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  1. surayne

    Jelco SA-750d

    Looks like all the bits are there (I have one). Good luck with the sale.
  2. surayne

    Wanted: Electric guitar

    Now sorted, thanks.
  3. surayne

    Wanted: Denon DL103

    Now sorted, thanks for the offers.
  4. Price drop to £475 plus delivery at cost. If the cosmetic damage is putting anyone off I'd consider parting with the other amp pictured, which has the black faceplate and is in excellent condition. I'd be asking £600 for that.
  5. Any reasonable offer considered - via PM please.
  6. surayne

    Wanted: Electric guitar

    That's very helpful, thanks. Picking up the instrument after a long time away so the forum landscape is all new to me!
  7. I'm looking for a reasonably decent guitar for home use. Ideally a higher-end Epiphone or an entry-level Les Paul (if within budget). Budget of £500 max, I'd prefer to spend £350-400 depending on model and condition of course.
  8. Final reduction to £375 delivered for this superb headphone amp.
  9. This is an 8-channel DriveCore amplifier that puts out a continuous 125W per channel with all channels driven. It's designed for high-end multiroom audio installations but is equally capable of superb home theatre performance. Could also be used to power a multi-driver active speaker. Reviews available here: and here: This amplifier is in perfect working order and has been powering my 7 channel system without any issues. However there is some cosmetic damage, in particular a dent on the bottom edge of the casing. It's not visible unless you turn the amp over. Rack mount ears and the necessary Phoenix speaker connectors are included. I can provide a basic power cable if needed. These were £2500 new. I'm asking £500 collected, or delivery at cost. Happy to demonstrate it working if collected.
  10. Bump and price reduction to £400 delivered.
  11. For sale is an Audeze Deckard in excellent condition in the original packaging. Just over a year old - I bought it in March 2018. This is a very capable headphone amplifier with 3 selectable gain settings to tailor the output to your headphones. It has a USB input capable of accepting files up to 32/384 as well as an analogue input. It can also act as a preamp. I'd like £450 to include RMSD. Collection possible in Surrey just off J11 on the M25 or in central London.
  12. I have a Quad 405 in bits that I'm planning to restore. Unfortunately the heatsink and top plate have gone missing, so I'm looking for a replacement. I don't mind the cosmetic condition.
  13. surayne

    Channel imbalance with new cartridge

    Played around with anti-skate and azimuth a bit and it made no difference. Eventually I detached the cart from the headshell and reconnected the tags. Problem solved! Very odd, but makes me glad I decided to use the test LP - who knows when I might have eventually noticed the imbalance otherwise!
  14. I have just picked up a Denon DL103 which has been retipped by Soundsmith with a contact line stylus and ruby cantilever. I've installed it on my SME 3012 II and set the tracking force to 2.5g (as suggested by Soundsmith). Alignment has been checked using an arc protractor generated from Conrad Hoffman's program. VTA and azimuth have been checked with a spirit level. I levelled the turntable before starting this process. When playing the very first track from the Hifi News test record I am running into problems. The left channel test sounds fine; the right channel test is much fainter and there is a buzzing noise just before the voice comes in. Going on to the next track (phasing) the voice comes from the left much more than the right. I haven't gone any further. I switched the phono leads from the tonearm to the phono stage and the problem is now identical but reversed, which suggests to me that it must be coming from the tonearm or cart. I had a standard 103 on the arm until yesterday and had no issues, which suggests to me that either the cartridge is faulty or my alignment is off. Which is more likely and how can I determine the cause of the problem?