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  1. As always from RW, a fabulous production, exciting, dynamic, no punches pulled. Highly thought provoking stuff. Wonderful to hear his awesomely gruff tones expressing such discontent, amongst all the great music. Neither he nor David ever let you down.
  2. PM sent..... This thread is proving highly useful and informative
  3. Sounds a much nicer idea than Showcase Nottingham, but the ice cream is good. :-)
  4. But it IS check where you're going to..... Also, It's definitely going to be released on DVD and Bluray (and I suppose it might even come out on the old black and silver stuff....) And if you didn't get to se the same type of cinematic wonder last Sept 29th with 'Roger Waters The Wall' you missed a treat. Thats on Bluray too. Fab.
  5. Thanks, Serge. All your advice gratefully accepted and will be followed. Cheers, David
  6. I will take your advice in full. Thank you very, very much for such a full answer. I really appreciate it. Cheers, David
  7. Sorry, forgot to add it. It's there now. Cheers, David
  8. That all makes sense. Could I ask you to have a look at the attached circuit diagram for the power supply section of the preamp, to see if that informs you more about the nature of the power supply? Thank you, David I'm very appreciative of your comments, and taking it all in! Thank you.
  9. Thank you for that. Anyone else?
  10. That could be the name of this thread. I whole-heartedly agree. David PS Addictive? Yes. I just don't know when to stop.... :-)
  11. Yeah, 1. I was thinking of Rubycon, Nichicon, Panasonic or ELNA for the Electrolytics. You all seem to be discounting Mundorf?... Does anyone know anything about the Audio Note Kaisei range? 2. Apparently in the Kaiser range there are two types...polarized electrolytics and non-polarised electrolytics. I have been told by HiFi Collective that they are interchangeable, and according to Peter Qvortup's script, the non-polarised are better sonically. Ssee here: ) 3. The size I'm after are 100uF 50v or greater, and for the power supply 2,200uF 50v. Would it be an idea to increase the 2,200 ones to 3,300 or 4,700? Will the rest of the power supplly components be able to cope and will it improve things? Your advice is invaluable, guys. Cheers, guys.
  12. Fantastic mate. Well done in...was it 2 days? all looks tickety boo. :-) I like up-cycling. There's a feel good factor to DIY. As Piece Brosnan and my Photoshop skills would say... 'DIY AnotherDay' :-)
  13. Take your pick. :-)
  14. OK, Thank you, folk. That all sounds like good advice. As regards caps to choose and caps to avoid.....what about Mundorf and BG and Elna. Would you or wouldn't you?
  15. The amp is 19yrs old and has been used a I guessed it needs doing. The caps that are fitted are bog standard ones, but the pre is extremely high quality, so I thought I'd go make sure I fitted good ones.