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  1. Spotify pulls plug on Squeezebox?

    So long as there is a Raspberry pi or similar small computer (Odroid etc ) then LMS will continue . A current Pi is about £40 including Power supply and SD Card but you can buy used ones on e-bay for less . To run LMS you do not need the latest version . This is all that needs to be left on for all your other devices to be able to access it so long as it is ethernet connected . Sites like Max2play even offer a fully functional touch screen player / server with quality DAC that would replace an SBT should yours expire (this is however not that cheap at 329 EUR). There is now so many LMS users that it forms a customer base for those looking at the more DIY end of the market to offer alternatives . I doubt that any time soon there will not be any servers or players around to use LMS and the software is being cared for and updated so it is still a very viable alternative especially when you view the service software as being free to use.
  2. radio 2 sounds better

    Glad that you have had some success with the Sony DVD player many of the cheap DVD players around at the mid 90's used Sony transports and a number of repair engineers have told me how good they are at reading CD . Having said that provided your Marantz CD94 transport is in good trim and fully adjusted (a service might be an idea) this is one of the best transport units ever and takes quite a large amount of cash to get any better. The DAC on the other hand was great for its day but is now showing that some of artifacts that were aimed at CD are in fact not so great DAC designs. There are a number of very cheap DAC units around some with SABRE Chips being used and if you feed them the signal from the CD94 I am fairly confident they will if not better at least equal the Sony player. You can of course spend quite a bit more and something like a second hand Metrum Octave woul sound amazing using the CD94 . There are lots of other DACS around that will all give high quality just a matter of you getting to listen to them and deciding which one you like best.
  3. radio 2 sounds better

    Puzzling this comment but has made me think a bit . First comment is there is obviously nothing wrong with your amp and speakers as they are able to highlight the difference in sound from your other sources compared to your Tuner . Now if you prefer your tuner (over most stations not just Radio 2) then it does point to the Tuner having some form of filter or processing of the sound which sounds good to you . If it is mainly just to a few or even a single station then it has to be something that broadcaster is doing to that sound which you enjoy . If you can I would suggest seeing if another wammer locally has a second system with some more modest equipment and give that a listen .I recently put together a system under three hundred for Harrogate next year and I have to say I was shocked at how good and how much of the quality of my main system it has . Perhaps a modern CD player may provide some difference to your quite elderly CD . Sorry the TT lack of sound quality is a mystery to me as your set up is near the top with high quality arm ,cartridge ,and motor unit and should sound pretty spot on .
  4. Liverpool - oh dear...

    Well given the media vitriol today I was forced to look again at the result of the Derby and Liverpool's position in the Table . With what was being said I presumed we had magically fallen in to the relegation zone and been soundly beaten by Everton . Strange to relate this does not seem to have happened instead we drew a game at home and are still fourth in the league . Klopp gives an interview where he admits if the decision to not play certain players from the start did not work then it is his fault not the players and is then accused of not taking responsibility for any of the failure just blaming the referee for a bad decision . Klopp did not think that was a penalty frankly neither did I and if that is a definite penalty then every time an attacker is touched in the box and falls to the floor then that has to be a penalty as well which if we are going to be consistent then fine with me. Lovren is an idiot and should have kept his hands to himself and let the the referee nake a choice that he ned not have but a hand in the back like that had been going on all game (by both sides ) and had not even drawn a foul . Yes I know it just sounds like me having a moan and there will be an element of that but If everyone who saw that thinks it was a really strong penalty decision then I just want to see the same decision made in all future cases . Roll on West Brom yet another nightmare game .
  5. Liverpool - oh dear...

