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  1. If name badges were not worn that was the choice of the exhibitor as everyone got a Badge with their welcome pack I wore mine while walking about on Saturday but not in the room as my name and system were on the poster on the door .
  2. If only I had a brain it would be superb , but forgetting your lap top when you are running a Raspberry Pi server is just stupid. So to add to my pleading above for a poster and Blu Tack Dave also had to get my pi running and set up my router. Next time i will just send a picture of myself anf a list of equipment and leave the rest of you to organise things . Then I can arrive at 9.55 open the door and start pplaying music. Thank you to all in the rooms around me for all your patience and help it cleared up the despair of Saturday afternoon .
  3. Hi Chris good to have seen you again and I am looking at Terry Riley on Amazon so will most likely have some of his music by the weekend. Not long after you left I was brave and uplugged everything anf moved the router closer the Squeezeplayer and wired it directly in to the router. Nervous ten minutes while everything rebooted and srted itself out but once i got my Songs playing again it worked very weel without any of the stuttering .
  4. Sadly I never made it to Scalfold so nothing to compare it with . Kegworth was a great venue . Decent sized rooms (WiFi is the only gripe I would have and if that could be looked at and improved it would be a bonus) wide corridors , good parking reasonable bar prices and excellent staff who would do anything to help . I loved it and enjoyed Saturday night (a little too much) and Sunday the show and then a good curry Sunday night . Thanks to Peter and Danny for all there hard work and will be looking forward to next year.
  5. Oh god and i only thought you could have meter envy for Power Amps .
  6. Okay are you just trying to be insulting ? A man can only take so much you know ? Anyone who does not get the above line wait till you meet or see me and all will be obvious .
  7. No idea for Kegworth but will be able to let you know around 13.00. Liverpool no snow and clear although my Wife says it is cold (then again Linda always complains of that )
  8. Nigel as has been the case for many on here you are a gentleman . I will charge my friend for each item bought on e-bay with copies of the order totals I have paid out for them . Anything I have that I can use or scrounge is always free as is my time and work to install fettle and make sure the system sings.
  9. Well much more important can some one bring some blu tack . I had a new pack all ready for the show but Linda my wife now tells me it is going to the grandson,s in the morning .
  10. Ah well system is now packed up and ready for the car tomorrow . it worked perfectly just before I stripped it down but fingers crossed that nothing goes bump on the trip down .
  11. Sadly Lurch when polished it is in fact very hard indeed so unless you roll it in adhesive first any glitter will fall off a bit like when it is applied to my beard.
  12. Thanks Paul but as they say you cannot make silk purse out of a Sows Ear . I would have said you cannot polish a Turd but I now know this not correct you can in fact get it polished to a mirror finish as proved on Myth Busters.
  13. No problem Nigel just looking for something to connect up a friends system that I am putting together and installing does not have to be anything special will have a search round at the show as i do not want to apy too much anyway . While y friend can understand the cost for a CD Player or Speakers she will not be too keen on spending the same soort of money on a set of wires.
  14. Safe and hopefully easy journey to all of you travelling today . It is great that so many put in such effort so others can enjoy the music and the fun. Will be leaving around 11.00 tomorrow to drive down but will be taking the sytem down today and getting it ready to load in the car . Looking forward to seeing those i met at Harrogate again and to meeting as many other ehibitors and visitors as possible .