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  1. Guess the album cover

    OK, Try this one then..... Clue: He could be in an art gallery late morning or late at night....
  2. Guess the album cover

    Maz O'Conner...This Willowed Light. Good album. nor me... oh well.
  3. Guess the album cover

    Hey Colin, really don't worry, it's just a bit of fun....honestly it doesn't worry me at all!!!
  4. Guess the album cover

    Yeah, that's what I had thought of immediately but on my 2 vinyl covers and on my 1 CD, that first bit doesn't appear..... Anyway, it's a GAME!!! Chill, V.A.M.!
  5. Michell Engineering Thread

    suggest you use double sided tape.....and 'blunt' the stickiness of it by putting it on your palm, before you apply it to the platter.
  6. Guess the album cover

    watching and scratching my head....yes, more clues please!
  7. On the Sunday (visitors' Day) I will be travelling from 10 miles east of Nottingham, then through Nottingham to Kegworth. I don't mind giving anyone a lift as long as it's not TOO far out of the way. So anyone wanting a lift, just ask!
  8. Celef RT-1 speakers

    :-) Remove bass driver. Crossover is behind it. Active conversion worked very well for me.
  9. Celef RT-1 speakers

    Hi Mike. Glad that was useful. The emblem position is the same as on my speakers originally, and they look to be 100% original emblems. Thin aluminium with printed logo, stuck on with a couple of spots of rubbery glue....they're the one bit of the whole speaker which I thought let it I removed my Celef labels very early on. As regards recapping, I replaced all the big caps, and also bypassed them with small precision polystyrene caps.....I didn't mess with the coils or the resistors. I did re-cable everything, though. The crossover circuit boards are generic 3 way KEFkit style ones, (also similar to Cambridge Audio R50 crossovers I think).....I've got a feeling that my crossover boards actually say 'Falcon Acoustics' on them.....(FA have been a big supplier of speaker parts for decades in the UK)...but it's been a long time since mine were opened up. And Hydie is correct, I'm pretty sure, about piano (gloss) black not being a usual option. It COULD have been a special.... but back then I don't think I had ever seen a gloss black pair of any speakers! In those days, wood finish was the norm, or otherwise matt or satin black paint sprayed over woodgrain was very popular. As long as they're not badly scratched, gloss black should look really nice....But be careful transporting them...any knocks or scratches will show badly on gloss black! And as I've been corrected before, I should pass on the's Stewart Tyler, not Stuart... :-) Stewart is one helluva designer, to have come up with all the Celefs and Proacs over the years....I did talk to him on the phone once (since 2000), asking for advice about working on my crossovers. To be honest, although he remembered producing the RT-1s, as they were 'back-catalogue' by then, I was left to my own devices in the end....But there's enough expertise on here to advise you if you do have any queries..... The rear port I forgot to mention. It's a few inches in diameter, and contains a bundle of drinking straws. If these are missing ('little fingers' could have pushed them into the cabinet) they can be easily replaced. This helps with controlling turbulence in the port. The single pair of speaker terminals will look very cheap compared to some of the 'gaudier' and bigger ones nowadays. Just make sure they are secure before you start tightening them up on the speaker cables....Of course you can DIY an improved pair of terminals for it. You might also be interested to know that on my first pair of RT-1s, I removed the crossovers for a while and had the speakers working actively, by using a home made active crossover (an Elektor magazine design) with 3 pairs of Leak valve (tube) amps, and later on with 3 Naim NAP160 power amps.... That took the sound up another HUGE notch!!! Looking forward to seeing a picture of them clean, in position, and hearing what you reckon to them! Cheers, David
  10. Celef RT-1 speakers

