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  1. The felt mat i have on my Project Essential turntable seems to attract dog hair in my house. Even with the cover down it seems to always be there! My wife asked what i wanted for my birthday and for lack of other ideas i suggested an acrylic platter mat. Unfortunately the one i initially picked doesn't seem to fit on my turntable (hole is slightly too small). Rather than drill it out i thought i'd try this one However it made me wonder if i'd be better just going one further and getting the Pro-ject Acrylic platter for £85. Cost is neither here nor there really, it's about 2 records. For the record it's a Project Essential 3 turntable. Not the best one out there but it's decent enough. Anyone tried one over the other and can comment?
  2. Marvt74

    DIY Subwoofer

    Really need to update my info, but current speakers are Audio Physic Classic 5's The Allegro's were by Wilmslow Audio (DIY kit) I had spotted that Monitor Audio kit, however i have stuff dotted around and have ended up having to use a BT turntable with a BT receiver box so was worried about having more stuff on BT and the hassles of pairing. My amp also doesn't have any Pre-Outs (Yamaha S801) but does have a sub-out. The SVS stuff can take a sub out connection and i wasn't sure how the MA stuff would handle it. Good call on resale value. I know cabinet wise there's be zero value (especially once i've botched it together), but i'd have thought a driver and something like the BK sub amps would hold value. Could maybe even pick them up used anyway.
  3. Marvt74

    DIY Subwoofer

    Yes, i looked at the BK Monoloth but that's likely too big. The Double Gem is probably around the right size for me but as you mention it's a decent little project. As for my skills.... That's the big question. My plan was to try and build the cabinet and see if it looked reasonable first before buying the actual drivers/amp. If it looks crap then maybe move onto the BK version Have attached some pics of the room that i found. These were very old "work in progress" pics from when we moved in last year. The plan for the sub is the far side of the sofa (next to where the dog is sleeping). The second pic shows the length of the room a bit better. Speakers are placed either side of the TV I had considered some form of correction device (Antimode?) just need to work out how it works. Am also planning on using the SVS wireless transmitter to go from the sub out of my amp (Yamaha S801) to the sub.
  4. Marvt74

    DIY Subwoofer

    I've been considering adding a sub to my setup as my current room is quite a bit bigger than my previous house at 12" x 30" As such i'm missing some bottom end and bigger speakers isn't an option from my wifes perspective. I'm without a table next to the sofa where i tend to sit so think a sub could double up as a side table! Since most, commercially available subs are cubes which don't necessarily work for that purpose i thought i could look into building one. Ideal dimensions would likely be 50cm (H) x 40cm (D) x 35cm (W) So i could probably just about get away with a 15" driver, although 12" may be easier. From an actual cabinet point of view. What do i need to think about with regards to dimensions? Presumably i don't just build the cabinet, plonk a driver and amp in it and expect it to work.A sealed unit would probably be ideal to keep things tight from a music perspective.
  5. Off to see Hot Chip tonight in Manchester. Given how big they are now, it'll be amazing to see them in a small venue again, can only be a few hundred people there i'd have thought.
  6. Good point. Have updated stuff
  7. Weird. I actually did it that way but maybe I then clicked off it. Unfortunately these sold on Sunday as didn’t think you were interested
  8. Marvt74

    Speaker Upgrade

    The Tannoys went back on Saturday to Peter Tyson. They had some lovely looking stuff in there! These turned up this morning and already very happy with the swap. They're Audio Physic Classic 5's. The footprint is slightly smaller and the bass is probably a little reduced but they definately make up for it with their imaging and speed.
  9. Cheers. Hopefully you're not about to say it's worth about £500 on it's own
  10. From my time with a lot more boxes than i have now and more inclination to play around with different sounds i'm left with a collection of cables. From what i can see there are 2x Pair of 50cm Kimber Cables 1x 1m Chord cable (not sure the type, was about £40 if i remember rightly) 1x 1m Nordost Black Knight Flatline 2x Mark Grant Canare cables. 1x50cm and 1x 75cm 2x Unknown cable. This is the blue one at the bottom of the pic. I'm fairly sure it's some kind of silver wiring but don't remember much. Was one of the better ones though. 1x 1m pair of Fisual Pro cables 1x Unknown black cable Also have this speaker cable as per pics. No idea what this is. Pretty sure i bought it off PFM many many years ago. It's thick copper, probably around 4mm at least and then soldered. Never used. Also have 2x 1.5m (ish) set of Chord Rumour speaker cable. I know this might be optimistic but would rather sell as a job lot as no idea on prices individually. Looking for £75inc
  11. @theflash Any interest or have the marks put you off?
  12. Marvt74

    Speaker Upgrade

    Think I’ve established now that white is actually the only option. Showed my wife some stunning Wilson Benesch soeakers in an offensive maple and she didn’t like them. Have played with position more with these Tannoys and something has pulled together nicely. Still lacking compared to others but at £500 they’re decent. Just the hassle of repositioning every time I want to listen to music. Have been offered a truly bargain price on some B&W 704 S2’s which is hugely tempting. I’d written them off due to the £2k price but they’ve very much been pushed into affordable territory. Will see how the Audio Physics sound and then start making decisions.
  13. Marvt74

    Speaker Upgrade

    The Tannoys i bought blind with the view to return them if they didn't gel in my home. Their bigger dem room at the back is similar to mine in shape (except due to layout mine fires across rather than down). Main difference being i have concrete floors and a rug rather than carpet.
  14. Marvt74

    Speaker Upgrade

    Nothing that was in my price range. I'd have liked to explore the B&W 704's but at £2k i couldn't quite stretch to that at the moment.