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  1. Sorry,Martin, only just saw your reply.Actually I have found a couple of purpose designed units. One is from Audio Authority in the USA. It is designed to switch SPDIF.So that's what I'm going for.
  2. Look for RS ones with silver or gold contacts. There are MANY good ones available. Check the online spec sheets on the RS website.
  3. You two guys are thinking exactly along the same lines as me. WHat more do I need? In fact, this is a case where LESS is MORE. It just needs to be a high quality switch, switching between 3 RCA input sockets and one output socket. I did in fact find a slightly more expensive BNC switch, designed for camera use. That was an interesting thought, bandwidth wise.... And I also found an auto sensing SPDIF switches....
  4. My DAC has one SPDIF RCA input, one Toslink input, and one USB input. I have three source devices with SPDIF outputs. What is there that can help me switch between the sources please?
  5. Very nicely done. A man after my own heart. I wish I still had access to such CNC equipment as I did before I retired, but nowadays I have to farm things out to contractors.
  6. I've got their bigger brothers, the Rega Xels with an extra mid-bass. Fabulous transmission line speakers. I would recommend the series to anyone!
  7. Thank you for the advice! I find it incredible when a company conceals things or lies blatently about their product, or sells you something under a smokescreen by 'suggestion'...Not saying that Burson is doing that, you understand.... I have used ancillary products from Townshend, RA, PS Audio, Mober and many other companies along with my main sources and amps, and I enjoy the results that I get from the changes that their products make in my systems. I am one of those people who, even if I'm suspicious that a claim that a company makes seems to be exaggeration, I keep listening or reading about it....and then I often try similar things out on the cheap, just for my own pleasure, using similar principles in my own designs....feet, supports & suspension, chassis damping, EMI/RF shielding, cable, component & tube rolling. Much of the time, I DO notice a positive difference...and sometimes of course, if there is a difference, it's virtually imperceptible.... but the results of my mods are mostly for the better, or else I wouldn't keep doing them! It keeps me off the streets!
  8. OMG! So the are the V6 opamps similar?.... I hope not...thereports are that the V6 uses discrete (although SMD) parts.... It reminds me of when the Chord company hid a $10 JVC plastic remote control inside their huge and impressive looking aluminium block remote...
  9. Yep, I remember buying Mott the Hoople's first album in my college days... so likewise!
  10. I had, for a short period, a Naim CD777 which used a Pro2, and a Krell KPS20i which likewise used a similar, very professional Philips drive. I have spares of both now that these two machines are long gone, and I am building my own machine now from various old parts. It is good fun experimenting and trying to build a top sounding machine for vitually nothing! Looking forward to hearing about your Technics job, and that cassette player sounds interesting!
  11. My question concerns the interchangeability of different drives from particular manufacturers. I am currently interested in seeing if I can put a Philips CDMPro2 drive, or a CDM4 which I have, into a machine which doesnt normally use one. So really its a question of the similarity or compatibility of ribbon cables, motor voltages, requirements and connections, rather than physical dimensions. Has anyone tried anything similar?
  12. Canadian, yes of course. Sorry. Rabski's turn....
  13. Famous yank. Had a baby very late in life (in her 50s...) a star from the sixties onwards, famous for her use of large yellow taxis in NYC. :-)
  14. Might be....I think..... So who deserves to play in such a place with so many aisles....?