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  1. greybeard

    What are you listening to right now?

    Pink Floyd - Endless river vinyl
  2. greybeard

    What are you listening to right now?

    Yello - Pocket Universe flac
  3. greybeard

    What are you listening to right now?

    Strange Cargo - Hinterland CD
  4. greybeard

    Upgrade opinion / Advice

    Don't tell me, it sounds cleaner
  5. greybeard

    Upgrade opinion / Advice

  6. greybeard

    2020 Spreadsheet Now Live

    I have u-mik1 you can borrow, I had it with me this year, but never used it in the end.
  7. greybeard

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Not if you change the values
  8. greybeard

    Tannoy 12" red Corner Chatsworth?

    These are a wonderful pair of speakers, and in what looks like great condition. The drive units are 15 ohm, which in theory should make them very easy to drive. As others have said, they are sought after, especially in Japan, where high prices are paid. Speakers from the forties and fifties had to have large cabinets to help make them more efficient, for the flea powered amps of the day. Corner units were very popular with mono, single speaker units, and with the coming of stereo, quite a few company's who made them, just added another speaker cabinet.
  9. greybeard

    ATC Owners Club

    The thing I found strange about the D&D room at Kegworth, was that the speakers were firing across the narrowest part of the room, where you could put only 3 chairs, whereas if you had fired them down the length of the room, you could have had at least 9 chairs for listening, which, considering the interest these had created before the show, would IMO have been more beneficial for everyone. When I asked the question, I was told Lee said they would sound better this way. I thought the whole point of these speakers was that they could be tuned to suit any room, any shape.
  10. greybeard

    Quad ESL alternatives

    No there is nothing like them, IMO. Is there anything that comes close, maybe a ribbon tweeter paired with a normal driver. Quad themselves make a range exactly like this called The S series, I heard the diminutive S1 at Bristol and it was impressive for its size, and there are larger ones in the range.
  11. greybeard

    Record Store Day 2019

    I notice the Prince release (The Versace Experience) is only coming out on cassette, like the original, which was given to attendees of a Versace fashion show.
  12. greybeard

    FS: Snell Type A mk3

    Congratulations Richard, wonderful speakers.
  13. greybeard

    Yet another thread from me asking for help

    Yes, but you had not edited it at the time of my post, your post just said are you sure you haven't just blown the fuse, and it could have meant the plug fuse, so I was just advising Andrew that there were internal fuses, and then Tony was putting me right on the amount I did actually upvote your post, as it was a good call , we were just expanding on it.
  14. greybeard

    Yet another thread from me asking for help

    Yes they were the ones I was looking at, but only on one channel obviously Completely missed the power supply one though