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  1. I plan to replace some ICs (Muses02) which are dual opamps, with the equivalent V6 Vivid dual plug-in unit from Burson, which is a discrete module in a DIP-8 package. However, I wondered whether it might be better to use a dual to 2xsingle opamp adapter which would then allow me to use two SINGLE Burson V6 Vivid discrete units. What's your opinion? Would this be a better option? Cheers!
  2. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Ok, here’s the next...
  3. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    I knew I knew it! Just couldn't get it earlier... Jackson Browne...Lives in the Balance. :-)
  4. vintageaxeman

    Newbie Intro's

    A lot of us have the hunter-gatherer instinct (which some people very cruelly term as ‘hoarding’. :-) it only ever seems to get worse! so how did your Audiolab player compare to the rest of your players? What was your verdict?
  5. vintageaxeman

    Chord (not cables)

    Is that a Shakti Stone? If so, are they of any benefit? I've often wondered what was inside them!
  6. vintageaxeman

    Please explain - passive crossovers and mulltiple amps

    You need an active crossover between pre and power. I have used quite a few in the past very successfully from cheap £80 ones right up to Naim and ATC versions. Huge flexibility in these arrangements, and often a huge jump in SQ.
  7. vintageaxeman

    DIY LP-12 plinth

    Fantastic work! Love the inlays. Love to see good craftsmanship and individual ‘out of the box’ thinking. Admirable!
  8. vintageaxeman

    Mr Liang lives

    How is it sounding?
  9. vintageaxeman

    Chord (not cables)

    I fully agree with that warning. Operating systems are often ipdated annually and it doesn’t take long before an OS is described as ‘no longer supported’. And there comes a point when an app is no longer compatible with new versions of an operating system. It seems to me that whereas amplifiers can last for decades, the shelf life and upgradeability, and also the resale value of anything digital is far, far less.
  10. vintageaxeman

    Newbie Intro's

    And hello to you local Bottesford / Melton(ish) guys from me too!
  11. vintageaxeman

    power transformer

    Glad my bolts advice was useful, Adie! My next bit of advice is don’t mess with the circuit unless you have a circuit diagram, understand electronics AND know valve amp theory and practice. You are much more likely to cause major damage than make a minor improvement. I’ve buggered things up loads of times. However, I have successfully replaced large caps (electrolytics or big film caps) with higher quality replacements, and even added polystyrene bypass capacitors which can make a change for the better if done correctly. Stick to tightening bolts, maybe replacing cables, damping the chassis and components, emi/rf shielding, tube rolling etc. Don’t mess around with parallelling up resistors, you will probably f*** up the circuit completely. Remember what Clint Eastwood said in ‘Magnum Force’... “A good man always knows his limitations”....It’s a hard lesson to learn.
  12. vintageaxeman

    My first external cross over is complete!

    I DID think they were electrostatics! My bad! Here are the boxes I have made recently for Naim SBL crossovers, using a sprung subchassis. (Top plate and connectors not yet completed)
  13. vintageaxeman

    My first external cross over is complete!

    Apologies about the case. It looked like aluminium. Hot glue is good.
  14. vintageaxeman

    My first external cross over is complete!

    Hi, no I’m not at all sure but I would triple check. In any case, putting a vouple of layers of large heatshrink tubing round each one will not only insulate the casings but also assist in damping any spurious vibrations. Its all well and good doing point to point wiring but in a metal chassis you have to be particularly careful. I’ve just been constructing some external crossover cases for a pair of passive crossovers, and we have been considering insulation properties, mechanical isolation, resistance to vibration etc as well as inserting higher quality caps, coils etc. So it’s interesting to compare notes.
  15. vintageaxeman

    My first external cross over is complete!

    Have you tested it yet? I’m just wondering if the metal casings of any of the capacitors are connected to either end of the foil. I seem to remember that some of the Russian ones are made like that. In which case, I would definitely make sure that everything is safely constructed and insulated. Electrostatics have some high voltages running through them, don’t they? Be VERY careful. If you are not sure about anything, get further professional advice before even thinking about plugging it in. Good luck.