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  1. vintageaxeman

    Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge for sale, £1,400

    Will PM you.... Thank you.
  2. vintageaxeman

    Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge for sale, £1,400 pics, taken this morning....
  3. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Well done, Bignose! I was right about Lucille though!
  4. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Initially I thoughtthat was Lucille, but I can't think of one of BB's albums with a guitar just sitting by itself. Probably a live album? Then I wondered if it might be Dave Grohl's guitar.... Those bass strings look too thick for any player to play!...Not going to google it....that'd be cheating....but I've got my Sunday morning thinking cap on. :-)
  5. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    OK GUYS.... IT'S A BAND WORTH CHECKING OUT. Not to everyone's taste,obviously, but some of you will love it I guess! BLUE OCTOBER. "ANY MAN IN AMERICA" Someone else have a go....?
  6. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    OK a bit more, then.....his is the main image on the cover.....
  7. vintageaxeman

    Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge for sale, £1,400

    Thanks, Pussycat! It is all original. The stylus and cantilever is all straight and true. I bought it used, from a guy who had kept a record of its hours every time he used it, and that amounted to 432hrs use. I have used it for about 12 hours on top of that. It is currently in an interchangeable headshell, as I used it in my SAEC 407/23 and an Audi Origami arm, and an SME, on a Michell Orbe which I will also be selling soon. I actually have a Linn/Ekos SE1 and about ten other cartridges, including VdH, EMT, Linn, Micro Seiki, Brier, and I am simply rationalising my 'stock'. I have TOO MUCH gear!!! I have tried it in the Ekos SE1 as well, and it worked superbly. I recently sold a Koetsu Urushi Black and the buyer is 'over the moon with it'. (quote!) I am in the Nottingham area in the UK. I am happy to send this fully insured, safely packed, by Royal Mail, and I will pay the postage. If you are abroad, it WILL cost approximately £30 to £45 to send by fast, safe, fully insured postage, depending on where you live.
  8. Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge for sale, £1,400...also on eBay for £1500 (fees have to be paid on ebay!) Beautiful. Checked over by Northwest Audio just over a year ago, and hardly used since. Pictures taken thismorning 14 Jan 2019 I am in the UK.
  9. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    Okydoky.... here we go. A more modern one.....
  10. vintageaxeman

    Guess the album cover

    It's the Bumpers sampler album, isn't it? Was that Harvest or Island, I can't remember..... I think the Harvest one was a sand dunes scene with a guy in a gas mask on the front..... So WAS it Island records perhaps? Anyhow, I'm convinced it's the Bumpers album!
  11. vintageaxeman

    Speaker cloth alternatives

    Stretch jersey fabric, the thinner the better, is good (go to fabric stalls on a local market or to a fabric shop), but its easy to buy the stuff from ebay. Very cheap. Or get an old thin stretchy t-shirt and use that temporarily. Netting of any kind is almost certain to be acoustically transparent.
  12. vintageaxeman

    JR149 Loudspeakers

    I have a friend who uses these for our jam sessions (music listening sessions). They are in his second system. They sound good. Whereabouts are you based? Also I found this without trying hard.... and What length speaker cable do you need? Measure it up and I'll see what I have lying around.
  13. vintageaxeman

    I have got tickets to see .......................

    Hall & Oates are always a great show. I presume you have enjoyed the 'Live at Daryl's House' series? If not, I recommend it. There have been a LOT of guests, but Daryl only keeps the recent ones available on the main site. However, you can check them out in the lists on his site, then find the others on youtube. I enjoyed Cee Lo Green and Joe Walsh in particular.....'s+house+cee+lo+green&oq=youtube+live+at+daryl's+house+&gs_l=psy-ab.1.1.0l4j0i22i30l6.1043.13390..17630...0.0..0.127.2369.30j1......0....1..gws-wiz.....0..0i131.v_FIWJpTDtk Cheers, David
  14. vintageaxeman

    FS: Turntable gimp mat (cork/rubber)

    Could I buy this please, Chris.