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  1. Chris Barber - Echoes of Ellington Vinyl box set (3 LP)
  2. Paul Weller - Wild wood original vinyl
  3. I use the same logic to save myself a fortune on mains cables too
  4. Andy is using the VV much better than just VPI, I have the same one as you, and have wondered about the VV as an upgrade.
  5. Its good, but it is the same track re-done over and over.
  6. greybeard


    Ian Is this out yet, and if so, do you have a link where to purchase please.
  7. Ok it is that time of year again, and Peter has asked me to organise the Sunday, curry night. First thing I will need to know is numbers, so could you please put your names down, so as I can get an idea of the number places to book. I think we were all happy with last years venue (Jee Ja Jee's)and food, so I shall look to book that again. Thanks for your co-operation List so far Me, Ken, Peter, John +co pilot, Tony, Ed, Andrew, Paul, Ward + son, Paul, Julian, Allen,
  8. The funky 16 corners - Various artists Vinyl
  9. Diana Krall - Doing all right in Concert Vinyl DMM, which is sounding great.
  10. Good shout, I had not realised it had a built in phono stage. This maybe of some help.