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  1. FM Radio to stay

    The Daily Mail reports the BBC has cancelled plans to switch-off FM radio broadcasts and force millions of listeners to tune into digital transmissions The corporation is set to announce FM will remain as part of a 'hybrid' future that will operate alongside DAB and the internet. 'We all once thought that DAB was the only digital future of radio, but audiences want choice,' BBC Director Bob Shennan will tell a radio industry conference in Vienna. Read the full story at Alan
  2. Power supply build

    Hi The transformer shown is only 12V with a single winding, the OP needs 21V so will need a 36V Transformer. or 18-0-18 according to the PSU kit details. Alan
  3. I feel that with £1K to £2K you may not get what your looking for. A change of speakers may make the most difference and some of the newer ones are more "forward" and "Brighter" in their presentation but can be fatiguing after a while.I have had many speakers around the £800-1200 but I needed to spend £4K to makea significant difference. The same is true of the amp which is functional but somewhat conservative. Perhaps you need to look at the Likes of Rega, Musical Fidelity etc. I see most items on your wish list are 4 to 5 £K each so even 2nd hand you could only change one item. Alan
  4. Power supply build

    Hi, All the parts you need are on the link you provided , I was going to list my suggestions however unless you have experience of wiring up transformers in series/parallel and mains I feel that I should take a step back due to elf and safety. I see you already had a shock back in August 2016 Please dont take offence but from the questions you ask then and now, I feel you should know the answers already if you were to tackle this project. If you were nearer to me I would be pleased to oversee this project as we all have to start somewhere.(I have been in electronics for some 50 years) Also I dont think it will be any different to the timestep you already have. Alan
  5. Power supply build

    I looked at the regulator page you linked too. It says at the bottom of the page that the transformer should have an output voltage of about 1.5 times the voltage you require, So 20 volt would require 30V. I would like to see something ,more efficient as you would be wasting some energy as heat, but that how they get the regulation. The supplies look nothing special. I would prefer to see more active components in the regulation stage. Dont forget to include some fuses in the final design (Mains & DC o/p as a minimum. The transformer should be rated at 30W or more ,Dont use a 220 Volt transformer from China but a 230/240 V from the likes of RS or Farnell.
  6. Power supply build

    I agree with Kevin and greybeard it would be hard to DIY something better than the timestep.(See photo). You could buy a "laboratory" PSU like this one from HP which is very stable and temperature controlled. I picked one up for £75 second hand. Mine is 0-24V @ 1.2A (not quite the same as in the stock photo) but I dont use it with turntable. Alan
  7. Celestion SL700 If I only had any skills

    Do you mean these ? Alan
  8. Is it just me?

    I can remember the DIN standard and a couple of Manufacturers like Philips and Grundig were compliant, but the spec was fairly lame and it did nothing for their future products.Its rather like a "which" review where they will say something like the £4K speakers sounded good, but at the end of the day the £100 speakers offered better value for money, and even if they failed you could buy many more pairs to reach £4K and the sound was not 400 times better. Also think of connectors designed by committee like Din Plugs and Scart Leads !!!! (terrible things) very often a specification is the minimum standard to allow most manufacturers in, rather than a high level to hope manufacturers will aspire too. Here is the spec....... If this had been adopted we would all have BSR Autochangers and speaker which go down to 250Hz +-6DB and amplifiers with distortion not exceeding 1%. Alan
  9. Have you tried the recent prestige or classics series, although not cheap I guess in its day the original drivers were quite expensive new. ?, plus you only needed a single speaker cabinet (mono) whereas now you need a pair for stereo effectively doubling the cost. Alan
  10. Interesting article. There are some differences between the Tannoy and KEF method. As you may know the Tannoy uses a tweeter mounted some way back behind the bass driver, and uses a horn to get the sound through the magnet of the bass driver. In later years KEF were able to use better tweeter magnets and put them right in the centre front of the bass unit without the need for the horn.Over the years slight variations have included Tannoy Tulip and KEF tangerine Wave-guides. I have used both types and agree that they do work quite well as a point source, since with a conventional "tall" floor stander you can hear the the music being split vertically across the drivers, especially if you are sitting too close. I think that the KEF system maybe technically better, but having owned quite a few KEF speakers with Uni-Q drivers I have found reliability to be an issue,perhaps due to the complexity of the design to mass produce a product and dare I say manufacture in china. The Uni-Q tweeters have very little heat-sinking and virtually no protection for the voice coil. I am currently in the Tannoy camp Alan
  11. Is it just me?

