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  1. bencat

    balanced vs speaker cables

    If it is possible then I would certainly look to putting your balanced ic cables under the floor boards rather than around the skirting board . It gives you the advantage of shorter lengths and also probably moves the cable away from electrical wire , central heating pipes and the like which are often run either along or behind skirting board.
  2. bencat

    2018/19 Football Season

    Liverpool and Man City still no droping any points and the switch from one ot the other at the top continues. Was suprised but not shocked to hear the complaints over the awarding of Salah's penalty . While I fully agree that in the end he had to dive this is only because still referees will not give a penalty unless they are forced in to a decision . Defender had both arms around Mo and if he had just taken them away and left it at that then fair enough . He continued to have them there and prevented the player from turning or moving referee saw this and should have just blown for the penalty but stood there doing nothing . Only option is go down and make him decide . In the end the right decision a foul instanlty anywhere else on the pitch so still a foul in the box and a justified penalty . Waits for excuses , arguments etc to come. As an aside , why is everyone just going on about how badly Manchester United played ? There were twp teams on that pitch and Everton wanted the ball more owrked harder and made som much better use of the ball when they gained possession . Please will someone give Everton credit for being so much better , my only compliant was that the score should have been more and that Everton were not quite clinical enough .
  3. bencat

    Tannoy 8" Dual Concentric active build

    I know you are only starting on this Tony but out of interest what are you going to use for the Cross over for this ? Will you continue on with an active unit ?
  4. The TV being on would only be the once for set up , infact if you have a pc with HDMI in you could use that to set up with . Bi Amping or even Tri Amping can be very positive but much depends on the Speaker and if it is really made to get the best from this . I have a pair of Linn Sara 9's and they sound improved if you just bi wire them . However they sound very much improved if you bi amp them . If you are patient there are some very good AVI units that come up for sale very cheap because they are not the latest Dolby or HDMI inputs . Some of the higher end Denon , Yamaha, Onkyo and Sony units have excellent amplifier sections that are the match of many intergrated units. Often they can be had for under a hundred if you are prepared to be patient . These would be more than good enough to show what Bi Amping / Tri Amping is about and if you do not like them you should be able to get your money back or close to it . If you really like it then you can either stick with the AVI unit (my recommendation) or if the hifi rules make you feel guilty look for a matching set of power amps and a pre to replace them .
  5. bencat

    WTD: 7m pair Speaker Cable

    Not sure if this is exactly what you mean but fits the bill and is new
  6. bencat

    boenicke Owners Club

    Sorry Nigel my curiosity got the better of me and started this . All of you just back away from the thread . Give a fellow music lover time to breathe.
  7. bencat

    boenicke Owners Club

    Nigel - Sorry to ask but the curiosity is killing me have your speakers suddenly blossomed as you hoped or do you still feel they are not what you believed them to be .
  8. Hi I have two good condition Joggler O2 units which are Linux based touch screen units . These were converted to Squeezeplay units that acted like a Squeezebox Touch connected to any LMS server . They have a single USB out which you can plug into a USB DAC or use a converter to SPDIF/TOSLINK . There is one confirmed working power supply as well . Units are in ptetty good condition but will not power up . I have little skill or knowledge in being able to open these and see if it is a simple fix so they are free to anyone that wants them . Would really prefer collection if possible but will post for cost recovery if needed. Let me know either on this thread or via PM . If you can repair these units her is alink to site that will enable you to flash them to use as players Please note that because these are onld units only older USB drives will work with them so if you have issues I would suggest loading the downloads on an SD card then use one of the little box card readers to connect to the unit and it works every time becuse they have to have built in compatability from USB 1.0
  9. bencat

    Recording vinyl

    60% of my digital music is not available to stream on any of the platforms which is the main reason i do not use one . God help you if you have rare and old Vinyl you will have little chance of that being there .
  10. bencat

    Speakers for garage and for bedroom

    I can only pass on the advice given to me over looking for a small pair of speakers and Lurch suggested Goodmans Maxim 2 . As I know Lurch has a great system and knows waht things should sound like I bought a pair from Ebay that day for around £45 delivered . Lurch was right they are superb sounding units and even using a very cheap amplifier they can easily fill a large space and when listened to in isolation as you noramlly do you wonder why you would need anything better.
  11. bencat

    DIY Subwoofer

    If you use the sub as a table great for shaking not stirring your cocktails but things will fall off when the low bass kicks in .
  12. bencat

    Tommy Smith R.I.P.

    Tommy was not the most gifted of footballers but his commitment and hard work every game he played were never in doubt. Liverpool through and through . Sincere condolences to his family , he will be missed.
  13. bencat

    A frank seller!

    And someone paid £20 plus postage for an item that the seller says does not work . If when they get the item they find that it does indeed not work can they then claim their money back given that they were told this in advance ?
  14. bencat

    naim 555 ps s//h

    I only put this in because it is my belief and view not to slag off either Naim or other companies that operate this way . When you design a product which depends for its ability to work on a power supply then the original product should have the best power supply you can make. Under no honest circumstance should you market and sell a product which you then sell as an add on what you claim is a superior power supply . Either make the original product the best you can or offer the original product with no power supply and let the customer choose which option they want under an extended audition and at the prices being talked about here that should be at home and in your own system . Sadly companies see the add on power supply as a way to get customers to buy new without getting them to upgrade the original unit and of course they tie the cusotmer to their brand as the power supply is not really designed or any use for other mfg products.
  15. bencat

    a good unipivot alternative to hadcock288

    Given the advice by Uzzy the following my be of interest just for the tone arm . I am sure this could be sent to Audio Origami and refurbished to a very high level .