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  1. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Yes. Clean bass - not the dirty sort your speakers put out.
  2. I'm sure I could squeeze you in somewhere Pete. Will PM you nearer the date.
  3. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Thanks to Graham for another convivial bake-off. Thanks also to Dave for letting us listen to his beautifully sounding phono stage and surprising me with bringing out a copy of Urban Hang Suite by Maxwell. Most unexpected. Nice to have a travelling companion for once with Peter. Hope the car ride wasn't to rough. Roll on John's next month.
  4. New date Sat Oct 14th

    I think he may have taken the passage in American Psycho literally.
  5. New date Sat Oct 14th

    I'm more than capable of stepping into the breech where "strange" musical choices are concerned.
  6. Sharon Jones posthumous album November

    Will definitely find it's way into my collection.
  7. New Jazz Releases For Your Consideration

    The Yazz Ahmed album is excellent. Deep jazz with middle eastern influences. Hardly surprising given her Bahraini roots. Sounds very Yussef Lateef in places. Great cover art too on an embossed sleeve with the artist/designer as well as the recording engineer getting their own album credits along with the musicians. Looking forward to seeing her live next month in London.
  8. New Jazz Releases For Your Consideration

    Mastering and pressing are excellent on the Kev Beadle compilation so buy with confidence. Anything that has Sean P associated with it is guaranteed quality both in terms of the music itself and the mastering. I know this is a jazz thread but his disco/boogie compilations with Joey Negro (Dave Lee) are excellent if that's your thing.
  9. New Jazz Releases For Your Consideration

    Excellent new compilation. Would've been called acid jazz back in the day b side of newly released 12" - rare long version of jazz funk classic. One of my favourites.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Welcome re-release for this classic piece of UK deep house from 1994.
  11. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Does seem to be the distinct whiff of apathy around bake-offs nowadays. Maybe it's just us unsociable southerners.
  12. New Jazz Releases For Your Consideration

    l Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference EP Vels Trio - Yellow Ochre EP
  13. Best Original Film Souindtracks..

    Shaft - Isaac Hayes Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack Countryman - Various roots reggae The Final Comedown - Grant Green The Harder They Come - Jimmy Cliff Wildstyle - old school hiphop