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  1. surayne

    Channel imbalance with new cartridge

    Played around with anti-skate and azimuth a bit and it made no difference. Eventually I detached the cart from the headshell and reconnected the tags. Problem solved! Very odd, but makes me glad I decided to use the test LP - who knows when I might have eventually noticed the imbalance otherwise!
  2. I have just picked up a Denon DL103 which has been retipped by Soundsmith with a contact line stylus and ruby cantilever. I've installed it on my SME 3012 II and set the tracking force to 2.5g (as suggested by Soundsmith). Alignment has been checked using an arc protractor generated from Conrad Hoffman's program. VTA and azimuth have been checked with a spirit level. I levelled the turntable before starting this process. When playing the very first track from the Hifi News test record I am running into problems. The left channel test sounds fine; the right channel test is much fainter and there is a buzzing noise just before the voice comes in. Going on to the next track (phasing) the voice comes from the left much more than the right. I haven't gone any further. I switched the phono leads from the tonearm to the phono stage and the problem is now identical but reversed, which suggests to me that it must be coming from the tonearm or cart. I had a standard 103 on the arm until yesterday and had no issues, which suggests to me that either the cartridge is faulty or my alignment is off. Which is more likely and how can I determine the cause of the problem?
  3. Thanks. I've checked and the serial definitely looks like it's 7-digit, and engraved on the arm base. This was also installed on a Heybrook TT2 with the older long arm board (no TPS power supply) so it should be from the late 1980s. I was referring to the Linn forums which hosted lots of useful information and which is still returned in Google searches.
  4. surayne

    Wanted: Denon DL103

    Thanks, that might be a little more modified than I was looking for.
  5. I recently picked up a Basik Plus tonearm on a turntable I bought. I'm trying to determine the age from the serial number, but unfortunately the only likely source of info has vanished... Does anyone have an idea of what age serial 9003932 might be?
  6. Looking for a 103 in good working order for use in a second system. Happy to consider modified or re-bodied versions as long as they have some life left in them. Please PM offers.
  7. surayne

    Wtd. Rega R200 arm

    PM sent.
  8. Looking for one of these, preferably a Mk2 with the natural wood surround (rather than black). Not too fussed about general condition or armboard. Happy to travel or arrange collection.
  9. I think I still have it in the shed, will have a look if you're interested.
  10. surayne

    Garrard 401 plinth question

    I built a birch ply plinth for a Lenco. PVA glue did a great job of holding the pieces together. Wood is fairly forgiving so it's a good choice for beginner DIY (I went on to build a couple of plinths in slate, which was a lot more work!). Take your time with the cutouts as the ply can splinter if you cut too quickly. Birch ply is also pretty hard, so sanding out imperfections can take time - best to measure properly!
  11. surayne

    What is the best PC audio software?

    If your software is using WASAPI to output to a DAC (as you should be in Windows for best quality) then there is no technical reason whatsoever for differences in sound quality between different programs. Unless you're using DSP or applying other processing.
  12. surayne

    Advice on some comfortable headphones.

    I picked up a pair of B&O H6 headphones a while back which are very comfortable even for extended periods. Excellent sound quality as well. The original V1 goes for about £140-150 new which is well worth it. I did find that a headphone amp makes a significant difference (I use a Dragonfly Black) but it is still very listenable driven directly from a phone. The later V2 is a bit pricier but more sensitive, and therefore doesn't need an amp.
  13. surayne

    What is the best PC audio software?

    Foobar is extremely tweakable and has remote app support. Needs a bit of tweaking to set it up though. I experimented with it and decided on JRiver eventually - it isn't perfect, I'll admit, but works fine for my purposes. If all you want to do is listen to streaming music, Squeezeplayer can emulate a Squeezebox on your PC and allow control via iPeng or other control software. In terms of sound quality, anything that uses WASAPI to output audio in a bit-perfect fashion should be as good as it gets. Opinions differ on this, much as they do with cables!
  14. Unfortunately I don't have any suitable packaging for them. If you can arrange a Wam taxi I'm happy to hold on to them for you, as I'm not travelling north again for the foreseeable future.
  15. Something Solid stands sold. Price reduction to £50 for each pair of the remaining stands.