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  1. I use Tidal on my Oppo sonica dac, which no longer gets updates, due to Oppo pulling out of the audio, visual market. I can not access MQA files on it, but I can on my android phone app for Tidal. Could it be that the blue node needs updating? Even though the Oppo does not do gapless, which is annoying, and is not getting updates, the SQ in hi- Fi mode is really superb.
  2. Bill Withers - Live at Carnegie Hall
  3. Saw them on the DOSM Tour in 1973 at Earls Court, and the In the Flesh tour (Animals tour) at Wembley Empire Pool in 1977. happy days
  4. Nick Cave - The boatmans call Tidal
  5. I go to a lot of Arsenals home games, and it is 550 mile round trip for me. They have the international break now to sort this mess out, Emery needs to go in my opinion, he has turned us into a team with no style of play (he changes formations week in, week out, players are out of position, Torreria as a number 10, with Ozil on the wing in the same team, really!)), we used to play attractive football, create lots of chances, and even though the defence was weak, at least we entertained the fans. I have a ticket for our next home game, against Southampton, but that will be the last, until the club makes some changes.
  6. I have had to go in the loft and retrieve an A 400, to replace a Unison Research S4, that has started to make some strange noises. It is paired with my LS35A clones, and is sounding that good, I have as yet to look at the S4. As has been said here, by Eddie, I too remember it being fussy of partnering speakers, when I first bought it, and a tendency to sound lean and harsh, when got wrong. Mind you a lot of amps/ Systems of yore, were on the warm side of neutral, and the A400 cannot be accused of that.
  7. Yes it's a shame it is gathering dust in the loft, along with a Pioneer PL12D, Lenco GL69, and a Denon DP 2500
  8. greybeard

    DIY record weight

    Looks great, but I would prefer it without the bolt heads showing. Could it not be pre drilled, and only going half way through the top one, then a heli-coil inserted there, and screwed from underneath, so the top with the logo is not spoilt. I'm no engineer, so this may not be possible, but just a thought.
  9. I would have thought the magic of the A21, lies in its Class A output stage, but I am happy to be corrected, by those that may know better
  10. I have a JVC Victor QL Y3F in the loft, a quite advanced TT in its day, still sounds decent, but I have no lid for it
  11. Forgot about the cartridge, a Goldring G800e, and yes it was the worst amp I have ever owned
  12. Garrard sp25 mk1V, Sinclair 2000 amp, and Wharfedale unit 3 kit speakers built as Lintons, in solid oak cabinets. 1971 if I remember correctly, just before I left school.
  13. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Live vinyl
  14. Bored, waiting for the tube, after the game.