    Very few speakers are 20Hz to 20KHz with a ruler flat response. Some may quote + - 6dB. plus many music sources do not need that frequency range. At the present time I am listening in my home office to my clone LS3/5a and I hear good quality music, and I doubt if there is any output below 200Hz and given my age I doubt if I could hear much above 10K. the 20Hz to 20KHZ is more an amplifier specification stating it will allow a range of audio frequencies through without attenuation or undue distortion. So a HiFi speaker need not be 20 to 20K. Alan
  12. Music for outer space -Voyager

    Just to let you know the Vinyl set arrived last week. Fedex delivered the goods OK. Received an invoice today from Fedex for £25 which I paid on-line. (Customs Duty). Not allowed to play set until March 12th (My Birthday). Full listing of music is shown here... 1. Greeting from Kurt Waldheim, Secretary-General of the United Nations 2. Greetings in 55 Languages 3. United Nations Greetings/Whale Songs 4. The Sounds of Earth 5. Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F Major, BWV 1047: I. Allegro (Johann Sebastian Bach) - Munich Bach Orchestra/Karl Richter 6. Ketawang: Puspåwårnå (Kinds of Flowers) - Pura Paku Alaman Palace Orchestra/K.R.T. Wasitodipuro 7. Cengunmé - Mahi musicians of Benin 8. Alima Song - Mbuti of the Ituri Rainforest 9. Barnumbirr (Morning Star) and Moikoi Song - Tom Djawa, Mudpo, and Waliparu 10. El Cascabel (Lorenzo Barcelata) - Antonio Maciel and Los Aguilillas with Mariachi México de Pepe Villa/Rafael Carrión 11. Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry 12. Mariuamangɨ - Pranis Pandang and Kumbui of the Nyaura Clan 13. Sokaku-Reibo (Depicting the Cranes in Their Nest) - Goro Yamaguchi 14. Partita for Violin Solo No. 3 in E Major, BWV 1006: III. Gavotte en Rondeau (Johann Sebastian Bach) - Arthur Grumiaux 15. The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte), K. 620, Act II: Hell’s Vengeance Boils in My Heart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) - Bavarian State Opera Orchestra and Chorus/Wolfgang Sawallisch 16. Chakrulo - Georgian State Merited Ensemble of Folk Song and Dance/Anzor Kavsadze 17. Roncadoras and Drums - Musicians from Ancash 18. Melancholy Blues (Marty Bloom/Walter Melrose) - Louis Armstrong and His Hot Seven 19. Muğam - Kamil Jalilov 20. The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps), Part II—The Sacrifice: VI. Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One) (Igor Stravinsky) - Columbia Symphony Orchestra/Igor Stravinsky 21. The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II: Prelude & Fugue No. 1 in C Major, BWV 870 (Johann Sebastian Bach) - Glenn Gould 22. Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Opus 67: I. Allegro Con Brio (Ludwig Van Beethoven) - Philharmonia Orchestra/Otto Klemperer 23. Izlel e Delyu Haydutin - Valya Balkanska 24. Navajo Night Chant, Yeibichai Dance - Ambrose Roan Horse, Chester Roan, and Tom Roan 25. The Fairie Round (Anthony Holborne) - Early Music Consort of London/David Munrow 26. Naranaratana Kookokoo (The Cry of the Megapode Bird) - Maniasinimae and Taumaetarau Chieftain Tribe of Oloha and Palasu’u Village Community in Small Malaita 27. Wedding Song - Young girl of Huancavelica 28. Liu Shui (Flowing Streams) - Guan Pinghu 29. Bhairavi: Jaat Kahan Ho - Kesarbai Kerkar 30. Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground - Blind Willie Johnson 31. String Quartet No. 13 in B-flat Major, Opus 130: V. Cavatina (Ludwig Van Beethoven) - Budapest String Quartet REgards Alan
  13. Just sold 2 items via Forum. Money in pot. List your items here Alan
  14. Here are my items for Sale. All monies received will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.(100%) Items can be paid for and collected from Peterborough in advance, or from Kegworth (Sunday). Items will not can not be posted. Photos are "stock" photos. Clearaudio Concept turntable, but there is no arm. I understand Linn or Rega arm should fit Looking for £200 Fatman I-Tube amplifier, with valve cage. £40 (note this is a mix of valve buffer and IC output chip) Kef Cresta Bookshelf speakers £25 (not bi-wire) SOLD Valve tone control unit (Line level) Fitted with Military NOS Valves £15 SOLD Cambridge Audio A1 amplifier £25 ***New Item Added*** Muse Class T Amplifier M20EX2 With "slab" PSU (12V 4.6A) £15 All items in perfect working order,except deck needs a new arm Regards Alan .
  15. If I was to sell in advance would it be via the normal advert section (Megastore) or should we have a special page for charity sales to be collected at Kegworth.