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  1. Help! Battery power supply replacement batteries

    Have a look at Alan
  2. Help! Battery power supply replacement batteries

    In theory you should be able to buy the 3 pin connector but there are hundreds of sizes. You could look at old pc bits or radio control model shops. Instead of the metal strips you will have to use some wire strips like solid mains cable, as the strips are welded and may well break when you try to remove them. I guess in between the batteries is some device to prevent over charging, so you need to transplant the pcb as well. There are some companies on the web will rebuild battery packs for you. I will take a look.
  3. Best courier for sending HiFi equipment?

    Best Transport is your own car. At work we used to take delivery daily of test equipment and it was appalling to see drivers with Doc Martin style boots standing on the equipment whilst looking for our delivery. If they couldn't find our box, then they would throw the boxes to the back of the van in their search . We also had the usual lost/late delivery and statements like "you were out" which is surprising since we operated 24/7 and had extensive CCTV. Manufacturers like Hewlett Packard used their own drivers. From a home perspective I use Royal Mail Special Delivery, although expensive, it seems to work OK. Alan
  4. Probably getting a new TT

    +1 for the clearaudio Concept MM. I had the SL1200 disco deck and a few mods, but it looked like a disco deck and despite new boots (Isonoe) feet it still didn't look right compared to the rest of the system. I tried a Rega but was not happy with the speed stability. The only disappointing part is the price of the clearaudio cover and its made from folded perspex and the edges are not glued or welded. Alan
  5. Hi All, Just seen the details of this click and pop removal unit for Vinyl lovers. It will be on show at the Birmingham Audio Show. Unfortunately will have to wait till 2018 to buy it. Here is an on-line demo (scroll down the page for better demo) Alan
  6. I too bought the new Sgt Pepper on Vinyl. Much better mix than an earlier version I have on CD. Well done Abbey Road etc. Alan
  7. Online Freebie HiFi magazine

    Worked OK for me, good find. Alan
  8. Hi Paul, Is it possible to buy the Vinyl before or after the event ? As you know I was going to attend the event, but unable to make it tomorrow. Regards Alan & Tracey
  9. Hi all, Thanks for all you advise. I went to my local dealer today and decided to buy the clearaudio concept MM V2.Other considered were the Rega RP6, Project Classic, and Project Experience. Regards Alan
  10. I wonder if you have better photo or model number ? Looking at the photo it would appear to be using a printed circuit board. Depending on how the connections to the front and back are connected to the main PCB it could a long job to remove all the connections to get the PCB out of the case so you can get to the solder side, in which case I can see the reluctance to remove a few parts if its not broken. Can you check its a UK spec model and not 220v mains as that would put further stress on the power supply components. Regards Alan
  11. Unfortunately you can not fit the Rega PSU to the RSD 2017 deck. According to the information the Rega PSU incorporates a vibration sensor input which picks up a signal from the motor to smooth out vibration, hence the need for the extra socket on the TT which mine does not have. I think there could be other issues,this is the first time I have played classical music since parting with the Technics, and also recently I have been listening to the Proms via the FLAC stream which would not have any wow and flutter being digital.(actually it has lots of WOW Factor Still thinking and thanks for the advise so far. Alan
  12. That sounds like a good idea. I have sent an email to my local Rega dealer to see if its possible on the RSD 2017 deck. That would save a lot of money Alan
  13. It would be useful to know the make /model as it could be an urban myth or solid fact. I guess depending on how they are mounted (PCB/Tag Strip etc) it could involve quite a lot of dis-assembly which could make other issues, how ever if its a simple snip and replace the cost of a few pennies of parts could prevent a potential disaster if they failed short circuit and put ac across the smoothing capacitors. Is there a recognised service specialist who could provide advise ? Alan
  14. Hi All, For a number of years I was using Technics SL1210 MK2 that was bought 2nd Hand and had a few upgrades like New Arm assemble, Funk Firm Mat, Isonone Feet and new quality lid. Unfortunately it did not have WAF and must admit it looked out of place with the rest of the kit (Tannoy GR). So a lucky wammer bought a Bargain for under £300. I replaced it with a Rega (Record Store Day 2017 special) which is a mix of the Rega RP1 and RP3. I changed the belt to the "rega" white one. There are no problems with tracking and the sound is to my liking (Rega Elys Cart using the 3 point mounting). However on Classical music I am not too happy with the speed regulation (flutter) (I dont think it has any other than mains lock). I know the SL1210 had quite a complex electronic direct drive speed control, so is that what I am missing ? In terms of looks the Project Classic would fit the bill, although nearer £1.3K depending on options. I can take MC or MM Cart or transplant the Rega Elys Not too keen an skeletal type decks mainly for looks and the perpex cover. What worth looking at ? On ebay there are a few wildcards like B&O, Revox etc with Linear tracking arms. Regards Alan
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Jazz FM on Dab in the Home Office Very good quality using Dab+ Interesting modulation method Main Program (mono) is sent at a lowish bit rate, and the stereo difference is sent at an even lower bit rate, and the Radio/Tuner sorts it all out. Give it a try if you can get Dab Plus. Normally listen to it on the main HiFI as a direct Web Stream. Alan