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  1. Actually Uzzy, I explained it confusingly! My question was as Blackmetalboon succinctly put it! It seems a waste of effort for a manufacturer to design an upsampling cd player, if the upsampling feature only applies when the upsampled signal is fed to the analogue stage through the internal DAC. Why not send the upsampled digital signal to the digital output socket too? I want to know if any cd players or transports feature an upsampled signal through their digital output socket. I wondered if it I could use a player or transport with its upsampled 96/24 or 192/24 digital signal to connect directly to a NON upsampling external DAC which could accept the higher rate signals and therefore give me the benefits of that. For example a Naim N-Dac will accept up to 384/32 I think, but it won’t upsample. Anyone else chip in?
  2. That’s the question, in a nutshell! Why couldn’t I have put it like that instead of using a thousand words?! :-)
  3. I agree...It seems daft that you can't get the full dsd signal from a digital output.....
  4. I would have agreed with you before I looked into this. However, in the case of teh Arcam MultiDacs, the upsampling chip is BEFORE the DAC chips. WHich would mean, presumably, that the digital output could be taken from end of the upsampling chip, straight to the digital output socket, thereby putting out an upsampled signal. I'm not saying that's what they've done....just that I would think that could be a logical way to go about things, and a huge selling point.
  5. I do love dCS stuff, but had never heard of the Victor DAC. A very interesting unit!
  6. Thanks Nopiano. That is useful. I have three DACs....only one in use....but none of them have a screen....
  7. OK, got that. Thank you. Is it a Verdi or a P8i or what?
  8. That is useful to know. Thank you! The reason I asked is because I have a couple of midrange CD players which include upsampling to 96 or 192. However, I also have a PS Audio DAC which upsamples to 96 or 192. The PS unit doesn't have a 'screen'so I cannot discover what frequency the incoming signal is. And I didn't know if, by using one of these players connected via SPDIF to the PS Audio unit, that the PS unit would be genuinely upsampling from a 44.1 output, or whether the upsampling process was actually unnecessarily being repeated to no advantage. I do find it difficult to explain this!
  9. I should have made my question clearer and shorter. Sorry! what I am trying to find out is: Do spdif digital outputs on integrated cd players always put out 44.1/16? Or, in the case of cd players with internal upsampling chips, do their spdif output sockets actually put out those higher rates, or are the 96/24 or 192/24 only used as part of the internal circuitry en-route to the cd player’s analogue stage? Anyone know for sure?
  10. My PS Audio DLIII is advertised on this forum and on eBay...
  11. Question re: Digital outputs from CD players.... This is actually specifically a question to do with upsampling CD players. The output from a Redbook CD laser is at 44.1 16 bit. Some CD players have an upsampling or conversion chip which changes the signal to 96kHz/24 bit or 192kHz/24 bit before the DAC, and then it is fed to the analogue output stages. My question concerns the digital output socket of such players. Arcam, Astin Trew, etc, etc. I had always been under the assumption that ALL CD players put out a 44.1kHz signal through their digital output socket. Am I wrong? Or do some CD Players actually send an upsampled 96 or 192kHz/24 bit signal to their digital SPDIF output socket? (This is a quote from Arcam's website re their Wolfson Multi Dacs: "An Analog Devices AD1896 second generation asynchronous sample rate converter is used to upsample the incoming16bit, 44.1kS/sec CD data stream to a 24 bit signal at a rate of 192 kS/sec, which is then fed to the left and right DACs.") So in most cases, where is the digital output socket connected? Almost straight to the cd drive itself? Or after the upsampling chip? Or to the DAC itself? help, please!
