!

    I'm not so sure. I awoke in a strange place and have just landed home.
  14. Pete the Feet

    Hifi Hints and Tips

    Probably right but it was their best album in my opinion. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
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    The Sweeney v The Professionals

    In a fit of optimism I bought the box set. I planned to watch it during my recovery from a heart bypass operation in 2013. Thankfully and despite it now being the festive season (Tail end ya ha) I survived. The early episodes were erring on the dodgy comic side but as we all know it turned out into a damn fine series. The Morcambe and Wise episode not withstanding.Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  16. Pete the Feet

    Happy New Year to Everyone!

    And it gets worse. I decided to go out for some anaesthetic due to the fireworks. Its way too jolly in here at the Flying Horse in Rochdale. Some bloody party band called Boomin. FFS when will it ever end. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  17. Pete the Feet

    Happy New Year to Everyone!

    Bloody fireworks have started already. If I hear laughter and cheer that will really ruin my night.
  18. Pete the Feet

    Happy New Year to Everyone!

    Well its the arse end of the festive season and thank fuck it will all be over tomorrow. Some twat who calls himself a friend collared me when I was out for a walk this afternoon and wanted to shake my hand. He was in stitches when he saw the obvious look of horror come across my face. It looks like the well founded rumours of my festive grumpiness have been doing the rounds. I'm not sure whether to go out tonight. When I stay in the fireworks that seem to start at around 22:00 carry on until 3:00 in the morning keep me awake. FFS.
  19. Pete the Feet

    PP's weekend quiz

    Metric system of weight?
  20. Pete the Feet

    HMV going into administration

    All banks and building society outlets have shut shop in my town over the past few years. About half a dozen all told. Many sub post offices have gone the same way. There is now a reversal of this trend and some corner shops are now offering limited Post Office services. The main one in Rochdale in now a bar after surviving a previous attempt to re-house it in a Woolworths. That was an abject failure. Just seeing PP's post made me think of the remaining businesses in the local village/town. Nowhere handy to take their cash sales or deposit in a night safe. These things have a knock on effect.
  21. Pete the Feet

    Blue Tooth Powered Speakers

    Another great name. I recently bought one of these for my brother after buying a similar model a year or so ago on the recommendation from 911 I think it was. Previous model bought. They can be charged via a USB cable but a standard phone charger is quicker. They run for hours and the sound is really good. I use mine at work and Bluetooth downloaded Spotify playlists from my Android phone. You may want a pair of speakers in the conventional sense but I find these more than adequate. A nifty little carrying case is available for many of the models and you can house a charger in this also. The cheaper model that I bought for my brother nearly has the edge on the older model at almost half the price. I used mine in an apartment hotel in Spain recently and it was worth it for that alone.
  22. Pete the Feet

    HMV going into administration

    Yep same here. Years ago Rochdale council stated that they planned to build at least 700 new homes in Littleborough. What did they do in the first stage? Demolish the main infant and junior school and re-house them in the secondary school. They then developed an existing secondary school which is located in Wardle. Result A58 jammed nose to tail in the mornings. Twenty five years later they have now decided to build a secondary school on a greenfield site in Littleborough. First question, why did they demolish the existing school to build houses on it and send them miles away. Answer, two councillors on the planning committee at the time lived in Wardle and it suited them to send their kids to a local school. Population of Wardle 7000, population of Littleborough 14,000. Build the school in an area where the need is greatest not least needed.
  23. Pete the Feet

    HMV going into administration

    I bet Marshall's weren't happy about that. Huddersfield has some damn fine stone buildings as does much of West Yorkshire. The mill owners obviously sent their progeny on the Grand Tour.At least they've reopened the Industrial museum. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  24. Pete the Feet

    Christmas greetings

    Well that's the worst or should I say most of it over. Next up New Year with all the hugging and kissing and shaking of hands. Wot the fuck is all that about. Happy New Year my arse. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  25. Pete the Feet

    Climate change... Finally some good news

    They are/were okay in tea with no milk. Even better with cheese on toast. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk