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  1. Agree that there is no way you can judge Liverpool as anything like the best premier League team ever silly idea. What they are is a very good team that has learned how to win either with flair or just plain nasty . It is still not over and until we can not be headed for points we still have to play . I do not feel the other teams are as poor as the season Leicester were champions but they have caved in under the relentless pressure of Liverpool wining . How Liverpool are judged will depend on how we finish the season and what we do next year . If we finish by winning the PL and getting another European Cup then I think they prove themselves as a very good team , not yet great but certainly one of the better sides . I have to say I really now do believe .
  2. bencat

    Icepower amps

    Your right Tony they do indeed look very smart even professional
  3. Lawrence if I mange to complete what I want to with doubling the KEF,s then I hope things will sound even better . Yesterday was weird as Paul and i were just sitting talking with the music playing in the back ground and then it just stopped . My Krell KSA50 has already had to go to the repair shop from this system and awaiting details of what was wrong there. Now a Quad 405 has died . Luckily I have a second Quad 405 and things were all working again when Paul left and later that night . I honestly have no explanation what went wrong and for once I have a witness it was not me doing anything .
  4. I will look to get there around 10.00 and see how quick I Can get things working without blowing up amplifier. Given that today when Maverick called round to just collect some LP,s and I blew an amp there is no guarantee . This year I will being two sets of matching stereo amplifiers so fingers crossed at least one set will work.
  5. bencat

    Dac suggestions

    If you are interested then I have a LiTe DAC-AH which is an NOS unit using Philips Chips four per side. Sounds great but looks a little functional around a £100 plus postage would be about right .
  6. bencat

    Icepower amps

    @t1no can you please advise how you change the Roomplayer over to a Squeezebox ?
  7. bencat

    Icepower amps

    Sorry Tony neglected to click the paste button for the link which shows that these are all including an amplifier which is what makes them a very good buy as at worst you could remove the ics amp module to use elsewhere and still use the item as a streamer .|parentrq%3Aade813c816f0abc3229131aeff7d3924|iid%3A1
  8. bencat

    Icepower amps

    Intrigued by the post about the simple audio player so did a quick search on e-bay and found the following . They have six available and for £100 for a network streamer including an amplifier it seems to be an ideal for a kitchen or bedroom system . Just add you speakers of choice and connect to your LMS server .
  9. This gets posted here more and more how does the seller think he is going to be able to sell these if he does not even address the obvious driver damage ?
  10. Doubt this applies to my ESL57 as the moving material is so light but they do change from being switched off as they become fully charged. So I leave them turned on all the time .
  11. bencat

    Streamer Q

    Load LMS on a pi use picked and it has a tidal add . Software is free in both cases and I find easy to use. With case digital for digital output and power supply around seventy five pounds .Spend the saving on music .
  12. bencat

    A total nightmart

    I know what you mean and though I have not heard this track i can just imagine that it does not scan very well in German. I have a real problem with the Chile singer Ruben Blades who I love but hate the albums he recorded in english as they just did not scan and never sounded convincing , singing in Spanish I may not have got the full nuance of the lyric but they sounded superb .
  13. Can I buy tickets to this tasting ? Is it too soon to discuss what malts we are bringing ? We do not want to duplicate the choices.
  14. Raymond If you look above the thread you started you will see a link to the Linn Forum . I would suggest that you put this enquiry on that seperate forum as there will be more expreienced Linn users on there that can offer advice and opinion .
  15. Is the unit broken ? Does it sound bad ? If not then I would leave well alone . The only Capacitors that will suffer from age is the Mains Smoothing capcitors and they should be replaced if they show any signs of bulging or distortion physically . If the amp is sounding okay then chances are everything is working fine . Cahning a shed load of components is not likely to improve things instead it can possibly cause damage to other components and it leaves you open to errors when you make the replacements .