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  1. Would agree with John that if you only have room for small speakers then the Goodmans are superb but budget for some decent stands as the change in performance with stands is quite startling . If you can manage something larger then there is a sale of Mordaunt Short Pageant II speakers with stands for around £90 the two which is frankly a steal and will be good enough for a large number of upgrades if needed. Also given the price and condition the Pioneer Amp looks a great buy . Turntables are a little different and I think the more budget spent here will bring better rewards on sound quality . Here are a list of E-Bay items I think would be ideal If you have anyone locally that can do a little fettling this might prove to be a very good cheap buy Another option that will sound excellent . Another really fine sounding TT . If you want something simple to set up and then just work without too much attention .
  2. Once the rooms are confirmed I am sure a thread could be made for those with main systems who would share a room with a suitcase system could be made. I think we have to understand that many visit the show to see a wide variety of equipment , in paticular exotic and hard to audition items. If too many rooms are filled with small suit case systems then it will not be as attractive. One other option is for the use of one of the large rooms for the suitcase challenge and all the systems get 15/20 mins in a cycle . This exhibiting a suitcase system could then just book a room in the hotel close by for sleeping and leave the rooms at Kegworth for full system demos.
  3. Should there not be pictures of this item ?
  4. Liverpool - This Means More Sorry Geoff did not mean to upset you with my fervour for Liverpool but it does not come at ignoring other teams achievements . I do not recognise myself in the above description of a Liverpool fan but you are right I do feel my club is special and unique and I am sure all fans of all clubs feel the same way about their own clubs. Liverpool were exceptional in the way they played last season but still only managed to win a single trophy . In all other areas Man City were the better team . When I say I do not think about Man City this is because as a current team they have the potential to be and have proved to be better than Liverpool . If we finish in the PL above them then I would expect Liverpool to be champions . Something I would note is that like Everton Fans you seem to know more details about Liverpool than I do . I ignore the politics but never the money . Liverpool in their 70,s/80,s pomp spent more than any other club , Man Utd the same over the years of their success , Chelsea and now Man City have had huge under pinning of money in recent times. Money will never give you succsess but it certainly helps . Liverpool are still just this side of a major crisis , and injury to Virgil , Mane , Firmino and we could easily see a slide from the top even though it looks like we are ready to romp home. Even in their best periods Liverpool very rarely do things the easy way and as noted they are often there own worst enemy . We have still won nothing this season and it is all too possible that the rot can start tonight . While in the PL we have managed to remain in control in the CL we have had another season of struggling. Salzberg are a good side with lots of goal threat , Liverpool are not the solid defensive unit we were if we get beat tonight then we are out of the tournament but worse we could be in the Europa Cup . We play Leicester soon and this could easily reduce our current lead , this weekend we play Watford who have a new manager and represent the most easily spotted of banana skins for us to trip on . For all of that I am still hoping (and dreading in equal measure) what we have done up to now. The consistency of Liverpool this season in the PL has been at times jaw dropping . Not always playing well but seeming to always find a way not to get beaten. While if this can continue then we could finally win a PL after for me far too long . Yet the feeling is as well that if we fail in only that way Liverpool can then the whole of the rest of football will be able to point and laugh (and rightly so) . One thing I will admit to and I have no shame of doing it after Liverpool I want Everton to be the next most successful team far more than any London or Manchester or Midlands team . This is because I am born and live in Liverpool and if Liverpool FC are not winning it then I want my city to win it. I am well aware that many Liverpool and Everton fans would not agree with me and have strong desires for their local rivals to fail . That is for them not for me , Liverpool will always be first but if they are not there to win it then Everton for me at least is the next best thing .
  5. Now they would a considerably longer time to empty than Wine Casks , if of very good quality then it could be weeks if not months . You should never rush these things.
  6. Nigel just a suggestion for you Radio Paradise App allows you to use your home WiFi to downlaod and cache 12 hours in three seperate caches on your phone either to the phones ssd memeory or an added SD card . This means you have 36 hours of Flac Music to listen to more than enough for trips to London and you can clear and reload the cache each time you get home to ensure you never have to hear the same stream .
