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  1. greybeard

    vintage speakers

    A couple of reasons, one, I want to make them a sealed cabinet, and two, I want to make them narrower and taller.
  2. greybeard

    vintage speakers

    I have just rescued these from my shed, and brought them into the warm to check they are all ok before removing the drive units for my next 3 way active project. The problem is they are sounding to good, I now remember why I lusted after a pair for so long in the 70's, this pair I acquired in the mid 80's. Anyway the cabinets are very shoddy now, so I guess dismantling is the best idea. Listening to them in passive mode, I can only imagine that they are going to sound sublime, when active.
  3. Great news Eddie, did I miss what speakers you were going to use, or is that highly classified!!
  4. greybeard

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    Thanks for the reply Nick, I was asking because I know nothing of digital volume controls, but when building a passive pre, there were all sorts of arguments for, Stepped attenuators, LDR, Alps pots ect.
  5. greybeard

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    So if the digital volume control is implemented correctly, there is no degrading of SQ, it only degrades if not correctly implemented? Is that correct Nick?
  6. I have done that too, with great success, and dare I say I thought the SQ was slightly better
  7. greybeard

    Altec duplex disaster.

    I do not know where you live, so there might well be other options closer to you.
  8. greybeard

    Altec duplex disaster.

    Wembley speakers
  9. greybeard

    vintage speakers

    E90 pro
  10. greybeard

    What are you listening to right now?

    David Bowie - Blackstar vinyl
  11. greybeard

    vintage speakers

    I think there was an E90 pro version, that may well have been the one for cinema use.
  12. Turn them inside out like the rest of us
  13. greybeard

    What are you listening to right now?

    The civil wars - Unplugged vinyl