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  1. Arsenal

    Hhmmmmm HT0-4 FT4-4
  2. Arsenal

    Good God man we won !
  3. Do all power amps buzz?

    If it's audible at the listening position, then yes. No inky blacks
  4. iso pucks for standmount speakers

    I've owned very large ported speakers, Tannoy Ardens, down to LS35a's, and my preference is definitely for mid/large standmounts ,in a sealed enclosure, with active crossovers. The Bass always seems so much tauter, and just right to my ears, and going active seems to improve the overall clarity of the sound in every department
  5. Cartridge Change Newbie?

    A veil has been lifted, or a whole blanket been taken off??
  6. radio 2 sounds better

    Interesting, as I live in Cornwalll. Which company are you referring to?
  7. Arm mounting distance: how critical?

    Michell are an engineering company, so I cannot imagine they would make an armboard 4mm off spec, so I would assume they have sent the wrong one.
  8. Measurements v Listening Tests

    That will tell him what the mic hears, not his own ears. Try some of these for starters.
  9. I own 3 micro four thirds cameras, and have to say that I love them, for their small form factor, and quality lenses available for them. The picture quality is very good and mine have the older 16 million pixel sensor, so the pen F with the new 20 million pixel sensor should be a step up.
  10. Not heard any of their music, so a new one for me
  11. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    nothing here and positively balmy at 9c
  12. Have DACs really improved?

    I doubt that, as on the oppo sonica that can handle the highest bit rates 32bit up to 768khz
  13. Have DACs really improved?

    Have you tried any of the Oppo products? I have their Sonica dac and find it very good indeed, it also has wonderful connectivity, and plays pcm files up to 768khz 32bit and DSD 512.The USB DAC input supports PCM up to 768 kHz 32-bit and up to DSD512.