  12. Superb PS Audio DLIII DAC upsamples everything to 96 or 192kHz/24bit Superb PS Audio DLIII DAC upsamples everything to 96 or 192kHz/24bit. This is a 230v-250v unit. These are extremely reliable and sonically superb. ALL inputs (SPDIF, Optical and USB) are upsampled to 96 or 192 (you select on front panel). On the photo of the rear below, the optical input is almost invisible due to the black rear panel and the black plastic of the optical socket, but please believe me, it IS there! It is a clean unit and works perfectly. I have owned it for several years, and it has performed faultlessly. Boxed, with manual and UK power cable. This is the unadulterated PS Audio version, but even so, it has had some professional upgrades: 1. The power capacitors have been upgraded to Mundorf M-Lytics. These are superior to the originals. 2. Mass damping has been added internally to parts of the casing. 3. RF shielding has been added in some areas internally. 4. Soft absorbent feet have been added. These four upgrades make a significant difference to the quality of the DAC. £350 ono. UPS delivery in the UK £10. (I'll pay for the postage if the full price is agreed) It is on eBay at the moment, which you can bid on if you like, or just make the agreement on here with me and I'll cancel the eBay advert. But be quick, or it'll go! Why am I selling this? Because I have just bought another of these ( the top Cullen MkIV modded version) which has even more modifications and I just don't need two DACs, otherwise I'd keep it!
  13. I have a feeling my casters are 75mm- 80mm diameter, (they’ve been packed away for a year or so now and I can’t remember exactly where they are,) but they are really heavy duty, and they were something like £14 per set of 4 on eBay. I even made two huge wooden ramps so that when the cabs needed to be taken in or out of the house during the making process, I could get them over the threshold and the 9” step of our UPVC french windows. (Since I retired, I don’t have a workshop, so everything is done outside under a cheap gazebo.) My project was really a cabinet build, using the parts from a pair of donor ATC PA65s, which are ATC’s high performance wedge shaped disco style speakers. They have exactly the same drive units...yes, exactly! the SCM150ASL, including the 15” SL bass, the famous midrange unit, a special ATC built tweeter and the triamp unit on the back. I found a guy selling a number of pairs which he, as a professional sound engineer, had been tasked with removing and disposing of from a top London nightclub which had gone bust. Before I made the outrigger bars, I would just screw the casters straight into the inserts in the base of the cabinets, as these also have an M10 hole in them. Everything was very heavily engineered, due to the anticipated weight of the cabs. They are actually much heavier than ATC’s own, as I took design hints from the special versions that were modified by ATC for David Gilmour’s studio, but I also threw everything else that I myself had learned over the decades about speaker building into it. You can see the casters in these pics...and the taps and the Trefolex cutting compound and one caster on the floor.
  14. My speakers are likewise around 100kg each. I designed stainless steel outrigger style arms 10mm thick which are bolted to the bases of my cabinets- i made M10 threaded holes in the ends, and fitted large casters which have an M10 threaded column at the top. This enabled me to move them around while I was building, and later, positioning them. i also designed large spikes with M10 threads, locking collars etc, so that when the speakers were finished and in position, they could be tilted back and have the casters replaced with the spikes. It all worked very well. You can see details of my build on Pinterest.
  15. Sorry,Martin, only just saw your reply.Actually I have found a couple of purpose designed units. One is from Audio Authority in the USA. It is designed to switch SPDIF.So that's what I'm going for.
  16. Look for RS ones with silver or gold contacts. There are MANY good ones available. Check the online spec sheets on the RS website.
  17. You two guys are thinking exactly along the same lines as me. WHat more do I need? In fact, this is a case where LESS is MORE. It just needs to be a high quality switch, switching between 3 RCA input sockets and one output socket. I did in fact find a slightly more expensive BNC switch, designed for camera use. That was an interesting thought, bandwidth wise.... And I also found an auto sensing SPDIF switches....
  18. My DAC has one SPDIF RCA input, one Toslink input, and one USB input. I have three source devices with SPDIF outputs. What is there that can help me switch between the sources please?
  19. Very nicely done. A man after my own heart. I wish I still had access to such CNC equipment as I did before I retired, but nowadays I have to farm things out to contractors.