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  1. Oy I resemble that remark. Only on Tuesday was spinning some Val on vinyl. His version of The Elusive Butterfly of Live is a marvellous rendition of a rather splendid song. It is my brothers album I hasten to add. Also I fell asleep. On the other hand isn't this supposed to be about albums that we actually own. Therefore what the fuck was going through your addled minds when buying Ed Sheeran, who incidentally had a tribute act playing in Rochdale last night. £3 entry. And don't get me started on Joe Dolce. I mean who the hell actually bought that? It's the sort of thing your out of touch grandparents or overly sentimental parents may have bought for a hapless toddler. This is turning into a confessional. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  2. The Spy, written and made by Gideon Raff the same fellow who wrote and created the Red Sea Diving Resort. A true story about an undercover Israeli spy who inveigled his way to the top of the Syrian defense. A 6 part mini series which is a bit uncomfortable to watch as there are quite a few is he going to get caught moments. Sacha Baron Cohen plays the lead part but do not let this put you off. Noah Emmerich from The Americans plays a good part. I didn't twig it was him at first due to his accent.
  3. I think he may be a none music loving measuralbist or perhaps a lover of classical. Probably owns a very good hi-fi though.
  4. I know you've said it before but some people don't listen or can't read. I don't think they'd get it even if you branded it on their arse. They might get a quick peek on the way to putting their head up it though.
  5. Its more than just personal wealth and exchange rates its also about flexibility and differing economies. Health, welfare, pensions would all be interlocked to some degree with a common currency and this is not a good thing. I mean the Greeks wish to retire at 50 and we are at 67. For example the Bank of England can react if necessary by amending lending rates and devaluing if necessary. I'm not sure this would be possible if we were all in one system.
  6. Blair also pushed Brown into the Euro but Brown wouldn't have it as he had a 16 point criteria which excluded the Euro. This was a good decision by Brown. Although I am a Remainer I do not believe in tying our economy and welfare state in with other countries particularly in the Eastern block. If we do exit and want to return at a later date I expect adopting the Euro will be a condition of entry and this would not be a good move. Adopting a common currency is more than having to echange currency when taking a foreign holiday. Ireland didn't just open up their borders as the UK did they had some criteria for benefits and being self supporting for immigrants. Has opening up the country to EU immigration actually put UK people out of work? I know that the NHS wouldn't function without these migrants and that is skilled and unskilled labour. Also the utility industries heavily rely on EU migrant workers. It could be argued that for the skilled work then we should be training our staff but in my limited experience we cannot recruit as it is.
  7. Well it looks like from the results that incidentally have no bearing on your statement of No Deal does illustrate the stupidity of the Welsh. A nation that has benefitted more than most regarding EU investment at a time when industry is in spectacular decline, particularly in Wales. Scotland seem to know where their bread is buttered. Northern Ireland are obviously aware of their past. England, well enough said.
  8. So Johnson is going to sack any Tory MP's who vote against his idiotic plan. The day democracy died. No doubt the ardent leavers will be in favour of this but then again some people are generally in favour of fascism until it's too late. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  9. Subtitles is better on this if I remember correctly. Quite a few of the subtitled series I've seen have suffered from woeful overdubbing where the voice artists sound like they are reading out a shopping list with strange vocal inflections. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  10. Switzerland does have some very beneficial banking institutions that benefit those with power and influence. Perhaps this played no small part in their agreements and access to the single market. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  11. I forgot to post prior to the gig but Noddy's Puncture are currently playing at the Ukrainian club in Rochdale. A few ladies here which is a surprise. The usual suspects in attendance plus a few ive never seen before. A great crowd of people. Intermission time and the keyboard players 93 year old mother is reading out one of her poems. She had us all in stitches and gets a bigger ovation than the band. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  12. The EU have not refused to negotiate with us they have asked us to come up with a solution. That was the crux of the meeting which Johnson recently had. We wanted to leave, we should come up with the suggestions and see if it is agreeable. We actually came up with the backstop in the deal and it was agreed, now we want to renegade on what we agreed. How can a sane person or organisation negotiate with a bunch of clowns such as our government? The blame for this fiasco lies with us not the EU. We have had three years to sort this out one way or the other and we have failed not the EU.
  13. Its really quite simple, in that it will satisfy their hate filled minds.
  14. The thread is dead long live the thread. However for those who may happen across this thread I would recommend Victim Number 8 a Spanish crime thriller set in Bilbao in Northern Spain. A terrorist attack is not all that it seems and as the plot unravels it takes on an interesting turn. Some noteworthy acting in this eight part series. Well worth a watch.
  15. What a shame that they both can't go. Do they not have a doubles tournament?