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  1. Still available ! Someone please make a sensible offer, happy to negotiate.
  2. Hello

    Do you still have your Octave V-70 up for sale ?

    If so, please Contact me.


    Rolf Nilsson

    Stockholm, Sweden

    1. will777888


      Hi Rolf, sorry, it sold. However, the buyer remarked it might not be a 'keeper', so he may be interested in selling. If you like, I could ask him to contact you.

      Best regards,


  3. Reply from Octave: Dear Mr. Newman, sorry for the late reply. We don’t received your first mail. The SE Upgrade includes a modification in the driver stage. It is not the same like the V70SE but the same circuit technology. After this modification it sounds nearly like a V70SE. The V70SE has XLR Input, Main In and pre out function. The V70 don’t have this features. Best regards Michael Best regards OCTAVE Audio Andreas Hofmann i.A. Michael Nonnenmann Service Industriestr. 13 76307 Karlsbad,Germany Tel. +49 (0)7248 3278 Fax +49 (0)7248 3279 m.nonnenmann@octave.de www.octave.de
  4. Hi Gaz, I keep getting asked this question ! I don't know the technical details of the work carried out at the factory SE upgrade, only that they issued a new warranty of three years. Clearly you are correct, the V70 with SE upgrade is not identical to the V70SE. As I have been asked so many times, I have emailed Octave to find out (see below). I'll post the answer when I get one. ----- Forwarded message ----- From: William Newman To: hofmann@octave.de <hofmann@octave.de> Sent: Monday, 24 June 2019, 12:12:44 UTC Subject: V70 with SE upgrade Dear Octave, I have an Octave amplifier which I am trying to sell (it is on your forum and other sites). It is a V70 amplifier (serial number 1033492). The amp received an upgrade at the factory to SE specification in 2011. One question which keeps being asked by interested buyers is exactly what was done, technically, in the SE upgrade. The amp is clearly not identical to a V70SE even though it received the SE upgrade (e.g. two small tubes versus three on the SE). Could you please detail the work which was performed at the upgrade and any differences which remain between the SE upgraded V70 and the V70SE models ? Thanks and best regards, Will Newman.