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  1. Who are the new owners?

    You talking to tits again? I thought your therapist had issued a cease and desist order.
  2. How heavy a Record Clamp to stop slippage?

    They make no bones about it on their webby, it is "inky black".
  3. How heavy a Record Clamp to stop slippage?

    Chuck yours in a cracker and I'll pull you for it.
  4. Q cars

    The original:
  5. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Lol, even I draw the line somewhere.
  6. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I keep persuading myself, the house will be worth it, the house will be worth it... Nah, it's not working:)
  7. For Sale - Garrard 301

    Sold to Mr Bean
  8. Parking in central London why so difficult.

    This one at Westminster or go to the famous Rochester Row for that true 1960s car park experience. Some hidden gems in here too:
  9. For Sale - SJS Phono stage

    pre is sold too. Oh the sound of silence.
  10. For Sale - Thorens TD520 SME312s

    £1500, I must be mad, that's a used price for the 312 alone so you essentially get a free Thorens TD520. Not just any TD520, but the one belonging to Mr SME himself. SSTP
  11. For Sale - SJS Phono stage

    Sold. The SJS 1.5 pre amp up next at 1400, boy this is hurting.
  12. For Sale - Garrard 301

    Bean, how are you Hope the amps are doing ok for you. It is an oil bearing 301. Cheers Bob
  13. For Sale - SJS Phono stage

    I hope so Nick, I think these are £2500 new these days. Like I said, priced to sell.