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  1. Baggawire

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    Will do.
  2. Baggawire

    What are you listening to right now?

    LP from Caetano Veloso that kicked off Brazil's anti-establishment Tropicalia movement in the late 60s and sounded the death-knell for bossa nova.
  3. Baggawire

    What are you listening to right now?

    New "Tone Poet" remaster sounding very good.
  4. Baggawire


    UK jazzers' tribute to Augustus Pablo with dub versions courtesy of Dennis Bovell.
  5. Baggawire


    After plundering Coxone Dodd's Studio One catalogue looks like Soul Jazz are turning their attention to Bunny Lee. This quality 3LP set just out.
  6. Baggawire


    Nice sounding 180gm repress on the Cree label of this classic Lee "Scratch" Perry produced 1977 LP from George Faith.