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  1. Zipped FLAC? What's going on there? Still, thanks. Saw him with the Mahavishnu Orchestra at Reading once, or did I dream it? Listening now. Excellent! I love tabla. Thanks.
  2. Emlin

    Listening Chair

    I'm mainly talking about reflections from the headrest straight back into your ears. Like sitting very close the the front wall (the one behind you). Not good.
  3. Emlin

    Listening Chair

    And certainly not leather, as it is highly reflective. Fabric is the way to go where acoustics are a concern.
  4. Emlin

    Fuse direction

    What an idiot! If he'd just put the fuses in the right direction, he wouldn't have had to burn them in!!!
  5. If you can afford a cleaner, I'm sure you can afford a driver too.
  6. It is true to say that culling people in the west would have a greater effect on reducing carbon emissions than culling the same number of people in the east. Just think about that for a moment.
  7. Conventionally powered cars also have to be produced. And you need to drill for the oil, transport it around the world in supertankers and refine it. Your argument fails. And that's without all the wars fought over the effing stuff.
  8. Emlin

    Fuse direction

    Just don't do it at all.
  9. There is no digital gain matching to be had. It's not a thing. SPL matching is another thing, but it is not in any way dependent on the source. Next...
  10. A DAC with digital in? Novel!
  11. Thanks, these seem to work on LMS too.
  12. Just put Acoustics Insider into YouTube to find videos made by Jesco Lohan, Darko's interviewee.