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  1. Radioham

    Hearing Loss

    Hi, In reply to a few questions. They are on the ear type made by Siemens and the cost was just over £2K for the pair Alan
  2. Radioham

    Recording vinyl

    Hi Again, Some of the Nova Fidelity products have a "Phono" input whilst others have an analogue line-in to make a digital recording. For example the X45 I am also very computer adverse and will probably trade-in my SC1 for an SC2 when it becomes available in the UK. Alan
  3. Radioham

    Recording vinyl

    There is the sugarcube SC2 due to come to market. I have the SC1 (Non-Recording) and it works very well. Alan
  4. Radioham

    Hearing Loss

    Hi All, Got the new "Aids" today.The design of the in ear capsule is like an umbrella frame without the fabric and the transducer is in the middle. That allows some real sound directly into the ear canal. The first part of the programming was to put in the inverse of my hearing loss. A small adjustment was then made for the volume of my own voice. The aids are capable of storing 6 different programs. The audiologist suggests I come back every 2 weeks for the next six weeks for minor tweaks and to enable other features. (All FOC). TV sound is a lot better. Speech in particular and I have TV sound down a lot lower (Keeps the wife happy). The Hifi is very much as before. My fear of listening down a small tube is unfounded. Percussion is enhanced but bass and mid seem much the same, although I need less volume. So far the control button is just programmed to increase/decrease the amount of amplification which controls both aids. The ultrasonic response seems a bit on the high side, the rustling of crisp packets is a bit too loud as is the sound of running water. or pulling sellotape off the reel. Will send a further report in the next couple of weeks. Alan
  5. Radioham

    CD collection wanted

    Hi , It would be illegal to pass on the original CD's and Keep the ripped versions. Plus in the future there maybe better ways to extract Redbook CD info and a better way to rip it other than Flac. Alan
  6. I would not be to keen on the Silver tape, as you have a rubber adhesive insulating each layer. Rather than a screen you could have the effect of quite a long loop. I would prefer braid as each layer is in electrical contact with its neighbour. Alan
  7. Radioham


    Project Symphony were kits available to BBC Employees REgards Alan
  8. Radioham

    Sugden ANV-50

    I borrowed the version with internal DAC for a couple of weeks whilst my Luxman (Valve Preamp) was being repaired. I prefer the Luxman for SQ. I dont like the ergonomics of the front panel. If you go for the black version the big silver rings around the controls spoil the look. Also I dont like the Text for input selection both on the DAC input and Analogue input being in a straight line its very hard to see whats selected. Having the text around the knob would better or at least some small LED's above or below the text. Many times I would have to count the clicks of rotation to select the correct input. It reminds me of the old Avo Meters where you have to use two rotary knobs to make the selection. Alan
  9. Radioham

    Wanted - bloody good speakers for little dosh

    Any of the Dali speakers new or s/hand Older Kef, but be wary of rubber rot of bass drivers and ferrofluid in tweeters turning to goo. Alan
  10. Radioham

    Hearing Loss

    As the OP I should get my "Aids" programmed and fitted on the 15th of this month (1 week away). or . I have selected quite an expensive model from Specsavers which is manufactured by Siemens. Its an over the ear type with forward facing microphone and a tube into the ear canal.The audiologist suggested that this will be the better type as the ear will still be open to allow the bass frequencies into the ear. He did not recommend the in ear type for my level of hearing loss, and type of listening. There is a 4 year warranty and he suggested getting them checked/reprogrammed about once a year (free), or sooner if I am not happy with the settings. Will report back later. Alan
  11. Radioham

    Any users Technics 1210gr

    Hi All, As the OP I have pulled the trigger and ordered the 1210GR. My current deck is the Project Classic, which is quite good but the fixed headshell makes Cartridge swapping impractical, and speed change for 78 involves fitting a different belt. I have ordered a Ortofon 2M 78RPM Cartridge and will transfer the Ortofon MC Quintet Red from the project. I have ordered a spare headshell to make swapping easier. I have in the past owned an ex-disco/radio station 1210 MK2 and did like the Pace, Rhythm and timing of the direct drive motor. I should get the deck in the next couple of days. Regards Alan
  12. Radioham

    Any users Technics 1210gr

    Hi All, Has anyone purchased the Technics 1210gr for HiFi use ? If yes what do you think ? Are there any cartridge limitations in terms of compliance and/or hum pickup with a MM or MC cart ? Are there any thoughts on using a different mat, record clamp or feet like the original 1210 which had a stepped platter ? Thinking of buying one so I have all 3 speeds 33/45/78 without changing belts or moving belt onto a different part of the pulley, and the plug-in headshell means it will be easy to do a cartridge swap for LP and 78. Alan
  13. Radioham

    Hearing Loss

    Hi All, For the past couple of years, I have had some trouble with TV sound (Missing words/Mumbling etc) anyway decided to get a hearing test done. The first test was done in store using a Tablet and headphones, to determine if I needed to see the audiologist for a full test. Had the results today from the full audio test and decided to "invest" in a pair of hearing aids.As you see the main loss is some 15dB from 1.5 to 3KHz. The multiple plots are left and right ears, fed via headphones and also bone conduction tests. I wonder if the hifi will sound better ? Anyone had experience of hearing aids and HiFi Fitting & programming will be in a couple of weeks time. I decided not to go for the Bluetooth streaming option. As mentioned before on this forum I wonder what the plots of HiFi reviewers look like ? I also wonder if the reason many newer speakers sound over bright (treble lift) , is that the designers and target audience are perhaps no longer spring chickens. Will report back in a couple of weeks. Alan
  14. Radioham

    CDR help please

    Are the discs preformated audio cdr and not computer type cdr Alan
  15. Radioham

    CDR help please

    I have a similar Teac. It is the copy protection system. The only workaround is to use the Analogue inputs or buy the Tascam which is the pro version. Alan