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  1. Radioham

    Fyne F502 pairing amp?

    Hi, I dont know why you need 200W The speakers literature says 40 to 180 watts Depending on your room size and how loud you like your music then you should be able to run with a lot less power and stop your speakers from burning out. I would suggest something from the likes Musical Fidelity, Quad, Rega, Audiolab, Luxman, andSugden may be a good place to start. 75 to 125 watts would be my suggestion.
  2. Radioham

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    You could try to remove the red or black cover, some may come right off, or if you turn it anticlockwise you should see the "hole" where wire would normally be inserted and see if you can use a small instrument screwdriver to push the stuck plug backwards. BTW that how I remove the blanking plugs fitted to speaker terminals to prevent idiots plugging 2 pin mains plugs into the holes.
  3. Radioham

    Meridian G57 going to Standby

    Hi , I did power the deck from another room (Kitchen) which has its own ring and there was no issues. The mains is fairly tidy with all the mains cables connected to a metal mains distribution strip, know in computer circles as a PDU. Alan
  4. Radioham

    Free play.. Technics SL1500C

    Technics are out of favour with me.I had on order the new SL1210 for the past two months and still no sign of delivery. My dealer had an email from Panasonic who could not offer any delivery dates.So i cancelled my order. My dealer not very happy as he has about 20K of back orders waiting to be fullfilled. Looking at the new deck its certanly more hifi looking than the previous range. Any idea of the target price. Alan
  5. Radioham

    Meridian G57 going to Standby

    Hi All, I have a Meridian G57 Power Amplifier which I keep switched on as per the manufacturers instructions. To start it up I press the "soft" switch on the front panel and then the amp is active and I get two blue lights on the front panel indicating that all is OK. Recently I borrowed a new record deck (mofi ultra-deck) from my local dealer and every-time I turned the TT on or off it put the amplifier back into standby. I have had no problems with other decks like Rega, Clearaudio and Project. My dealer had the TT back and could find nothing wrong. I wonder if anyone knows what fault conditions the G57 monitors in order to go back to standby. I did as an experiment remove the signal leads from the turntable so only the mains was connected and it still did the same thing. All the other turntables use a wall Wort for power but the MoFi has a direct mains input via an IEC (kettle plug) connector. I did try a "filtered" adaptor as per photo below and it tripped less often, so I assume it is some form of mains spike. I have also registered with the Meridian forum but not able to post there yet until approved by the moderators. Regards Alan
  6. I use a Luxman valve preamp with Meridian Power, considering that both boxes are pretty full of components it would be impossible to squeeze the contents into an integrated and too heavy to lift. Alan
  7. Radioham

    measurements - do they really matter that much ?

    Measurements are a useful way of showing consistency during a production build and checking faults..Things like frequency response, power-output, distortion , hum etc are important factors. However this does not necessarily define how one amplifier will sound compared to another, since music or speech is a very complex waveform and is difficult to measure. Listening is the only way to hear the performance you are looking for. Alan
  8. Radioham

    Venue Info... Resorts World Arena, NEC

    I did go for the VIP parking. Just a very short walk from the Arena and when we got there the car park was almost empty. Also the car park is a very short distance from the exit back out onto the motorways. So for £20 I think it was worth it. We also had a meal at the Steak House before the show and was very good. Apparently the Arena seats 9000 people, refreshments were typically £4 for coke/water etc which is very expensive. Alan
  9. Radioham

    wam taxi - surrey/east sussex/kent to Yorkshire?

    Hi, I could get it from North Kent (Medway Towns to Peterborough) . Might be able to get it from Lindfield to Medway via the sister-in-law.. Regards Alan
  10. You could try removing the driver and fitting it upside down so what was the top is now the bottom that may cure cone sag. gently press the cone in and out and see if you can feel any rubbing. also visually check the corrugated part of cone near the magnet to see that is not become detached from the frame of the speaker. Castle is now owned by IAG (Huntingdon) so you could see if spares are still available.
  11. Radioham

    Help identifying component!?

    Lots on ebay and usual suppliers like CPC/RS etc This looks like a good make and under £5. Alan
  12. Radioham

    I need another service man.

    I think we should also ask ourselves is a service necessary on HiFi ? Do you every get your TV serviced, home computer or the washing machine etc. Apart from a valve change, I can not think of anything which would require a service except a turntable or tape deck.due to the mechanical parts. I just purchased a Quad FM3 with full service history, and on its two visits to quad, the only thing they did was to change the panel lamps as a precaution. If a unit is well designed with good quality parts then you dont need a service.Having worked in the electronics industry for the past 45 years I never came across a service plan for electronic equipment, apart from test equipment requiring calibration. With 75 years of D-Day coming up there are still a lot of military receivers still giving good service after 75 years of operation. Alan
  13. Hi Nopiano, Very good find on the article. I was thinking about how to explain it. I think the confusion is over the tracks as used on pro-machines. Better is to think of it as 1/4 inch tape recorded as either Full Track (Quite rare) , Half Track (used by pre-recorded tapes), or Quarter Track (most popular for the home as it gives Stereo and you can turn the tape over to use again, thus halving the running costs.). The wider the recording on the tape will give a better signal to noise ratio. For the slower tape speeds Dolby was introduced, but that's another story. The OP may also find the quality of pre-recorded tapes to be somewhat lacking, given the age there could be a loss of HF , print through, and oxide shed. Unless go for the latest pro recording the tape speed is 3.75 ips. Head alignment can be an issue, since most of the recordings were done on a bulk recording machine, and the tape was then cut up into 5 inch or 7 inch spools afterwards. When I was into reel to reel we never rated the pre-recorded material as being very good, and quite a lot of it was for music clubs like Readers Digest etc Your own recordings on modern tape should sound very good.Quite a few people I know use CD or Vinyl as a master, and due to the flaws in the recording process like Bias and Equalisation can make the tape sound very analogue.(The Revox Sound). On solid state recording desks (DAW) you can get various software plug-ins including a module for the revox sound There are a few high quality reel to reel recordings but the price is £350 to £500 per recording. Alan
  14. Radioham

    Turntable advice

    How good is his eyesight and does he have a steady hand ? not just now but in the next 5 to 10 years ? Might be worth looking at an Auto Turntable ? Dual do a range from £300 to £1K With that number of records, a cleaning machine may be useful plus new inner/outer sleeves. Can I suggest a visit to a local dealer,especially when it comes to speakers Alan
  15. Radioham

    Can anyone help me source 5.5mm copper rods?

    Or burning the house down. If it is to replace the fuse dont do it. Many good technical reasons and invalid home insurance etc. Alan