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  1. I know these have no foo value but this or similar would accomodate what you suggest . Have a look at AV or TV stands as they offer the size you are after for very little money .
  2. Henry please be assured I fully accept your apology , I do understand that there are many people who are just in this to make money and rip others off . You have no way of knowing that this is not what I intended. I am also strong ehough to accept this and not be upset. Wammers in general are great friends and support for all those who are on here . I want to be the same and seeing something like this were important items like valves which are in short supply and possibly going to be dumped makes me want to help . I have very few technical skills to help others but I can drive and pick up items easily now that I am retired so this is what I offered. All told both you and I have learned things , we are both still comitted Wammers and we both stil want to do things to make things better for other Wammers what is not to love ? If you come to Kegworth next year I will have a room come and listen to some music we can really meet and if I have any left you can have a malt to share and chat over . I promise you I was not offended and accept your words as being genuine we can meet and find out about each other and you and I can then help others .
  3. Thank you I have always tried to be as good to other wammers as they have been to me . In this case all I wanted was to ensure that the valves went to good homes and not the tip . As this has been achieved I am thrilled . Big thanks to Julian for his kind and generous offer . I will always offer help if I can give it and that will never change what I will not do is continue with an offer if others feel I am not being genuine in my motives . I do not get upset by this as many do not know me what is important is that the offer is not derailed and the spirit of the wam continues if by backing away I can help this then as in this case I will.
  4. I have a five tier rack with the next to bottom shelf removed to accomodate the height of the KRELL KSA 50 I own . It sits on a glass shelf with no issues . I think you could possibly put the Krell on the top of your current rack but it would not look pretty . Suggestions are to look for a rack that the Krell can fit in the shelf so that it can be the bottom component which does detract a little (I did say little) from its size .
  5. Decided as it it is not getting used that I will sell my Metrum Octave DAC. This is a mark 1 with SPDIF Coaxial and Toslink inputs only . Bought second hand to try NOS sound but prefer a cheaper NOS unit I have so this is not getting used at all . No box came with the unit so what you see on the pictures is what you will be getting . Would prefer collection but will package up and post at buyers risk . Price will be £350 excluding postage . Please note this has no mains cable supplied . I can throw in a standard cable if needed let me know . I am based in Liverpool
  6. The actual thing was that they ran a lottery with one of there DAC's as a prize then made up the winner , pocketed the money and no one got a prize . These are very good units and will be competitive with lots of todays current DAC's I have about two and a half good sets still one with the psu monolith unit the other other with wall warts . Will have to get them a new home at some time as it is a shame for them to just sit in a wooden box doing nothing.
  7. Sorry you are quite implicitly saying these need to go to your nominated options , both of whom have refused. Fine get on with it nothing to do with me anymore. I maintain waht I said good luck to Julian and i hope somebody will volounteer to collect the the valves which is what is being asked . Read your own post again and yes you are trying to imply that I am not to be trusted with this which is is fine you have your own opinion . As far as I know I have not met you , as far as I know you have not met me but that still enables you to make a decision on me as a person who can be trusted. I was honestly trying to help as I do not wish to see any good items like this get thrown away , I offered my services to drive from Liverpool to Chesterfield for free and then offered all the valves to be offered back to other memebers for free (but with postage paid which I think is fair) . These are obviously in your eyes not acceptable so fine you make the arrangements and you sort it out.
  8. I am sorry that I never mentioned Popov as he deserves support and praise for trying to do something to change the situation . His actions and attempts to stop what was happening is in stark contrast to his coach who frankly should be removed from his position .
  9. Sadly as the Bulgarian Coach identified himself as the only person in the gorund that could not hear any of the racist chanting and then says that this is not something that ever happened in Bulgaria in the past (despite recent Bulgarian clubs being fined) I suspect this may not be the watershed , line in the sand moment we are all hoping for . As the senior coach of the national team he should have been at the very least ashamed and apologised for this disgraceful behaviour , instead it was all Englands fault , they had never heard of anything like this until Engalnd were coming to play and it was a reaction to the England fans booing the Bulgarian national anthem . I have huge respect for the England players as a collective team carrying on and finishing the match . Sadly I think in the scheme of things we would have been better if they had abandoned the match as UEFA would have had to face things head on now they will do what they always do and fudge the issue . In case you are not aware FIFA the world football governing body disbanded its anti racist team as they viewed there was no real racisim left in football to deal with . You know you could not write such nonesense as it would be deemed too ridiculous .
  10. The class or the amplifying elements of any amplifier is a red herring and should never be quoted as a reason for not giving it an audition. I have heard some dreadful Valve amplifiers , I have also heard some that were sublime and made organ donation a consideration to afford them. I have heard some really awful solid state amplifiers that would seer your brain if you listened for more than thirty minutes. I have also heard some solid state amplifiers that sounded so good they could make a strong man (and I am not a strong man) weep . What an amplifer is constructed of either Valve , Solid State , Class A ,B,D whatever even frankly marshmellows does not matter . What matters is does the design as a whole work , does it make music for you . I have very little experience of class D amplifiers but the same thing will apply . If the designer is good and knows the parts and there strenghts and weakneses then he will make something that will work and sound not just good but really good . Tim P made single ended valve units and solid state singled ended units and his view was they sounded identical and he could not tell the difference . The whole design is the importance not the various elements . I think the above is also true for Boenicke speakers , they are unique in there make up and design and they are designed with a very single minded view . If your ears warm to that vision then i think there is nothing else around that would do , you would have to have a pair . If not then you will find fault and given the cost you would always be dissapointed.
  11. As I am obviously not trusted to act in a decent manner then my offer is withdrawn and I distance myself from any involvement with this very generous offer by Julian . Good luck .
  12. I have no idea what this sounds like and as there are no internal pictures to what standard the output Valve section is . Bitstream DAC's were noted for being smooth so perhaps not the best candidate for a Valve output stage as it may make this just too smooth and mellow . All that aside this is an interesting lot and if it was under £200 then reasonable value as well .
  13. Okay it is important that these are all saved and sorted and not just binned. I meant what I said and I am perfectly happy to drive to Chesterfield and collect them . I have no means of testing these but will put in the time of logging each type and the numbers . If there is anyone in the North West with test equipment I am also happy to take these along and test them . Once we have an idea of the valves and condition then if there are any I can use I will keep and all of the rest can be claimed for cost of postage . I would suggest that once we have disposed of them all then all those who claimed valves including me make a combined donation to charity nominated by Julian .
  14. Perhaps a listing of a few on Spirit of the Wam might help ?
  15. I could collect these but I do not have any equipment to test them . I would be quite happy to collect and drive to someone around the North West who can test them and then put the ones that are useful back on here listed again for free. Is there anyone who can do the testing ?