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  1. Not sure if many will be intrested but the Raspberry Pi 4 has been released today and for those that use one as a streamer it is good news with much larger on board memory up to 4GB . This could well now give a hike in performance in speed and smoothness . Good news is if you have a server already set up with a Pi 3+ then you can just drop the 4 straight in and get the improved performance .
  2. bencat

    Free play.. Technics SL1500C

    Sorry but I want to know as clear as possible what the difference is between these two decks , so the motor unit and arm fitted to each . The cartridge could be either the same for each deck or the same model . As the Technics can output a raw signal and by pass the internal phono stage then you can use the same phono stage for both Turntables. Then you might well get a closer comparison of one over the other . Yes I know this is being picky but that is what reviews should be about trying within reason to reduce the variables and compare like for like .
  3. bencat

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    So just a little puzzled , which part is Bollox ? That there was a fire ? That the fire did not destroy the original masters listed ? That the Original Master Tapes are not important ? That was quite a long article and raised a number of points which of them are in your eyes not accurate and why are they not accurate ?
  4. bencat

    Free play.. Technics SL1500C

    But that is the point , I had read and understood that the Technics has a built in phono stage and that this and a cartridge would be needed with the Rega , so what did they use ? They could quite easily have stated which phono stage they tried , they could also have stated that they used the same ortofon cartridge for both decks to reduce the variables but they do not . Given this it reduces anything that we can learn from the comparison .
  5. bencat

    Your (musical) Room 101

    Oasis , Mariah Carey , Smiths , Morrisey , Bruce Springsteen , Bob Dylan . If you wait a while I will have a few more . Not possible to list this by genre as while I dislike certain genres in the main I like artists that are defined as this genre (e.g Country Music , Lyle Lovett , Be Good Tanyas )
  6. bencat

    Favourite female singers

    Well in no paticular order Cassandra Wilson Lizz Wright Billie Holiday Omar Sangare Marina Abad (Ojo De Brujo) Joan Armatrading Sky (Morcheeba) Mari Wilson Aretha Franklin Dionne Warwick Talitha MacKenzie (Mouth Music )
  7. Not sure if anyone else buys here but the following promotion is on at Music Magpie with Free Delivery . You do need to trawl through quite a few pages to find anyhting interesting but at this price it is worth the time spent .
  8. bencat

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Sadly I can get decent CD's for very little money and with a huge range of music and none of the limitations of Vinyl Sound so think given the added cost for equipment ,Lp's and the limited catalogue available plus the effort to research to find out if the pressing / mastering / recording is good will stick to what I know and like and give Vinyl the thumbs down .
  9. bencat

    Bi Wire V Jumpers ?

    I would echo @Iceman 16 and suggest the speaker cable that suits you and get a couple of extra lenths to make up the jumper wire would be the way to go .
  10. bencat

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Really ? So the new issues for Vinyl are limited and now they need to be even more limited because you have to ensure they are good pressings ? This is the reason I switched to CD many years ago and for me at least makes my decision the right thing to do . I buy ten to fifteen second hand CD's a month and never seem to have any trouble playing them and no need to limit my choice of what I buy . I have a huge eclectic taste in music across all types and countries CD makes getting this music easy Vinyl seems to me to just limit your choice.
  11. bencat

    Bi Wire V Jumpers ?

    Depends on the the speaker and how the crossover was designed . Some are designed very much with bi wire in mind and in my view in these designs they can make a difference (Linn Sara 9) . Others have added bi wire because the market demands it and make no effort to make the crossover and connections fulfill any design criteria (Harbeths) in the case of these speakers then either connection will sound the same and it will make no difference . So your question needs to have the speaker identified and then you need to find out if the Mfg was serious abotu bi wire or just adding it for adding sakes
  12. And you must remember to lay all the hairs in the same orientation or the sound will be off for time signatures. All sound must flow the same way . Then all you need is the invisible golden ear plugs and Audio Nirvanah can be achieved.
  13. bencat

    Free play.. Technics SL1500C

    In true What HiFi style they make a comparison with the Rega 3 and neglect to advise what cartridge and phono stage was used . I would hope the Ortofon Red was used so that the comapriosn is at least using the same transducer but you never know .
  14. Hi Howard the Krell KSA50 wil deliver 50 wats of Class A in to any load the amplifier is very over engineered and can put out much more than 50 Watts Class A but each amp is different. However they will put out a full 100 Watt class A/B in to eight ohms but not really sure what it will give in to the Quad 57 ESL mainly reistive load .
  15. Personally I liked this thread when it was just pretty pictures showing how the signal got to the end . Thanks Flash for doing mine it made me very happy to see such a short start to finish .