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  1. bencat

    Not Holding Your Breath about...

    I was lucky to be "helping out" in a local studio when a couple of bands were making recordings for their then new albums . As a by product I was able to get full digtial file copies of the original tapes , including the final mixes that went out for the CD and I was then able to buy the CD normally to compare. While I know what I heard at the playback in the Studio aural memory is very fickle and is not to be trusted . So any time I want to hear the same I play the digital files I have of the master and they seem to me at least to be exactly what I heard when it was recorded (please see my above warning about aural memory) . My CD copy is very close to the files and except for a couple of passages you would struggle to be able to tell the difference . Not so the LP copy which a freind has . I took the digital files around to him and he played the Lp on his system then we played the digital master tapes . Sound was very different for me poor bass and rounded off treble with no definition in the imageing or the instruments. My freind said he much preferred the LP version it was so much more real and human sounding according to him . Now that is why I often just groan when some of the threads come on here . My friend is completley right for his ears and his system the LP is the best . For me neither in his system or on my own at home is the LP even close to what was recorded and what was put down on tape . But all that is unimportant because most of us me included were never there when the music was recorded we have no regular access to the master tapes and in most cases we have no idea what the source of the CD/LP is . Given this just listen and enjoy if it sounds right to your ears , then it is right no matter what others (and measurments ) tell you to the contrary .
  2. bencat

    Speaker cover, off or on?

    Depends on the speaker - KEF 103 have to be off as i do not have any covers . Quad ESL57 have to be on as with them off the chance of a blast is too dangerous (I have heard of some people using then without grills but then some people mess with the mains )
  3. bencat

    Not Holding Your Breath about...

    If and I stress If the goal is accuracy then for me there is only one test that can be judged to work and be accurate (of course this will then be lambasted because it depends on listening and not measurements). This would be for a group of people to be present at a recording and have the master tape (either digital or analogue) and then either a CD or Vinyl copy for the system . When the reproduced item is exactly the same as the original and you are not able hear any difference then that system is accurate becasue you know what the original sounded like (you were there) you have the original recording and that is what you need to reproduce as closely as possible . I fully understand that some systems may well produce a sound that is differrent from the original but that you prefer that is not only acceptable but if this means you like and play more music it is correct , just that it is not accurate.
  4. Not really that similar in overall terms but doing a similar thing . The MiniDSP 2224 unit I use for an active crossover has an analogue input and a digital input which is then sent out to your power amps as an analogue signal . So I can take the digital output from my streamer to my DAC and then feed the analogue signal to an analogue pre and into the MiniDSP . Or I can take the digital signal direct from the streamer in to the MinDSP and then use the digital volume on the remote to control the volume . Now this does away with both a DAC and a Pre Amp and switches to digital till the very last point before i have to have an analogue signal . In my vew this way sounds much better cleaner quicker and more immiediate . So for what it is worth I think the digital volume direct in to your amps is the shortest and for the best route.
  5. bencat

    2018/19 Football Season

    Liverpool true to type managed to win but made every fan either in the stadium or watching on TV suffer as they went one nil up and then proceeded to spurn chance after chance to make this tie secure . Not only that but they also give the ball away in the dying minutes to a Napoli striker clear on goal and Allison then makes a superb save after which the resuscitation paddles had to be taken out . I should not be surprised this is what this team have done to me for more years that I can remember. Glad I still have memories of the 70/80's sides that just got the job done and won .
  6. bencat

    IPlayer radio

    BBC produce an iPlayer App for MAC which will enable you to access the feeds (not sure at what quality) presume you can them just route the output to your USB output rather than internal speakers .
  7. bencat

    Room acoustics apps!!??

    Not sure now as it has been many years since I had a test given how the rest of my body is crumbling with age I sure it is now much worse. Good thing is I can hear what i think is called mid bass so bass guitar is easy enough to follow . With electronic music and large orchestral much of what is put there is missing .
  8. bencat

    Room acoustics apps!!??

    It is not that I do not want to it that I am not able to .Given this why would you pursue getting all of this low bass that you are unable to hear ? Keith no two people have the hearing track in their brain the same , not two people heat with the same exact parts of their brain . Both before we are born in the womb and then when we are born make the intial tracks and routes in our individual brain for us to hear. Given this why are you so adamant that we all hear the same as you ? We do not hear anything the same as anyone else and this is a fact . So if none of hear in the same way we can never be sure what any other individual hears when we are listening to the same piece of music. In the end you have to amke that individual decision of what it is you hear and if you like it . I am not able to hear any low bass abd this has been the case since I had hearing tests when I was two years old . So pursuing equipment and music that majors in this would be patently wasting my time . I hope this answers your question .
  9. bencat

    Room acoustics apps!!??

    Do not be fooled by the complication that seems to be in evidence when you first use REW . It can be a very powerful tool and you can change many things but if all you want to do is measure your speakers one at a time then it is very easy all you need to do is press a few buttons and set a few levels for your sweep and the system does it for you . It does help considerably if you have a Umik microphone as this loads straight in and lets you get started easily but you can use pretty much any decent bandwith mic .
  10. bencat

    Room acoustics apps!!??

    Those are things that might be something you need but in many cases for me not needed . I have little desire for low level bass but I do like to hear a lifelike and natural sound . Activation seems to offer a greater speed to music with notes stopping and starting much quicker or if they have it with more natural decay . I am not in any way trying to compare my system to D&D or suggest that D&D are not top quality units in both design and sonic ability . I just trying to suggest there are many ways to reach your music nirvana and not all of them have to cost you a fortune .
  11. Not sure why the specific unit but below looks similar and the price is certainly more attractive .
  12. bencat

    Flac compression levels

    Ahh yes I can see your point then .
  13. bencat

    Vocal workout for your systems

    If you look further down there is used copy at £8.36 which is even better value - Good Spot Colin .
  14. bencat

    Leak Stereo 30 Plus

    Keith I have looked at your site and nothing on there has any resemblance to my idea of cheap (even - ish)
  15. bencat

    2018/19 Football Season

    Well Liverpool still top of the league much to my surprise but it may well be that we will not be in the CL too much longer. I know the clichés about great European nights at Anfield but Napoli are a very good side and playing in form . Liverpool while getting results are stuttering a bit . I can see us getting a goal but keeping a clean sheet may be a little more difficult . Will watch with interest , though probably from behind the couch rather than on it .