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  1. The thread is dead long live the thread. However for those who may happen across this thread I would recommend Victim Number 8 a Spanish crime thriller set in Bilbao in Northern Spain. A terrorist attack is not all that it seems and as the plot unravels it takes on an interesting turn. Some noteworthy acting in this eight part series. Well worth a watch.
  2. What a shame that they both can't go. Do they not have a doubles tournament?
  3. Personally I never travel without a device such as this. It slips neatly into a top pocket without the need for a manbag. You can just simply draw on it at anytime whilst on the bus, train, tube or in the pub. Its also very popular when dining out.
  4. It depends with whom you are sharing your dessert with surely. If it is someone you have or wish to exchange bodily fluids then it shouldn't be a problem. The second point of helping yourself to a communal bowl of nuts then that is a no no as far as I'm concerned. We were once in an Asian takeaway waiting for our meal to be prepared and they had a bowl of those spicy savoury bits on the table. My other half was about to help herself to some when I pointed out the health hazards, i.e. the toilet one as you mention and the other obvious one is that most people use the same hand to put them in their mouth as the one that they use to pick them from the bowl. A dirty and unhygienic thing all round. Similar when sharing a pack of crisps or nuts; don't. I pour the nuts into someone's hand. Have you ever noticed how an Asian shopkeeper hands over your change? They have it sussed to a degree as they do not come into contact with your grubby hands. Okay the money in the till may be contaminated but this isn't a perfect world.
  5. Here's an interesting one, The Guilty. A Danish subtitled drama set in a Police emergency call dispatch centre. If you only like Hollywood bang bang action films then this is not for you. On the other hand if you like tense drama and maybe even the occasional radio play then you may like this. Your imagination will be working overtime on this one. Jakob Cedergren really nails the part he is playing. A woman rings in who has been kidnapped and the Police call operative is on a race against time to try and save her. Its only a shortish film of just less than the usual 90 minutes but quite gripping.
  6. With nail clippers FFS. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  7. I often carry a rucksack and see people out with camera bags but I draw the line at this. Now lets not get into a manbag fight over this.
  8. A friend of mine recently boarded the same rail replacement bus as myself. I couldn't express my relief when I thankfully discovered that his destination Hebden Bridge was different to mine which was Burnley. He would have been lynched in Burnley and I would have received a good kicking just for knowing him. This was due to him sporting a man bag. Whatever his mother in law who is my neighbour thought as she dropped him off at the train station thought I do not know but knowing her it wouldn't have been charitable. It didn't have a strap by the look of it but it was tragic whichever way you looked at it.
  9. Fatima had a sad end to an otherwise illustrious career. She was arrested at Heathrow airport suspected of drug smuggling. They found 14lb's of crack in her underwear.
  10. Yes and he used to race a Mini.
  11. Higgins the peoples champion FFS. I saw his display of charisma once at a tournament. He singled out a young lad of about 8 who was cheering him on and he spat out a foul mouthed tirade of venom and bile directed at this young kid. His mother was visibly shocked as too were the audience. If he had been my lad I would have leapt over the barrier and lamped the nasty little c**t. Peoples Champion my arse.
  12. What about Jockie Wilson, he stood up. A fine athlete as one commentator put it.
  13. Well I've still a bit to go on the Prime membership and there isn't always that much worth watching. However Absentia is worth a look. Set in Boston a female FBI agent disappears for 6 years only to return with limited recollection of what happened to her. Another bit of nonsense is that her husband who is now remarried is also an FBI agent and is allowed to work the case, as if. Still watchable with many a twist and turn.
  14. The Red Sea Diving Resort. A great film about a true and amazing story. A must watch film about a group of Mossad agents who set up what is supposed to be a fake diving school in Sudan. The purpose was to evacuate Jewish Ethiopians from Sudan and they did in there thousands. A superb film, loved it.
  15. Ahh, Chopin's favourite tree. A worthy job. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk