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  1. vintageaxeman

    Cheap speaker stands.

    As they say...two minds with one noble thought (or two noble thoughts in this case! Just finished my LP12 setup jig today, much in the same vein as your absolutely superb speaker stands! If anyone is interested in copying mine, feel free. Legs are 400mm long (eBay), main board is a bamboo pastry rolling board (eBay) and a few bits of timber and hardware (longer M10 bolts and countersunk washers). and felt strip. The legs are adjustable for getting it level, and it seems sturdy. I call it my Kontraption.
  2. vintageaxeman

    Going large with loudspeakers

    If anyone's interested in them, I have 2 new, never fitted, KEF BD139 PASSIVE radiators...These are ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Radiators) which give a smoother response than bass reflex ports, and these BD139 ABRs are usually fitted in cabinets to complement the ACTIVE BD139 bass drivers.
  3. vintageaxeman

    Tonearm rewire

    Depends 100% on the arm. I have done 2 myself successfully but when it came to my Ittok LVIII, I let Audio Origami do it for me. Silver litz or 'fairy wire is all good stuff, but so is Cardas copper wire. Absolutely worth it if you have a good arm in good condition. You CAN use the wire right through to phono SOCKETS on the turntable itself, but it won't be screened, so you may suffer from rf and hum pickup. Personally I would use a proper Cardas type plug at the bottom of the tonearm and a decent tonearm cable. Ask Johnnie at AO for advice.
  4. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Sorry, no idea....
  5. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Well done JKB, All yours....
  6. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    OK, My Go.....
  7. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Songs in the Key of Life....Li'l Stevie Wonder.
  8. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Well done, mate. All yours....
  9. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    OK I'll have another go..... Storyville is a great system tester as well as great music.
  10. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Well done! Fast. A great record!
  11. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Clue: a Band member
  12. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Cabaret Voltaire Microphonies.
  13. Hi Uzzy. Excellent info, that is fascinating stuff! I think you're absolutely right about the economies of scale etc. After my first pair in 1980 (£600) I foolishly thought that there were 'better' speakers and started using other makes. The ones I tried just didn't give me the same buzz. I eventually bought a second hand pair for £300, about 10yrs ago. I also have a spare pair of the 'guts' of a second pair....the Decca ribbon tweeters, crossovers, midranges, etc... I would use them but in my lounge now, I have ATC SCM150 Active speakers, and in my office I have some Rega XELs, around which I have built a wraparound desk! So for the moment my RT-1s are all locked away. ONE DAY!!!
  14. Celef were SORT of cheaper than Proac....... BUT.... The RT-1's were Celef's absolute top of the range 3 way passives around 1979/1980, listed at £1200 per pair. I bought a demo pair reduced to £600 from the Audio Centre in Sheffield in (I think) 1980 or 81. It was the equivalent of four months' take-home pay, as my monthly teacher's pay at the time was around £290. So that puts this into context...Celef top end were NOT cheap. Think what an average monthly wage is NOW and multiply THAT by 4 to get a comparison. £4000 to £6000 maybe?
  15. Also, Henry, I REALLY liked your AR / PU7 sound....the sound on the Van Morrison album you were playing was superb... cymbals in particular shimmered....andhis voice, which I can take or leave, was SO natural. Was there anything special here? Was it a remastered disc or an ordinary pressing? The AR plinth....a non-standard item too? I can only presume that you bought the PU7 and VdH cartridge after some considering other high end alternatives. Is there any particular comment you could make about these? It really did sound superb....