  7. Naw these are the small barrels think one good drinking stint would empty both , maybe two or three hours tops.
  8. First and foremost I never think of Man City at least not in any good sense . As it stands currently they are not the team we have to beat , as mentioned Leisester City are the main rivals. Doubt anyone else would be that intertested but I have to say that watching MNF on Sky tonight was a blast . Jamie and Raffa put on a show that was illuminating and for my part so watchable . Not only was the insight in to how Raffa thinks and what he sees in very small details does explain why players believe in him and listen to him but not possibly warm to him . The review of the weeks games and tonights game shows why he is a great manager . The review and insight of the 2005 CL final was rivetting and gave me the reasons why it went the way it did and how we eventually won . I have and always will love Raffa and feel that his time at Liverpool was cut short by circumstances over the ownership and the subsequent take over. I think he has proved his talent at every club (with the exception of his beloved Real Madrid ) he has managed . When his stint in China is over there will be a few clubs that could do much worse than look at him as their next manager .
  9. bencat

    Mains cables

    Were Grapefruit for your comments .
  10. Game against Bournemouth was both a delight and a disappointment .Delight at the quality of the goals but huge disappointment at how easy Bournemouth made it.We are still unbeaten and now seem the only ones that can defeat ourselves. Next few games as always will be vital.
  11. Okay now for an acceptance that I have a problem . Liverpool are now 14 points ahead of Man City the general accepted best team in the premier league yet on MOTD Liverpool are down in third place after a deserved 3-0 win away to Bournemouth . I should just accept this and be happy that we are currently on a 33 game unbeaten run but it still seems to me that in general this is not good enough . Liverpool have been lucky and have not plaued anyhting like as good football as they did last season . But we have found a way to win in every gane except one and that one we drew. We are far and away te best team in the PL this season will somoeone please at least accet this and give us a little credit. No I do not think we have won it and yes I know that Liverpool are more than capable of blowing this but at this moment we have been wonderful and the best current team in the PL .
  12. See this Vito Pereira being mentioned which seems a bit strange . Does not really have much of a reputation and the only success he had was when he inherited a really good Porto team . Never managed in the Premier League and has been a couple of years in China not really the most competitive of leagues. When Everton are currently in the relegation zone the last thing they need is an untried manager with a tough fixture list whihc could easily go wrong. Fingers crossed that this is just media spin and Everton Board have the sense to look at what is needed now .
  13. Was not that one sided Liverpool again had a huge slice of luck Virgil gave what in my view an obvious penalty when scores were 2-1 . A penalty then and the game tied and it might have been very different. Difference aside from luck was Liverpool's finishing and even this was only improved not as good as it should be. Yet we are still winning and long may it continue .Everton looked threatening going forward but were woeful in defence. Sadly I do not think a straight change of Manager/Coach is the full solution .I hope they can sort something out soon before the very real threat of relegation becomes inevitable.
  14. Very sad to hear Ken did so much to improve and gain acceptance of CD replay and showed that the medium was indeed good enough to play excellent music .
  15. As others have said thank you Baz for the heads up on this . I have already cancelled my subscription as I find the interface does let me do what I want to and geting things to play the way I want them is just too much work . I appreciate that I am spoiled because I have very large music library of my own music and geting this to play is so simple that most if not all streaming services will suffer by comparison . The sound quality was fine but I will struggle to listen to all of my own music never mind the number of tracks that Tidal gives you access to . I listened to it when first installed for about an hour or so but then realised that over the next few days I had not bothered to use it so for me at least even at the low cost trial rate it is just not worth it . My issue was that each time i searched an artist such as John Martyn , while he was there the album and track i wanted to listen to were not there . Same thing with Grace Jones , Yello , Kraftwerk and Steve Miller Band . All were represented but complete catalogues were not their only selected albums . This probably says more about my obsessive collecting than Tidal but this has confirmed to me that no matter what they quality a streaming service is not really for me .