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  1. Radioham

    all in one alternatives to dreaded Crossley

    Try this for £400 Reloop RP2000USB Turntable / ADM-5 Active Speakers Complete Vinyl System Or Bluetooth Deck,just add speakers Regards Alan
  2. Radioham

    Turntable 2 into 1 ?

    Hi, I would like to rationalise my turntable/pre-amp collection. One deck is the Clearaudio Concept fitted with "Silver Note" Bespoke arm and a Rega 78 Mono MM Cartridge. The clear audio does 33/45/78 with electronic speed change. The other is a Project Classic SB super pack fitted with a MC Cartridge. 33/45 is switched, but 78 requires a different belt fitting when you change speed Both Decks the headshells are fixed. My Preamp (Luxman) has only one phono input which is switched MM/MC To use both decks I used an outboard Preamp which goes into a line i/p on the pre-amp. I wonder if you have any thoughts on the following:- Replace both decks with a turntable which has a removable headshell , the most obvious choice would be a new Techniques SL 1210GR and get a spare headshell. Fit a replacement arm to the Clearaudio which has a removable headshell (Arm is standard type Rega mounting 26mm hole) How would you rate the deck performance of Clear Audio v Techniques v Project I dont have many 78's but the mother-in-law has quite a large selection I could inherit or borrow. Regards Alan
  3. Radioham

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    I will also have a table. (89).I took a last minute booking today, due to a cancellation in the main hall so it looks like the main hall is now fully booked.My wife Tracey and I could also wear our 2017 wammer T shirts. Main Items on sale include:- Musical Fidelity Phono pre-amp with 2 inputs (mm/mc) Project Class D amplifier Project DAC Clear Audio Turntable with "Silver Note" bespoke arm, wired for stereo but fitted with Rega 78 MM cartridge Revolver Turntable & Arm with AT Cartridge Cassette Deck Graphic Equaliser x2 Dual Radio Tuner (not tested yet) Alan
  4. Radioham

    Identifying unmarked Transistor & circuit type......

    Your amplifier "could " be a kit with a circuit like this ?
  5. Radioham

    Resistor Testing Results - Anything to be Concerned About??

    I would leave the resistors as is, I assume they are on a pcb, as its easy to lift the tracks. Unless the resistors are discolored or the pcb is burnt. If we are talking about equipment 40 years old or more fitted with carbon resistors (see below) then it could be time for a complete change. Modern Film resistors look like this. You also dont know if the circuit is any special like a Quad , Leek etc so may not be worth spending much money on. As the PCB are marked EE it could be a project from Everyday Electronics.Information maybe scarce as it could well be dated before the advent of Web based magazines and pdf etc. Alan
  6. Radioham

    Identifying unmarked Transistor & circuit type......

    IMHO what you call a ceramic fuse is more likely to be a resistor.
  7. Radioham

    Resistor Testing Results - Anything to be Concerned About??

    Its quite hard to measure components whilst still in circuit, so I think you did very well to get the results as shown. When you use the word "dead" does that mean the resistor is open circuit or short circuit ? it could appear to be dead due to the interaction of other devices. The only true way to measure it would be to lift one end of the resistor out of circuit and check again. Alan
  8. Radioham

    Do Replacement capacitors need to be identical?

    Changing the ratings are:- Increase Capacitance could be good but depends on the Transformer and Rectifier plus switch on surge.(assume the designer has done the job correct) Increase in Temperature Rating is a good thing for longer life Increase in voltage will give a longer life Manufacturer Name not to important people like RS/Farnel/CPC sell very good parts and I would avoid branded fakes on ebay Alan
  9. Radioham

    DIY Dummy Test Load??

    The dummy load can just be a resistor on a heat sink or x2 if doing stereo so you can load both channels at the same time. If you want to change the load, you could switch in banks of resistors like 8/4/2 ohms etc. If you want to give your amplifier a hard time to see if its stable you could also switch in some inductance and/or capacitance as well. I would also use some cheap bookshelf speakers or computer speakers with the amps removed whilst doing initial testing. Alan
  10. Radioham

    Cheap Chinese testing equipment on eBay

    For Audio measurements I would suggest something like the Ferrograph test sets. You get a low distortion oscillator, and a distortion measuring meter etc Unfortunately you are looking between £800 and £1000. (2nd hand) The Chinese equipment will be of very little use in measuring sound quality and will only show very basic faults like mains hum etc. Alan
  11. Radioham

    Piano sounds odd

    Piano is one of the hardest instruments to replay on Vinyl. Apart from the physical media having defects , the turntable can introduce speed variations unless the platter is very heavy and has a motor system capable of driving it well. A friend of mine who is a Beethoven fan (lots of piano) has given up with vinyl due to speed/stability issues. Do you have a test record with a constant tone on it, and does the note sound pure. You could also try a record clamp to ensure the disc is not slipping on the platter. Although the Rega is good, you may have to look at electronic speed control or direct drive decks or give up piano music. Alan
  12. Radioham

    Splitting main pre-amp output

    Good point Uzzy, it could also be the seating position and you might find the bass is stronger in the corner of the room, in which case a bass trap maybe useful.
  13. Radioham

    Splitting main pre-amp output

    The subs would just use the xlr or rca from the pre.
  14. Radioham

    leaving a cd player on

    You need to take the manufacturers advice. The company I used to work for supplied cd players for 24/7 use and we used to fit upgraded transformers in the power supplies compared to the consumer product as the transformer used to run quite warm. It all comes down to good or poor circuit design. Alan
  15. Radioham

    Splitting main pre-amp output

    Looking at the picture of the plate, you could feed the preamp direct to the sub and then the hf out to the poweramp. No splitter required, it would also stop your existing speakers try to compete with the sub. Alan