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  1. Or it could be hard grease on the sled which moves the Laser. CD's play from the inside out so look for any build up of grease towards the centre. Alan .
  2. He still has a website. I would do your research well. Alan
  3. Hi all, I recently had a bit of a speed stability issue on a project turntable and found the platter bearing was dry. How much oil should i drop down the bearing hole. All I can find online are words like enough or as and when.I had a few drops of oil left over from a previous make of TT and that solved the speed issue, but would like to get the correct amount onboard.when the TT are new I belived they are prelubricated and a sticky label put over the bearing hole to reduce loss during transit. Alan
  4. I think it was a joke .... Wrapping Vinyl as in records ? or wrapping complete cabinet including fronts.
  5. Hi All, Rumer is releasing a new Album on Vinyl, CD and Cassette. (Nashville Tears) There are also some limited edition 1st Pressings on Vinyl. Alan
  6. I would think unless you are wearing headphones it would be very difficult to correct one ear as the ears will hear both speakers. Have you thought about hearing aids where the correction can be properly applied. If it was a car crash could you not make a claim for hearing loss from your insurance company, which may cover the cost of hearing aids.
  7. Some modern amplifier can be harder to repair than older models. Modern amplifiers can use surface mount parts or specialist chips, so that limits the repair capabilities. An older amplifier tends to use standard off the shelf parts. Some manufactures like Quad service/repair virtually everything they have ever made, as a percentage of the cost price is put aside to support their service department.
  8. Radioham

    BBC LS3/5a

    The BBC Employees were offered Kit versions of the LS3/5A at a very reduced price. I think all the cabinets were ready made, you just had to load the drivers into the cabinets. I have a Clone of the LS3/5a in my home office and they do sound very good. I understand they can be destroyed by high power. Alan
  9. I would not move them too far north yet as most of the expertise seems to be around the London area which is where Tannoy first started. Alan
  10. Reel to reel tape is very expensive as a consumable £25 to £35 per reel. You need to consider 7.5 ips as the minimum speed for a reasonable frequency response. Source material is an issue. If you were buying pre-recorded at £400-£500 then you would be looking at a much higher spec machine than the Sony 377 or Akai 4000DS (Very popular in the 70,s) Other source material could be Vinyl or FM Radio or Streaming. I have had both machines, but like a lot of people moved over to Cassette and then CD due to tape costs and storage. I agree that they can produce a nice sound but if you look at the specs you will see that they measure quite poor (Signal/Noise, Freq Response and Wow and flutter. Plus maintenance issues like head wear, rubber belts, and pressure rollers. Alan
  11. My local dealer is offering double points, free gift and 10% discount when you spend £3k.
  12. Radioham


    I Bi wire and earth my speakers since tannoy provide the connections. Quite a good article.Not sure the Newton cradle analogy works. However it is a good way to get some large CSA cables into the plugs. Also if your amp has two sets of speaker outputs which can be used at the same time, then it keeps current flowing through the second set of contacts which is good for the amp internal switches/relays. (Contact Wetting) Alan
  13. I would think one of the main issues would be leakage around the edges of the curtain, especially around the top, unless fitted in a frame. Do the stairs have open treads or is it just the sides ? What frequencies are you trying to stop, I guess treble maybe ok, but for bass you may need something more solid.
  14. I can find out the model at the weekend. I know it just gone onto the market as a MK2 of an earlier model and has Bluetooth which was not on the original. The features mentioned are not in the user guide or website as it was my friend who said that Quad are underselling the product . Alan
  15. Can I suggest you listen to the DALI range. £700-£900-£499-£1100 Good sound and VFM Alan