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  1. Finish work in half an hour then I can set off nightmare start as the boot would not close / lock had to go to dealers to get it fixed as an electrical component in the locking system had gone. Hope this is the only failure I have . Rob if any more Mfg or other trade Exhibitors want to get there gear demoed then only to happy to insert things at some time over the weekend .
  2. Formula 1 2017

    I would like to think that Lewis would be sensible and given the lead he has just take it easy and get points in the last races which will see him to the title again this year . However given his temperament and competitive nature I suspect that this may not be the case and he will want to win all the races form now till the end of the season . While I realise this may be not the best move I do have to say I would admire this sort of attitude and it will at least give interest and a little danger to the final races. Qualification in Pole has been great for Lewis this season and I would guess barring some sort of problem or an accident that he can be on pole for the US . If either Seb or a Red Bull are next to him and they press really hard I think Lewis will not try to fight too hard . This though is a time for Bottas to step up as his team mate and try and get second and then protect his colleague from those behind .
  3. Stripped my system down on Monday as I have to work Friday Morning and did not want to be doing things quickly on the day . No changes in the equipment from my original list . Plan to pack the car and get on the way about 13.30 expect to be at the Hotel around two hours later . Then the real fun and nerves can begin hope to have music by about 18.00 but will have to see. As mentioned I am driving from Liverpool if I can pick anyone or any equipment up on the way (M58 / M6 / M65 / A59) then let me know .
  4. Or just one sneeze by either Phil Thompson or Ian Rush ?
  5. Q Acoustics Concept 20

    Bought a second hand pair of these for my son and paid a very low price for them .As you say they do work much better as closely coupled to a solid rear wall with being hard up against one . Not sure if you have the space to try them that way but if you can then think you will find they are much better balanced .
  6. Liverpool - oh dear...

    Well not sure what I can say about Saturdays match aside from Liverpool at least played to win it. Attacking was good finishing was not so good . Except for one attack the defending was good but in all honesty that was not that hard given the lack of much in the way of Utd attacks. Klopp is damned if he attacks at all costs and damned if he does not attack all out. If Klopp had gone out and just let Liverpool charge forward and had then been beaten by a single Utd counter then it would be continued calls for his head and the media doubts that he is doing a good job. Instead becuse he has done what the media have suggested and attacked but was careful about the counter and keep a clean sheet then he is damned because he should have gone all out attack to win the game. At no time does any of the current say that paying as defensively as Utd did is okay for a struggling side but not really acceptable from a top six side looking to win the title. Utd fans seem to be happy to accept that just playing for a draw at Anfield is okay . Maybe it is and maybe that is the right way to think ,sadly for me I want more and I want to see Liverpool attack and go for it maybe fail maybe lose but at all counts entertain and score if you can . Then again if we do this then all the media will be there talking about Klopp has to go .Hopefully most Liverpool fans are sensible enough to know that at this time Klopp is the perfect fit for Liverpool and we are lucky to have him .Long may he continue to make a team that scores and attacks .
  7. Audio Research

    I have always wanted to own an AR Pre with a strong preference for the early all Valve designs . Some of these are now becoming at least affordable second hand but trouble is they were always too expensive for me to hear so my knowledge of which model to look at and consider has always been a little vague . Can anyone here advise LS8 , LS3 , LS2 and others seem to appear but which are the best option to buy for a Line only use (will buy one of the phono equipped units if thst is the best sound to be achieved but will only use the line inputs) . The other important part of this sort of purchase is a good place to get the unit serviced and ensure that it is up to specification . Please do not advise the Importer as we do not see eye to eye and I would never allow then to touch any of my equipment .
  8. New direction needed