    Hi Mike.... Serge has given you all the right advice, as I would expect!!! Yes, I can tell already from the split grilles and the proportions of the cabs, and the faint shadow of the drivers, that those ARE genuine CELEF RT-1s. Back in the early 1980s I paid £600 (around $1,000USD) for a pair of ex-demonstration RT-1s. They were reduced to half price, having been DOUBLE that originally. The retail price was officially £1200 (around $2,000USD). That was at a time when, as a young professional, I was earning around £400 take-home pay each month. So this was a VERY expensive pair of speakers. I kept them for years, and eventually replaced them with a second pair. Not many people know of these speakers, so they tend to go for a very low price. I am not exactly sure how many pairs were made but I think it was less than 20 pairs, probably as low as 12-15. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED in these wonderful speakers. Construction and component wise, the bass units are ATC studio bass units. They are wonderful. The midrange units are actually KEF B200 units, the ones with the heaviest magnet. This might seem odd for a midrange, but they are in open backed cabinets so they work in virtually 'free air'. And as a consequence, voices in particular sound very, very realistic. The Decca horn tweeter is a ribbon tweeter which goes VERY high. But the most important thing about the ribbon tweeter is the realism that it gives to the sound. Transients are VERY fast. And anything metallic, such as a metal guitar or bass string, or a brass brush touching a cymbal, sound absolutely accurate. In fact sounds like these just shimmer and snap the whole sound into focus. Things to look out for: 1. Check the cones of the bass and midrange speakers and the surrounds. They should be undamaged. Both the surrounds, to the bass AND the mid, are rubber,not foam. Rubber is far less likely to have rotted into holes, but if there is any damage, you may be able to negotiate a discount. 2. The ribbon of the Decca horn ribbon tweeter (visible from the front of the cabinet, but at the back of the horn's throat) will almost certainly look ragged if it has been used a lot. It should look like a bit of tinfoil that has been neatly corrugated (folded) about 20 times. If it looks like it has scorch marks or raggedness to it, then it may still work but will need replacing. 3. If you try the speakers out, do not try them loud until you are confident that they are ok. The reason is that the capacitors in the internal crossover may well have deteriorated (age) and if you put too much power into them, they could blow, damaging your Decca horn in the process. 4. Three out of four of the cabinets I have had, have had a crack where the front baffle is inserted into the main cabinet frame. These are not removable (everything is glued in position) and is not an insurmountable problem (I can advise you about repairing it). The problem will show as a short crack running vertically, adjacent to the bass driver on the front veneer. Are the proper base stands available. These came with the RT-1s, and I have one pair. If they are not available, I can advise you about how to make your own of the correct height. I still have my second pair in use, and they are not hugely embarrassed by my active ATC SCM150ASLT speakers. I also have some spares if you need anything. I have three spare pairs of Decca DK30 ribbon horn tweeters in stock. I have 2 pairs of the correct KEF midrange units. And I have one pair of the original crossovers, fitted with a couple of component upgrades. I also manufacture the ribbon assemblies to order, and have enough parts to manufacture 8 pairs in stock right now. They take a couple of hours each, and when made, they are very vulnerable to damage so I don't make then up until I get an order in. Go ahead and buy them. They're a steal at that price, even if you have to do some work on them. They will perform comparably to some very respectable modern day speakers. As regards the finish, I have never seen black RT-1s, and I have the original brochure which doesn't seem to mention black. Both of my pairs AND the three other pairs I have seen were all mid coloured woods, which I am pretty confident were teak or walnut veneer. My last pair are teak. The finish doesn't matter as much, if you're getting such a bargain. There are a multitude of ways to refinish them, including reveneering, or much cheaper, using modern high quality photo printed self-adhesive vinyl such as burr elm pattern. It sounds cheesy but works incredibly effectively and nowadays the stuff is very realistic. I can advise you where to buy the best stuff from. Or you could repaint them if necessary. (removing / masking the drivers first.) Likewise it is very easy to replace the grille cloth if it is dusty/old/damaged. I hope that all helps. Any more questions, please let me know. Cheers, David
  11. Guess the album cover

    What, Crosby or Clapton?
  12. Guess the album cover

    Eric Clapton... Money and Cigarettes?
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Steve Winwood. Nine Lives (CD & DVD)....from a little bit of raw blues to echoes of Blind Faith...lovely.
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    If you like this, you'll LOVE the complete 2016 film on Blu-Ray, which is so much more than just the concert. Justin Furstenfeld....Open Book Winter Album. REALLY good.
  15. I often listen to the radio in the car and on a Roberts DAB radio. But I don't currently have a DAB radio connected to my hifi.... However, I found the following info on facebook, and found that the links work for high quality listening on a computer, to any BBC channel....I don't know if this is OLD NEWS, but hopefully it may be interesting to some of you.... High Quality BBC Radio Streams Somewhat lost in all the fuss about the BBC retiring its WMA internet radio streams is the fact that there are now high quality 320kbps streams for all BBC radio stations. Apart from Radio 3, which has had a 320kbps stream for a while, the best quality it has been possible to listen to any BBC station in digitally has been 128kbps. These 128k streams have never sounded too good to my ears, especially through my Sonos system. To my knowledge, this is the first time it has been possible to listen to 6 Music in high fidelity in any format. The new streams use the Apple developed HLS protocol, meaning you can listen to them simply by pasting the link into Safari. Another good way to listen to them is to use the VLC media player, which is available on pretty much any platform. It is likely that these streams will only work from a UK-based IP address but I have not verified that. Courtesy of user simoncn on the Linn forums, here are the HLS streams for the national stations: BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio 1Xtra BBC Radio 2 BBC Radio 3 BBC Radio 4 BBC Radio 4LW BBC Radio 4 Extra BBC Radio 5 Live BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra BBC Radio 6 Music BBC Asian Network