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  1. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

  2. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Is it an Adrian Belew album?
  3. vintageaxeman

    power transformer

    If it’s loose laminations, all you may need is some sockets & spanners and tighten all the bolts up. But when I needed a replacent transformer, Absolute Sounds imported it for me and sent it to me to fix. Chances are that the transformers have at least three taps on the secondary stage for high voltage, heater voltage, and at least one low voltage tap for any solid state stuff. My ARC preamp has two big mains trannies for all those plus a very small one for the logic and relay circuits. You can also find schematics of the transformers on the interwobble if you gaggle it. If you need more help, just ask. Cheers, David
  4. vintageaxeman

    SOLD amplifier SOLD

  5. vintageaxeman

    Please can anyone help with capacitor identification in an ARC amp?

    I do have a multimeter with cap measurement, must do that. As regards voltage, they will be 210 volts plus, and the circuit I am thinking of using them in is far lower than that. So I should have no issue with their voltage.
  6. vintageaxeman

    Please can anyone help with capacitor identification in an ARC amp?

    OK, Thank you. However, my experience in the past with ARC is not that I received very little help. On the other hand, Absolute Sounds in London, who are a UK agent,were very helpful.
  7. vintageaxeman

    Please can anyone help with capacitor identification in an ARC amp?

    I fully agree with you. But it's a bit of detective work and I love that kind of thing. I have noticed that in just about all of the more recent reference series preamps of the last few decades, ie the Ref3 and later, these particular colour caps (red ends, gold sleeve) are used. I am pretty sure they are all the TRT Stealth type, and, later on, probably the newer, but identical looking TRT Reality caps. The SE versions and Reference 10 Anniversary do indeed have some very different humungous white caps. Not sure what those are. I do actually own an Audio Research Ref 2, but the four caps I have are from an unknown ARC preamp. I never owned the preamp they came from. I just picked up the caps. I strongly suspect that they are from a Ref3. My reasons 1) Timing: I bought the caps 'blind' in around 2012-2014. I know they had been removed from an old ARC preamp. So why would anyone 'part out' a more recent Ref 5 or 6 etc....? I just want to put them to good use. I have a few items hanging around just waiting for me to mod, and some of them have coupling capacitors in the range 3 - 7 uF. So if I CAN decipher whatthe spec of these caps are, I can probably use them. And why am I so keen to use them? a) because I don't like not using things. and b) because I have used Dynamicaps before and they are excellent. (also made by TRT but a rung down the ladder from the Stealth caps.) So if anyone has a schematic for a Ref3 or 4, I would be very interested to see it. Thank you for all your help you Wonderful Wammers. And I'll see some of you on Sunday at Keggy. :-)
  8. vintageaxeman

    SOLD amplifier SOLD

  9. vintageaxeman

    Please can anyone help with capacitor identification in an ARC amp?

    Hi Rabski. Cheers. Yeah, I have some Obbligatos too, and they have black ends. I think they might be TRT Stealth Caps too. These have now been superseded by a new version from TRT, similar looking, called Reality Caps. The reason I'm asking is because I have four of these unmarked ARC caps, and I'm trying to identify the voltage and capacitance by tracing the original manufacturer and then identifying them from their list by matching the size of the ones I have to the listed ones. I know that does sound like a risky business, but if they are TRT caps, there are very few in their list (around 20) so I might manage it.....
  10. vintageaxeman

    Please can anyone help with capacitor identification in an ARC amp?

    I did wonder that, but they don't have ANY markings, so they're not even rebadged..... And I actually think they're probably higher cost ones than Jensens....but thatnks anyway!
  11. Please can anyone help me with capacitor identification in an ARC amp? These BIG cylindrical red film caps with a gold wrapper are often found in Audio Research preamps, especially the Reference series. They have no writing on them. I don't need to know the voltage or value etc., I JUST want to find out what make they are. (I know Audio Research used to use Multicaps and Relcaps, and then started using these big red ones instead. They're NOT Dynamicaps. I do have an inkling what they are. But I'd love it if anyone could tell me and maybe confirm it. (Audio Research won't release that info....) Cheers, David
  12. vintageaxeman

    SOLD amplifier SOLD

  13. vintageaxeman


  14. vintageaxeman

    SOLD amplifier SOLD

    This amplifier is SOLD
  15. vintageaxeman

    FREE Lenovo 17" laptop

    Yes, I'm not exhibiting but I'll find you on the Sunday when I visit. Many thanks, David