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  1. Baggawire


    Kudos to Gilles Peterson for including this instrumental roots/dub album from Nat Birchall on the shortlist for his 2019 Worldwide Awards but not sure why it qualifies in the jazz category. To my ears it sounds like an excellent homage to the old school dub recordings of King Tubby etc. and features Vin Gordon, one of the original Studio One session musicians, on trombone. Recorded and mixed on vintage analogue gear by Al Breadwinner at the Bakery Studio, Manchester so has that authentic mid-70s vibe throughout. Limited vinyl pressing of only 700 though so could be hard to get of if you like the black plastic stuff.
  2. Baggawire


    It's a UK release on the Greensleeves label. My copy is very good both in sound and pressing quality. It came out about a year ago so should still be copies around.
  3. Baggawire

    New Jazz Releases For Your Consideration

    Pricey at £34.99 but limited pressing "all analogue" remaster from Van Gelder 1/4" tapes on double 180gm vinyl. Features, amongst others, Bobby Hutcherson, Andy Bey, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira.
  4. Baggawire


    If you like Sylford Walker then definitely worth seeking out a copy of this reissue.
  5. Baggawire


    Quality roots 12" that came out late last year. Excellent sound quality on my copy.