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  1. bencat

    Remastered CDs

    The copy I have was this one
  2. bencat

    Remastered CDs

    Remastered version of Count Down to Ecstacy I have is a huge bit better than the Original CD. Grace Jones Nightclubbing special edition is also a real treat as are the Compass Point Masters CD . Blue Nile Hats and Walk Across the Rooftops are also excellent although the original CD's were not exactly bad in the first place . It is a real mine field when looking for CD issues in particular as there is so little accurate and transparent information in many cases.
  3. bencat

    Q Acoustics 3050's Floorstanders in American Walnut

    As a translation for those of a southern persuasion Wirral - Plastic Land over the water from Liverpool
  4. bencat

    Yamaha and Dynaudio

    Might well be the wrong colour (they always seem to be ) but this might be worth an offer
  5. I love this idea but I am already commited to showing and taking a system . Would it be okay to take a second system that fit the critera and have that to show as well ? I would not expect to in the competition as a full entry but it would be fun just to see what could be done ? Tony any guidance ?
  6. bencat

    Passive vs. Active

    While seeing the measurements is okay it would be very useful if there was a written review of how the tow speakers sounded by someone not aware of the measurement results and if what they commented on had a correlation to the results . Sadly this is almost never the case from reviews I have read in the past .
  7. bencat

    All in one

    Not heard the Arcam but the old Linn Classic sounded very acceptable when I heard one . If I am honest it sounded better than Linn seperates but this is only my opinion , Again not sure about what you have now . Worth a look though.
  8. Not looked too close at the PT items but eoither way those that know will be able to guess what I mean . Thanks for updating will now try and keep my fingers and eyes away from e-bay .
  9. bencat

    Class A amplification & Valve rectification musings

    I can only answer from my experience and that is with Solid State Class A (Krell KSA50 Mk1) . Power usage stays the same but when being used and pushed hard the amplifier runs cooler as when it is idling or not being pushed the power not used is dissapated as heat .
  10. I think my line is now locked which is fine . However (yes I know this applies to most of us) things have changed a little so could I just list what it stands as now and ask if this can edited in Pre Amp - Concordant Exhillarant - Power Amps 2 x Quad 405 - DAC Perpetual Technology PA3 / Li Te DAC AH / Perpetual Technology PA1 Over sampler / Monster HTS Mains Conditioner / SBT Clone / Linn Sara 9 speakers / Monitor Audio 11 / Mindsp Digital Active crossovers . Unless somehting blows up or gets sold (well you know how it is ) this should be my system with no further changes.
  11. bencat

    Bluesound Node2 or Auralic Aries Mini

    I was not complaining about being called a geek , quite the reverse this implies some good knowledge of the Tech which for me at least is sadly giving me way too much credit. As noted I find that setting up a standard out the box Pi to run as an LMS server very simple indeed . Not only are there people to help you on here if you just google it there are huge numbers of videos that you can play that will take you step by step. The advantage of this is you can stop and rewind as many times as you wish and check that you are doing each stage as you should.
  12. bencat


    Just a few lines to mention some changes that I have made recently in using my Linn Sara 9 soeakers. Firstly after a crossover upgrade to my KEF 103 these have moved in to the Music room on my main system and the Sara's are now in my spare room . Current system is as below SBT Front end - PA1 Perpetual Technology Oversampler - Li Te DAC AH - Concordant Exhillarant Pre - Quad 405 Power - Linn Sara 9 Speakers . This has been the same for around four or five months and gets listened to at least once every day if not more . Recently while working on a project for an Active speaker I need to have set of bi wires . After making them up and not being able to get the full active system in place I remembered that the Sara's are fitted for Bi Wire and I had never tried them this way . I am not a huge fan as previous speakers (Harbeth Compact Monitors ) sounded better single wired. However the designer did admit that he only made them bi wire as the market demanded that so they were not designed to work that way and take advantage of any gains . I do not know if the same is true for the Sara's but it does not matter they really shine and improve by being bi wired . Bass is tighter and seems to have more texture . it also seems to blend with the mid and teble better sounding really as a whole . Treble seems to have alittle more air and cymbals sound more metal and have that shimmer you remember when you hear them live . All in all a very useful improvement for an extra wire run and somehting I would recommend to any other Sara owners to have a try at. As another spin off of the Active speaker project I have recently aquired a second Quad 405 and when I was taking the system apart to put in a rack I bought from e-bay because the three shelf SO rack I had was a little cramped I thought what the hell lets go the whole hog and Bi Amp Sara's . So as my Pre Amp has two ouputs (I have no idea why but lucky for me) I installed one Quad for the Bass left and Right and one for the Treble Left and Right . Results even though I have not been able to turn the volume up are very good indeed . Sara's do seem to like being Bi Amped as much if not more than they like being bi wired. Bass is now really tight and very tuneful it is hard to get it to show any boom unless that is how the music was recorded . Strong bass led music (Grace Jones , Lee Scratch Perry) now just pounds along with a real sense of ease and in the case of Grace Jones menace as well . Up to this point the real achilles heal of the Sara's was always imaging . As they are designed (and used) with back close to the wall they lose this element of music in favour of the boogie and grin factor. Well I am not making any silly claims that they have turned in to Quad 57 's over night as they are still not strong in this area but bi amping seems to have brought as much as they can give and they do now at least cast an image that is wider and deeper than the speakers themselves . They also now image a little height information and give you a sense if not spotlighted sound stage where musicians are playing . I would love to put them back in the my music system on the main system to see what they can do but I am not sure i will ever be able to find (or afford , or have the space for) a second Krell KSA 50 so they will just at this moment remain where they are and i will enjoy there now much enhanced performance .
  13. Colin the woofer is Paper with Carbon Fibre flecs to increase stiffness
  14. bencat

    Brexit: Mark 2.

    I voted leave then and I would vote the same way again. Freedom of the Market in the EU is a myth . It only works until you start to get a real traction in to either Germany or France and then either EU legislation or plain blocking makes sure you are not able to move things in . I still hold up the fact that the EU has two homes costing millions each year to move staff and politicians from one to the other after all this time as the beacon of what the EU means ,money for those in power being wasted just so they can keep up an artificial life style .