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  1. Baggawire

    And now for something completely different.

    The only reason I have the kit I do is because of all the vinyl I've amassed over the decades. If I were to start with a completely fresh slate with no vinyl then I'd seriously investigate an active speaker set-up with built-in DSP, Roon etc. from the likes of Dutch & Dutch.
  2. Baggawire

    What are you listening to right now?

    "An exhilarating, cinematic ride into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon!"
  3. Baggawire

    Quick question - cart set up and phono stages

    In my experience the key is in achieving synergy between arm, cartridge and phono stage to best match the musical presentation you prefer. This is where I've found bake-offs to be invaluable in simply experiencing what bits of kit work well with each other. I own an Aurorasound Vida and have hawked it round a few bake-offs and although it's a fantastic phono stage (IMO of course) it hasn't always gelled with every cartridge. As Lurch has said you have to get the mechanics right first because a badly set up arm and cartridge will sound poor regardless of phono stage. Then as bigfool1956 states loading becomes a big determining factor. For this reason I can see the attraction of phono stages with variable loading particularly if you plan on using multiple arm and cartridge combinations.