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  1. Sorry. I haven't been on the site for a while. Not certain I have that long a length, I will check later and come back to you. The cable I have is old stock new un-terminated.
  2. Sale agreed subject to payment. NOW SOLD!
  3. I used to have 2 of these and got Tom Evans to monoblock them me, Exceptional amps. He can hotrod it for you if you want!
  4. Sorry, I'm more into ones with a motor in Thanks for the offer though!
  5. Make me a sensible offer, The worst I can say is no.
  6. I have exactly the same arm as this, now on my rock 7 . Fantastic arm and very easy vta adjustment.
  7. I am about to offer my 401 for sale, I have owned it for 19 years after it was offered to me as a deck only, boxed . I still have the box. I have made a reclaimed English oak plinth for it with a 40mm thick top board made out of solid oak. The turntable is mounted flush into the top board and supported on 4 sorbathene semi spheres on the top board which is in turn mounted on 4 sorbathene semi spheres onto the plinth. I also have a fully modded O/L arm to go with . It has the Classic Turntable co. bottom bearing upgrade. I can send pictures if you are at all interested. Hopefully that makes sense but pictures will show what I mean. Only thinking of selling as I have just bought another turntable. Also includes a double Loricraft cork type mat. Also the solid brass weight which I purchased new of off this site.
  8. These were made by Patrick Handscombe along with another model which had double the drivers ( 2.2's) He also designed the fr1's which had a polystyrene case. VERY good indeed and phase linear which is why Tom Evans liked them.
  9. rory57

    Garrard 501

    Saw this ad today..
  10. After breaking off the cantilever on my Lyra Delos whilst trying to protect it with the stylus guard I have bought a Benz Micro Glider which is very naked and does not have a guard I decided to make a 'safe zone' for it to sit in when it wasn't being used, this is the solution I have come up with. Hopefully the picture link will work!
  11. rory57


    Whilst these are credited to Tom Evans, I think that Patrick Handscome of Electrofluidic designed them and produced them with Tom will in partnership with him in Acoustic Precision days.
  12. rory57


    Are you offering to arrange one?