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  1. bencat

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    Wish I had spotted this sooner as I have put a bid for a Umik on e-bay already and will have to let it run . If it fails then I may well be tempted to ask DSpeaker to send me one of these and combine it with the Mic I have and the REW and then I am ready to at least make a start at doing some measurement and try get some idea of what it is on the graph and what it means I am hearing .
  2. bencat

    Intersample Overs in CD Recordings

    Would the test be on Pickle Scale ?
  3. bencat

    Anyone know which MA model this is ?

    Thanks Gf for looking and the advice I have bought the above of e-bay for the huge sum of £15 but theb I have to collect from Shrewsbury which is not an issue. The units as you say look in very good condition but all will be revealed next Friday when I collect them. They have to be after 1986 as that was the year MA first used the Gold Tweeter it may not work but will send an e-mail to MA and see if they can offer any information , some companies are great with legacy product help (KEF , Quad , Meridian of those I have dealt with) other not really interested but neve dealt with MA either in their first incarnation or the current owners will see. The cabinest on these are pretty rough but look to sound enough that all they will need is cosmetic repair. I am then considering a few left field options to give them some domestic acceptablilty . However main reason for buying these is that I am going to try and create some active crossovers for them and dip my toe in those murky waters . May well start a thread in the DIY section on the construction and work both for a littlle interest and for lots of help and advice. Watch this space .
  4. bencat

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    So it would seem that if I buy one of these and combine it woth my Dspeaker mic then I will have a calibrated mic to use with REW . Thanks Tony I had no idea at all that they produced this sort of product will have to see if they sell then in the UK .
  5. bencat

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    Thanks Tony Can you use the microphone that the Dspeaker supply with your PC . I fully understand it is not good enough but it will most likely be better than the PC mic .
  6. bencat

    Ethernet Cable for streaming

    As optical cables seem to offer some form of help in this area does it matter were in the stream they are ? Is the RF reduction achieved ony if you have the connection between the download streamer and the Library (NAS / Raspberry Pi + HD / PC Plus HD) as an optical connection or could using it between the streamer and DAC be enough ? Currently in my main system I have a Raspberry Pi SBt Clone connected by ethernet to anothe Pi acting as LMS Streamer alone with a USB HD attched for storage using a Digital Board (Justboom Digi +) with optical out to a Dspeaker Room Correction unit and for the Dspeaker another optical to my Metrum Quad DAC . Would this use of optical cable be enough to break the chain and stop the RF in the chain ?
  7. bencat

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    Hi Colin I was hoping to make this a two way only for a first try and see how i get on . If I manage to get things sorted the way I want can revisit and consider a three way . But for this first toe in the water woud like to just keep it as simple as I can . Anyone got some links for simple reading of how to read and interpret measurements as I think it best i start to get at least a basic feel for what I am likely to see and what it means .
  8. bencat

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    Thanks for that was hoping to get a unit with digital input if I could so unless I get a spectacular bargain will keep looking.
  9. bencat

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    Okay found a bargain for speakers to use on e-bay today appreciate the boxes are rough and will need some work but they look as if they do have any major structural damage . I happy to do some filling and sanding and then staining and polishing to make them look okay . Massive cost £15 the pair which given how good the drive units look is I think a good start . Now I have to try and get the rest of the items together which might take a little while .
  10. Hi I know these are Monitor Audio units but does anyone know the model number or the driver details ?
  11. bencat

    Need advice

    What Rabski said .
  12. bencat

    Ethernet Cable for streaming

    Agree with Stephen Fry we all seem to be a little too sensitive at times . If you do not like the tone or the opinion expressed then ignore it and move on . In most cases the person is telling you their honest view on the subject even if that is opposed to what you think . The only time it changes is where they are making attacking personal comments about individuals which is never acceptable . With regard to these cables making a difference I have found that Cat 6 cables sound the same as those other (in some cases very expensive) cables I have tried (the list is not huge ) . I have been unable to detect any difference in my system with my ears and my music , this does not mean that other people are not able to hear a difference in their system with their ears and their music (or test tone if they prefer) . I do find that I can detect some differences with speaker cables and with IC cables , nothing huge but they can and do sound different to me. Given the large cost differentials for some of the Ethernet cables being sold and given I do not hear any difference I will stick with the Cat 6 installed.
  13. bencat

    Need advice

    Would also recommend that you have a look at the Logitech Site for their Universal Remotes. Some of the cheaper ones (I bought one new for around £25 including postage) have a list of models that they will work with and you can check on their website before you buy. So long as they list the exact model number you have then you can programme the remote to mimic all the functions including open/close. I bought mine for an AVI preamp which had not worked with any other universal remote and the Logitech after loading it using the USC cable provided worked straight away no issue. I am not at home right now so not able to remember the Logitech model but if you are interested then let me know and will add to this response.
  14. bencat

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    Tony I know you will be right but something in me just makes me look at this in a very emotional rather than scientific way . So just for my own personal peace of mind I am going to use two identical Stereo Amplifiers and see how this works out. After this is completed if I find (like many others) that I have both enjoyed the experience and the result then I would consider a second project with mono units for each speaker and like you say I can look to use much less powerful units for the treble and good driving units for the Bass,
  15. bencat

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    I have only recently just updated the passive crossover in these units and they are the main speaker I use in my music room system almost every day . I do not want to not have these to use plus I am not that confident in my own ability to see this through in a fairly short time frame. Much better to have a pair that I can work with for months without any pressure to get them back in my system .