    Hate the Derby always have it has nothing to do with form or playing well but all about who wants (or sometimes needs) it the most. Liverpool on recent form should be just too strong and should win easily by a decent score so say the form book and currently for one reason or another do the pundits and media . It only takes this sort of belief by those who normally hate Liverpool and want to ignore them to make Liverpool implode and fulfill their usual form of self destructing just when they are doing well . I have decided that this time I will not go the game and suffer as I have done in the past and given my tickets to my Sister and her American boyfriend as he has never been to a live EPL match . Instead I will remain in the pub and watch with a guiness in hand to either celebrate or drown my sorrows ,
  6. Everton

    Dont worry too much about the Derby Sam has brought much worse teams to Anfield and got a result . Suspect that tomorrow will not go as all the media seem to be saying . Liverpool have a reall predelection for flattering to deceive and imploding when they need to kick on .
  7. How locally made is your setup?

    Pre Amp - UK , Power Amp - US , CD Transport -US , Streamer - US, DAC - US , Speakers - UK
  8. Sadly I wish that I could say I was fully confident about all things digital but my maths skills are not really good enough. As I understand it the object and alleged benefit of upsampling to a higher rate is firstly to enable the digital signal to be reclocked and tied to a single clock which means that all items in the chain will see the same digital package . Secondly by shifting the size and frequency of the steps they allow for hash and jitter elements to be isolated and much easier to filter out and seperate from the music part of the digital package. This leads to mfg claims that the sound will be cleaner and more of just the music and less of the noise. Not sure if it is true or just foo but will admit that many DAC's with this sort of treatment do sound different . Main loss for those that do not like this method of manipulation is that it does damage in the time domain but this is the point were my maths skills end I can only read and reread to see if the light suddenly dawns (so far this has not happened)
  9. Everton

    Despite being a Liverpool fan I really want Everton to get out of their current rut and at the least stay in the Premiership . I would have much preferred that they had done what they planned for and made a real good effort on the top six but the lop sided buying they have done has made that not realistic. I do have to say though that I can not stand Sam and wish the man nothing but bad things if this means that Everton go down accordingly then sadly I still hope he fails.
  10. Okay got the Meridian 200 CD Transport back from Mike Powell today and as expected with anything Mike has looked at works really well and to my surprise along with the repair mike has fitted some new feet to the unit and constructed a transport locking screw which I never had . Have added some pictures below of the system which aside from some minor tweeks is finished . Played a CD and have to say I am really depressed at just how good this system sounds . Given the budget that it has taken to put this together and the fact it links in to a Music Network so can play all of my stored music and now any CD as well it does make me really question the money I have put in to my main system . Yes it is better yes it has more bass ,clarity and sheer verve . But if you only heard this cheaper system there is nothing really badly missing and I could still enjoy using this for hours on end without wanting to turn it off. Sobering as a lifetime music lover and equipment collector for more years than I want to admit . Who ever gets this will be getting a fully ready and working group of items that just lets you enjoy music and in my view should inspire you to buy more music and not more equipment . I think I should have done this for myself a very long time ago and bought more music .
  11. Thanks everyone while I do appreciate that many advocate and like the sound 0f stands with added mass as someone who likes Harbeth speakers and Celestion Sl600 i I am convinced (right or wrong) that low mass with quick dissapation of vibration is what works best . If I had the money (which for this set up I do not) I would look for a set of Torlyte Stands which work very well . On the budget I have the Atacama stands are the light (good in my eyes/ears) three legged model with three tubes to fill . I want to fill then to stop them ringging but want to keep this as light as possible. I may well be that I have to compromise and for the budget sand is the only option but I am open to anybody with a suggestion for something light but deadening .
  12. What's the best option?

    Truthfully if you wish to keep the current pristine appearance of your speakers so as to ensure resale value then the only option would be some sort of Stretch Cover over the whole unit . This would at least not damage the current finish and be easy to remove but I would not be too convinced on what the covered speaker would look like . If you removed the units and had the whole speaker sprayed with piano black and lacquered it would mean no going back but I suspect if done well it would look superb even better than the current high quality veneer.
  13. Curved screen TV ??

    Before buying my last TV I did look at curved screens but then discovered that unless the screen is 65" plus the effect is not really viable . 55" is the maximum size screen I can have so curved was a none starter .
  14. Ahh but would used Kitty Litter offer better sound quality as make the mid range more liquid ?
  15. Thanks Tony good suggestion any ideas on how to make sure it fills evenly ?