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  1. Radioham


    When ferrofluid fails usually one tweeter will have less output than the other one which is quite easy to hear and gets worse with time. I guess 10 years is playing it safe, however 20 years is more realistic. I guess it all depends on how hard they are driven to heat up and the country they are used in. Alan
  2. Radioham

    Encore Updates

    Hi All, I notice that my Encore Connect is still receiving updates. My current version is 598. I know that MF were not very good at updating their website with release notes, but does anyone know where I can find out what the latest releases are for ? Regards Alan
  3. Radioham

    Upgraded/repaired Audiolab 8000a volume issues

    Hi Audiolab is part of IAG at Huntingdon. They may repair it /test it if the mods do not depart to far from the original. Alan
  4. Radioham

    Three Words Daily

    Adamantium interior ambience New Car Spec
  5. Radioham

    First Double Cassette Deck

    In 1988 Amstrad were taken to court by CBS Music for making a machine which had a double deck and could be used for copying. CBS lost the case. I guess CBS viewed the Amstrad as a "Mass Market" product , and although there were other machines around this was very much a consumer product. Dual Recorders by the likes of Neal have been around for quite when used in evidence recording.(PACE ACT 1984) Alan
  6. I dont have a treble control Alan
  7. Yesterday I purchased a pair of Tannoy Supertweeters ST300MG and the results are very good. Looking at the frequency response graph shows there is useful output between 5KHz and 20KHz. When listening to crowd scenes there is a definite 3 dimensional effect with the groups of people appearing to come in a circle in front of the speaker. Watching Cricket the sound of the ball on the bat was a real "crack" and made me almost duck as the ball came out of the speaker towards me. Even on game shows like "pointless" the SFX on the questions are more than just a tone, but quite a complex sound. On music it definitely lifts a veil on the sound stage. Alan
  8. Radioham

    Attenuators (once again, I'm sure....!)

    I would have word with atc and see if they would be willing to modify one or more inputs for you, as having a few hundred milli volt input is a bit low for modern devices which output 21 volt or more. I had the same issue with a quad pre and power I had on loan, the output of the pre was 4 times the input of the power , and being a stepped volume control it was difficult to set a reasonable volume. Quad offered to do a software fix, but I declined and returned the product. Alan
  9. Hi, I guess this maybe a small group.(anyone else with an SC1 or 2 ? I have the SC1 unit.I noticed it did a few firmware updates the other day. I contacted the manufacturers who said ..... Hi Alan, We update the units pretty frequently – about 2x per month – the SC-1 and SC-2 share a common OS and many of the changes do not introduce new functionality. Right now there will be more frequent updates as the SC-2 gets out of Beta. We hadn’t planned on putting the information on the website – a little hard to do at the moment given all the other items we are working on. Best, -Dan
  10. Radioham

    Michell hydraulic reference electronics

    The resistor at the back of the board (red red orange) is an old carbon type and could do with being replaced with something more modern. Not sure what its function is. If you want to replace the capacitors as well we are only talking pence for the parts. I guess the board is from the 70's Alan
  11. I dont think you are hearing the sounds of the cable, but more the effect of the cable on the output stage of the amplifier and also how it presents the loudspeaker to the amplifier. Class D amplifiers are very sensitive to output loads as most hifi reviews show. You can get a computer programs which show the audio difference between to signals, so you could have a mono source fed into a stereo amp and each channel fed into an 8 ohm dummy load and one channel could be fed "standard" cable and the other channel fed with the "special cable. Alan
  12. Radioham

    Personalised/Private Reg Plates?

    Hi, Personalised plate owner here. When they were over £2K to buy a plate , I was not interested. Now they are about £500 I bought one to match my Ham Radio Call sign. In some cases it can be reverse snobbery in that you can put the plate on a new car by the dealership, and no one knows its new, or put it on an older car and no one knows how old it is. I used the DVLA to buy the plate from. Considering the reg has been on about 4 or 5 cars that's not a bad investment. Also with a special plate the car in not likely to get cloned as its too recognisable unless you practice kerb crawling as a hobby. Alan
  13. Hi All, I have a Revolver Turntable in black wood finish. It has a revolver arm and cartridge. The finish is 100% including the perspex cover. Includes platter mat and pig. Unit is marked BRC V26 ZCZ Item is located Peterborough. I can demonstrate. May also be able to deliver en-route to North Kent (A1,A14, M11,M25,M2) No Box, Photo CopyManual This was part of a Job Lot of equipment I purchased and I did not require the Deck (I have two already). Cash on collection or Paypal Gift. Belt seems OK, you can get replacements from the Web Yours for £150 Alan
  14. Radioham

    Buzzing. any ideas?

    Hi, Is it near any RF like Mobile Phone, Cordless Phone, Wifi Router, Power Line Adaptor etc. If the system against a neighbours wall, do you know what on the other side ? IMHO I would never use un-screened interconnects apart from speaker cables. REgards Alan
  15. Radioham

    Jazz on BBC Radio Scotland

    Hi All, Whilst trying to find anything to watch apart from football. I came across this Jazz program on the radio guide on my Virgin Box. IMHO its quite a good show. No doubt you can listen to it in many ways. Worth a listen:- Alan