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  1. Radioham

    Charity Shop Find

    Hi, Old Yes=62 Bald=No Cardigan=No Slippers=Not very often worn accept when wife moans about going out side in socks or bare-feet Just a quick commercial break.. Alan
  2. Radioham

    Charity Shop Find

    Hi, I was in my local Sue Ryder Shop & Cafe this morning having an all day breakfast when I saw a pair of B&W 602 Series 2 speakers for sale. (£20). Having never owned B&W I thought I would give them a try. Whilst waiting to pay I asked if anything else came in, and was shown the back-room store To my amazement there was:- Mission Freedom 770 Speakers & Stands Yamaha Amp AX900 Yamaha CD Player CDX700 Yamaha Cassette Deck KX-W900 Yamaha Graphic Equaliser EQ500 Revolver Turntable -BRC Anyway I decided to buy the lot for £90, which pleased the shop as they were in the way and not their "thing". For the next day or so I will be testing & Cleaning the items. Given my current setup (See profile) I dont think these will be keepers. Any thoughts on my impulse purchase and how they rank in the audiophile world.I guess the main technical interest would be the B&W speakers,The Amp and turntable. The other items I guess are like any other Japanese black box of that era. Regards Alan
  3. Radioham

    Sweet vinyl sugar cube sc1

    Compared to the price of the Sugar-cube an external phono stage would be quite cheap. I use the MF LX2-LPS (£199) which has both MM and MC inputs and works well with my system and two decks. Alan
  4. Radioham

    Useful voltage regulator

    I would be concerned about "switching" noise introduced by the regulator and there is very little smoothing on the DC Output. Try it by all means but see if your active crossover is producing noise or hum. Alan
  5. Radioham

    Amp issue, any ideas?

    Hi, Sounds like it could be a mains issue. Is the mains plug connected to a decent 13A wall socket or a good quality mains block (not the £3 discount/supermarket version). Check the fuses are making good contact in the plugs and possible replace as you could have a damaged one. It could also be a poor contact on the on/off switch, so with the power removed operate the switch many times which will either clear the switch of crud make it permanently fail. Alan
  6. Radioham

    Is there any point in owning CDs or vinyl

    I recently inherited from a deceased relative some 100 LP's , although not quite to my music taste it gave a good insite into his character. He also had a number of downloads stored in more recent years on a laptop and desktop PC. These can not be accessed due to password issues, and when speaking to the various providers they stated that he was only renting the media (although he paid for downloads) it was not transferable. Another friend bought quite a lot of material from the BBC download service, and was informed last year they were ending the service and material could not be transferred or played again and the only compensation was a fixed price fee per item which was somewhat less than the original purchase price. Give me physical media any-day. At least my 78 collection has stood the test of time. I did try streaming for a while with a couple of providers,but found the indexing to be very poor, and far too much choice in determining which recording year, was it a single track, was it complete LP or was it a compilation plus some of the mainstream artists are not available on streaming servers. Alan
  7. Radioham

    Cheap Chinese Knock-off or well made?

    Being very critical I would like to have seen:- Some extra fuses for HT and Heaters rather than just one mains fuse Sleeving over the mains input connector and fuse holder Some of the Resistors look very close/touching I would like to seem more space given that the board has a lot of spare space. It maybe better if the mains input connector was a filtered one What ventilation does it have as the capacitors could get quite warm The Alps pot fed with screened cable rather than a hank of wires. The ALPS Pot looks a bit crude and could be a clone, whereas a genuine one has much better moulding. It looks like the chassis could be earthed via a resistor from the IEC earth pin. Regards Alan
  8. You want a DAC with a very low output impedance. If you take the first DAC you see that the output impedance id 100 ohms, if you then load it with say 10K or 50K ohms the effect is negligible. However if your other DAC is say 20K output and you load it with 10K there will be a very large loss of signal. In general Outputs of devices should be as low as possible, and inputs should be as high as possible. The only way to change these is to redesign the circuit or insert a buffer stage between the two. Alan
  9. Without having a circuit diagram, it would be hard to guess which valves could be the cause of the problem, or indeed if the specification was not as stated. The other alternative would be to buy a Chinese valve buffer with a gain control which will increase the output of the DAC. This one seems to have an output of 3V for an input of 300mV to 2V. For an outlay of £25 it would prove the point. Alan
  10. Hi, I hope the output is not 2MV (2 Mega Volts) but should be 2 Volts. The difference in level could be due to the output impedance of the 2 DAC's relating to the input impedance of the amplifier. Measuring the output voltage would not be easy as you would ideally need .a Digital test signal (constant tone) which could be generated by a computer to feed into the DAC and use either an oscilloscope or Audio level meter. Most multi meters only measure low frequencies like 50Hz mains and not Audio frequencies like 1KHz. standard multimeters would have a low impedance and could load the DAC output. Your 1st DAC produces 2.5 Volts from 100 ohms and the 2nd DAC produces 2 Volts from an unspecified source impedance. So that 0.5 volts could be making quite a difference. From what I can see the input spec is 800 mV (Milli -volts) for the preamp, so either DAC's should drive the amplifier quite well. Could the preamplifer need a valve change, if the gain in the valves have gone down, or perhaps someone has been tube rolling ? Alan
  11. Radioham

    Kef 203/2 Reference Tweeter Fuse??

    Sound like a good plan. Alan
  12. Radioham

    Kef 203/2 Reference Tweeter Fuse??

    I assume that price is for the complete uni-q unit. Have you asked KEF about replacing just the tweeters ? on some units the tweeter is held in with just a screw, whilst on others its glued and screwed and needs to be done by KEF. When I took my speakers back to KEF they replaced the tweeters free of charge as they thought that the tweeters should have been more robust. ( i plugged a lead into a power amp whilst it was turned on)I also had a tour of the museum (not normally open to the public) and a listen to the Muon while I waited. Alan
  13. I had had a fault where the piston on the arm lift would start to rise up about 10 minutes after playing an LP. Depending on the vinyl thickness and any warp on the record would affect the amount of mistracking. Took me ages to find the problem the dealer replaced the arm lift on my clear audio under warranty. He also said that he has seen a few Rega's do the same.The cause seems to the the fluid in the piston going sticky. Alan
  14. Radioham

    Interesting pics of HiFi kit

    Not impressed, IMHO far to many speakers in one room and what appears to be a metal ceiling . Alan
  15. Radioham

    An interesting development...

    I too had to make a few phone calls in the past regarding software issues and found one of their Engineers very helpful and would always ring back and most time would remote into my MF Encore Connect to make changes.Lets hope perhaps he has been kept on as a freelance engineer working at home. Alan