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  1. I'd like to sell my Garrard 301 here. It's serial number 67277, pretty much perfect condition apart from some marks under the speed controller which I've photographed. It's with an original mat in very good condition, with no tears and still flexible. It has many Martin Bastin mods including thrust bearing, 60Hz running, motor unit attached to the lower part of the plinth rather than the motor unit, and a supplementary foam mat. It sits in a gorgeous oak-veneered MaxPlank plinth complete with an unmarked perspex lid. It has Martin's 60Hz power supply too, obviously . There's a few bits to go with it including oil, some grease, original motor fittings, etc. I also have an original unmarked manual for the deck complete with an unused template. Oh, and a good and heavy record weight too. I'd also like to sell, along with it if I can, an early Rega RB300. This is Incognito-rewired, has the Martin Bastin counterweight and stub as well as the original stub and tungsten weight, and sits on Martin's Armony base which makes height adjustment a breeze. I have its original polystyrene-and-cardboard packaging too. I have a Decca Gold which I'd also like to sell, fully serviced by Len Gregory to a spec provided by Glenn Croft as being the very best ("1.5 Thou armature, the Parmeko coil and the Super Gold tip") and hardly used since then. I also have one of Martin's Deccapods, one of Len Gregory's cartridge isolators which works very well with it. Finally, I have an early Bugle battery-powered phono amp. Not pretty but works very well with the Decca. I'm not sure on pricing. I think the deck alone is worth around £1200 with all its Martin Bastin improvements in its plinth. The arm probably £100, the cartridge £400, the phono amp £75, and all the bits another £50. It would make a great Christmas present! So how about £1700 for everything, collected? I'm open to sensible offers too, and will split if necessary but since it all works so well together it would be a shame. NOW SOLD
  2. Could I just make a small observation? I also have one of these, plus a normal Quadraspire rack. The shelves are usually used the other way up. Not a problem, but I thought I would mention it just in case you're interested. Nice kit, by the way! I've not seen an Audio Innovations amp for years yet they were the ones that really brought valves back into the mainstream.
  3. Really neat! You've made it look even more minimalist than it was. What a great idea, beautifully executed!
  4. yes please! i'm abroad till tonight but can complete the transaction with you tomorrow if that's ok. Peter
  5. Nice idea. Eventually I'd like the Summit X (not the Summit which is apparently quite different although as hifinutt says it's good value now). I don't really have room for a full-range electrostatic but love my Ascents!
  6. I thought I was first in the queue and we were in discussions? I can't have been clear enough when I asked to see you on Friday evening when I'm in London . Congratulations to the buyer anyway.
  7. Drat! I turn my back for a few hours.... If your sale falls through I'm *very* interested
  8. Sorry for the delay in responding. Logistics were a bit fraught. My brother picked up the speakers and received a thorough demonstration! He passed them to me when we met yesterday. I was staying with my daughter and son-in-law last night and so brought them in out of the car. My BiL loved the look of them wanted to hear them in his system. The net result is he is now the owner of a beautiful pair of ES14s . I got to hear them in his system and they sounded wonderful, just as I remember way back at Radlett Audio when they were still in Radlett. Not what I planned but they're at a very deserving home with a very happy owner -- well he'll be the owner when he pays me . Thanks to SMEagol for a smooth transaction. Great Wammer!
  9. You have PM. I remember listening to a pair at Radlett Audio many years ago (Naim or Exposure amps I think) and being blown away by the image. I've been looking for a good pair for a while, just to try to recapture that. Not quite sure what I'll do with them since I have a very nice pair of ML Ascents and am really looking (eventually) for some Summit Xs, but I couldn't let this opportunity pass. It's always good to buy from the Wam where you know you can trust people. BTW I presume the Crystal Reference and Cyalene aren't included either? Very nice!
  10. I came very close to buying those Summit Xs with these stands last year. They did sound wonderful. So the question is, should I buy these now to go under my Ascents? At present I have them on marble plinths, with one Stillpoint and 2 sorbothane pads under each. I'm tempted since I know they work with MLs, and I already have 3 pods under my Dais. My only concern is that they raise the speaker another 2-3" off the floor and that could affect the bass response. Any thoughts?
  11. Looks great, Matt! It's always nice when you find a strong-performing bargain and it looks like you've found two!
  12. If you do start looking again, I have an early oil bearing 301 complete with all Bastin mods (plinth-attached motor, latest bearing, outboard power supply, damping, foam mat, etc, etc) in an oak-veneered Maxplank plinth with perspex lid. I use it with a Rega RB300 (with Armony armbase and Bastin counterweight) which is Incognito-rewired. I could also let you have a Cartridge Man-rebuilt Decca Gold with the best specs (according to Glenn Croft who helped me spec it) that has had <50 hours' use since the rebuild. I have a 301 Owner's Manual too. I'm near Warwick. Price would be about £1750 -- maybe too cheap for you but if you want best performance in a reasonably attractive package I suggest it's worth considering.
  13. Sorry, I don't know the answer. My Dais has a graphite "mat" but I can't see from the photographs online what an Ace Spacedeck has. I see some with Tom's foam mat but I guess you don't have that? I used to use one on a Garrard 301 and it was good to isolate the LP from the platter, but that was a very different platter! I use a Stillpoints weight on the graphite mat on my Dais and find it works very well. I did briefly flirt with a clamp but actually ended up damaging some of my favourite LPs by forcing them down too hard. I would like to try a rim weight at some point but for now I'm ok.
  14. Hi Mr Baffled , You raise many interesting points. The one I particularly wanted to pick up on in this response was about the plinth. In my experience the nature of the plinth most definitely makes a difference to the sound! In not saying the supplied one can easily be bettered, just that other materials sound different. It's worth experimenting, just as you obviously have with the mat. Your idea on that is interesting since the TT mat is actually graphite, not steel, and I understand was chosen to have a good impedence match with vinyl. But if cones work for you then that's what matters! Peter