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  1. bencat

    Formula 1 2018

    We may find if things continue as they have been the last few races and Seb continues to buckle under pressure that the title will be settled this weekend in the US . If lewis wins than Seb has to come second or Lewis can not be caught . Hopefully if this happens then we can see Valteri get his head for the final rounds and show what he can do .
  2. bencat

    Maybe I'm no longer an audiophile?

    I find I now through this forum and the show I am getting to hear more equipment that I ever did when the Auiphile fever was at its height . While I do find myself keeping my main music system as it is there is always the pleasue for the bedroom / spare room systems to fulfill . However with each system that I put togther no matter how humble or exotic (never really that exotic because I do not have the money but I know what I mean) I am always surprised that each system ends up sounding so good and that getting good music to play to a level that just makes me want to play just one more track and leave that cable swop for another day and I start to wonder . Is putting a system together now getting easier or am I just getting less fussy ? Do not really care if I am honest because another track has started and I find myself losing my train of thought to the singing , foot tapping , head nodding or even once or twice these days dancing . I fear that none of this is anything likely to be seen from an Audiophile so I accept that I no longer can be considered part of that group . better for me is that music lover still seems to endure and welcome me with open arms .
  3. Yeah like thats going to happen ? Can I now apologise in advance for the drunken idiocy and inane things I am likely to say on Saturday night . I will try to stop it but sadly it iwll still happen. I have learned though and I will get to listen to a more rooms and systems Saturday night .
  4. bencat

    What are you listening to right now?

    Jessica by the Allman Brothers on Radio Paradise
  5. bencat

    The Beatles v The Kinks

    For me the Kinks had one genius while the Beatles had three . This makes this an easy choice for me the breadth and depth of the Beatles canon is just better for me than the the Kinks . Then you have the real clincher I prefer George and Johns voice to Ray's . If I had to complie a top twenty tune then at least two Beatles songs would be there , no Kinks songs would .
  6. bencat

    Advice needed on Tube Amplifiers

    Had a little thought about the original OP request and while this may well be me being obvious to someone who lives in in Singapore I would make the following suggestion to you about your music room . Get a powerful but quiet de-humidifier unit and try and reduce the humidity in the room while you are listening . This should offer to advantages , firstly it will make you and you other listeners feel more comfortable . Secondly it will make your speakers work better mechanically and stress them less . It will also most likely let your electrical items perform more as they were intended . As I say probably obvious to you but worth mentioning.
  7. No experience of this make never mind the model but given the marks on the cabinets think the price is a bit stiff .
  8. bencat

    Over-priced Hi-Fi Kit

    In fairness to all companies that make a product they entitled to do so as they wish and then to charge what they feel is achievable in the market. No one is ever forced to buy a piece of Hi Fi equipment . If the price is acceptable to you then no problems . For me once costs rise above £1000 then I feel unable and unwilling to pay that amount no matter how well built the unit is. So good luck with expensive HiFi if you can make a living and convince people to buy , but it will not be me .
  9. bencat

    Transcendent Sound Mini Beast OTL Build.

    Always wanted an OTL amp but never had the speakers that would an easy enough load to use them with. Croft made a really nice one with a decent output but never found one to buy when I had the money to be able to buy it . That looks very nice indeed and you seem very keen on the quality of the sound , nice job .
  10. bencat


    Think you can dispense with the hard hat . My feeling is the Linn has always been a pretty decent turntable if in its early incarnations a little coloured in sound . I am sure the latest model is much more transparent and neutral (or not as I have not heard one) . Only issue for me now is the cost of the current full specification model . In my view it is far too expensive for what it is and does nothing in engineering quality and materials to justify its retail cost. There are any number of alternatives at much lower cost that offer in my view a better sound and better build quality , but in fairness this is all academic as I no longer buy and use Vinyl .
  11. bencat

    Advice needed on Tube Amplifiers

    I would think that given you location it should be easy to start with something like Ming Da units which I am sure would be available locally and you would get dealer support. Thye do a number of different models and hopefully like in the UK you could get a home audition . Starting with at least one Tube amp will give you a flavour of what they do and if they match your speakers. Once you have tried the Ming Da you can let others know what you thought what it did well and what you did not like. Once others get a handle on that then I think they can be more specific with the brand and the advice. Not all Tube amps sound the same . A pair of EAR 509 mono units sounds incredible but I would suggest that it sounds more like a solid state amp than a typical classic Valve amp . You need to hear something and then tell us what you think of that . Then it is possible to guide you to other brands that have different strengths .
  12. bencat

    Krell Owners Club

    It is easy to check if the trable and Mid units are working and they are the hard thing to replace . The Bass units are almost always able to be brought right back to spec with a refoam . Which you can either do yourself if you are confident or get your local repair Guru to do it . Kits are easy to buy . Funny thing with speakers aside from the treble units they are often still in good condition and have years left of life and all they need is a refoam . Treble units are little bit more fragile and you do need to check these are working with any speaker purchase. After that other than a quick update of the crossover with new parts closer to the original specification (you can add better capacitiors / resistrs if you want ) then the rest is just cosmetic. Would urge you to get a listen to a decent pair if you can and you will then perhaps understand why I am so pro these very ordinary looking but excellent sounding speakers.
  13. Well I have added some posts to the Linn Thread itself as I own a very nice pair of Linn Sara 9 speakers that have been on my main system for a while replacing a pair of Harbeth Compact monitors (Sara's just have that grin factor) . However as is the way they have been relegated to my spare room system at the moment (and currently not used because I have my Monitor Audio 11 Active unit there as well) because of my KEF 103 units. I was never a big fan of the original Linn speakers Kans being too small too bass light and shouty for my tastes . I did hear a couple of systems using the old Linn Isobarik both a passive and an active version . These were the opposite too bass heavy and diffuse in image . Sara's were the mid way and I liked what they did . With the help of a fellow Wammer I was able to buy a very good condition pair with stands and they are not going anywhere . Accurate they are not but they can give music a real bounce and drive that is lots of fun to listen too . I can well imagine others not being impressed with the coloured sound but this fades away very quickly . I have recently found out that they like to be Bi Wired and respond with a reduction in colouration and better imaging when used this way . As a conseqyence of my active project I was also able to get them Bi Amped and this made quite a big difference . I will be dragging these along to Kegworth and using both the Sara's and the MA 11 so anyone visiting can hopefully get an ear full of both - bring some of your own music (CD / Digital Files only sorry no Vinyl)
  14. bencat

    Bucket loads of bass !!

    By the looks of those not for those who want to retain their windows either .
  15. bencat

    Krell Owners Club

    Just a bit of a wild card suggestion see if you can get to hear an AR3 in good condition and well sorted. Thye are very musical and will give you all that you want with regard to vocals. If you like the sound they produce then you can look around for a pair in the US that needs sorting which may weel be quite cheap then spend the money needed to get them updated. I doubt you will be anyhting other than delighted.