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  1. Pete the Feet

    Women know your limits .

    You still can, grow a pair.
  2. Pete the Feet

    The Most Music For The Least Money?

    Ditched my Naim setup after a few years of happy ownership. Just wanted to scratch an Accuphase itch. Loudness switch and tone controls beckoned. I picked up an Accuphase e212 integrated off here to just give it a whirl. After a few months contemplation of the Emperors new clothes I ditched the Naim Nac52/Supercap/135's and made some serious investement in white goods but that's another story. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  3. Pete the Feet

    What films have you watched this week

    It sounds a bit like Coronation Street used to be.
  4. Pete the Feet

    I have got tickets to see .......................

    Today we have the Rochdale Feelgood festival. A bit of music, a bit of dance, a bit of food and some other stuff. The bands headlining this year are Feeder and Cast plus quite a few others and some local acts. There's quite a lot of interest in Feeder but Cast is the band that I want to see most of all. It began yesterday and quite a few establishments who don't normally host live music had acts on. I'll be off down there again today and I hope the rain keeps off. Ben Boothman landlord of the Flying Horse in the Town hall square has done much to support live music over the past 10 years in the town and he will be sponsoring the main stage and have bands on both upstairs and downstairs in the Flyer tonight.
  5. Pete the Feet

    Captain Pugwash

    It was an urban myth all that stuff. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  6. Pete the Feet

    What are you reading?

    Have these overtly racist overtones like his Dan Shepherd books? It's a shame but he spoils what could be a good read with his stock anti-Islamic rants in the guise of a character in the book. It's like a record stuck in a groove. He's a bit of a cunt by all accounts. Reviewed by Will Gompertz arts editor from the BBC with a haircut like a twat.
  7. Pete the Feet

    What films have you watched this week

    Last night I started to watch The Hitman's Bodyguard", I should have known better. That was 20 minutes of my life I won't get back. Then I tried the "Ship that Rocked" thinking it was the story of Radio Caroline. More dross of a similar nature. All in all not a good night for film watching so I switched back to my book which was a marginal improvement.
  8. The Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen are all ostensibly the same vehicle. As per the differences the price escalates to the Toyota. Incidentally my neighbour had the Toyota version and was plagued by oil leaks which were never resolved and other problems. She eventually ditched it. A colleague had the Citroen version for his daughter and was satisfied with it. However when she moved down south he bought her a larger car as she felt a bit vulnerable on the motorway in the little Citroen.
  9. Pete the Feet

    Do you still go to gigs or just purchase the music?

    I haven't bought any music for ages. I tend to listen to Spotify rather than my own collection. Playlists are the present and the future for me with the occasional album thrown in. As for gigs its mainly pub/club covers gigs with the occasional exception. Tonight and tomorrow is a local free festival in Rochdale. They usually have a couple of named bands on who are in the twilight of their career but its a decent event nonetheless. This year we have Feeder and Cast and some other local ish bands.
  10. Pete the Feet

    Trump - You couldn't make it up, but he does.

    Some years ago a neighbour of mine said he'd been put in a bit of a dilemma. Another friend and neighbour had asked him to sign his sons application for a shot gun certificate. With him being both a friend and neighbour and a GP, he was understandably worried. As he said to me the lad isn't quite right is he? Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  11. Pete the Feet

    Trump - You couldn't make it up, but he does.

    Media hype involving Trump? Are you serious? What sort of a statesman conducts his self through twitter and refuses to condemn race hate? That is not media hype that is a fact? And if the BBC doesn't sit with your extreme right wing views then don't watch it, watch Fox instead. Sent from my Sony Digimus Thingy using Crapatalk
  12. Pete the Feet

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    Obviously a trombone player.
  13. Pete the Feet

    The Alternative HiFi Glossary

    Wow - When you've just spent next months mortgage payment on cables and can hear the difference. Flutter - When you take a gamble and buy a bit of shite that was to good to be true off ebay.
  14. Pete the Feet

    Prog 1969-1973

    A mates band use to cover Joybringer and Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann. They used to open up with Elton John's Funeral for a Friend/Love lies Bleeding. Sadly he just does an ELP tribute these days. A waste of talent and electricity as John Peel used to say.