    If you want to avoid the active route and prefer to stick with seperates then one thing worth looking at is a speaker that is designed to work hard or close to a wall . This (if you have a suitable wall) means that they are not out in the room and can free up the space in front of them in small spaces. Most infinite baffle designs will allow this but units such as KEF 103 and Linn Sara are designed to work best that way . As ported units have now become the norm you may have to look at the second hand market for the various models . I am sure others can give you further makes to look out for . Misson / Cyrus are very compact and can sound very good if coupled with the right speakers. Nytech / Heed / Ion also offer some compact units that would be worth looking for. I know this may not be accepted by some on this forum but I would also strongly suggest that you get a listen to some Quad units . Even an early 405 / 34 combination if all fully serviced and working will surprise you at how good they can sound and the newer models are as good if not better. Useful thing is the power amp can be hidden away and forgotten leaving just the small pre . Sources are up to you streaming unit is a good one box solution but you amy prefer to still have a CD player .
  9. Technics SP10 BIN £888.99 Peterborough

    I know these units are held in great esteem but given that the seller has done no testing and is not able to confirm that the unit works other than just turning on this seems a very high price to pay . Given what it might cost for repairs etc then around £400 seems nearer the mark .
  10. Linn

    Well have to admit I am not huge fan of Linn many of their products (including the LP12) are good but not as good as the veneration they have at times recieved form both owners and the media . I do have to admit that despite this I am a Linn Owner as I have a very lovely pair of Linn Sara 9,s which I use as my main speakers on my music room system . These were a serious long term itch purchase that I am very glad I went out and did. I have heard the Linn Kan and while they were good they were just a little bit too compromised in the bass and intergration of the drivers for me to live with them . When I heard Sara's on the end of two different systems (one a full Naim amplification set up , the other using a Nytech Receiver ) I was really surprised at how musical they could sound and the potency of the bass they produced. So about two years ago (or could be more time flies) I managed to source a good set of Sara's from another Wammer and have enjoyed them ever since . They are by no means neutral and are not really anything like my Harbeths but they do add a joyous bonce and drive to music that for me is pretty much addictive. Bass is very good given the size but as Isobarik they have a hidden extra bass driver to charge the air. They are also very useful in needing to be as close coupled to a wall as possible so they are quite discreet . If anyone has the desire to hear these and an original pair of KEF 103 Reference speakers (Circa early 1970's) then I will be making various noises at the Harrogate show so please look in if you go to the show and bring some music to play (CD only I am afraid) .
  11. Harbeth club

    Really sorry I missed this thread somehow . I have a pair of Harbeth Compact Monitors Mk II which were an insurance replacement for a pair of Celestion SL600i speakers my Krell Destroyed . This was over eight years ago and at the time I ended up having to accept the harbeths without hearing them first . Have to say i loved them when they arrived and still do but also have to admit to being unfaithful . The Harbeths are used every day but they are now the front pair of my AV system in the front living room and they work very well indeed giving all the sounds either TV or music a very easy to listen to and natural sound which is what Harbeths do. I would never part with them and enjoy them every day . However in my music room about 18 months ago I got to scratch an itch I had wanted for quite a long time a wammer sold me his very well preserved pair of Linn Sara 9's and stands and these have now replaced the Harbeths in the music room on the end of my main system including the Krell KSA50 that started this whole journey off. Now the Sara are nothing like the Harbeths but there is such a really musical and joyous sound they can produce (I am prepared to accept this is colouration but it suits me so .....) and the way they make music just bounce along is very habit forming. I know they are not as complete a speaker as the Harbeths and they are nowhere like as natural and revealing but they make me smile they make me sing and so for now they stay .
  12. I am afraid to ask but what is that ?
  13. Advice on having a room at Harrogate

    Thanks to all who have replied I am really taking my music room system including the rack ,extension leads etc . Also taking along a number of spare cables . So it is in full use until the Friday when it will be stripped loaded n the car and then taken to the show . As always the Equipment God can be very sneaky and having only done this once before when I took my system to a friends for him to listen in his own room things just have a tendancy to stop working even though they were working the day before. Not sure how much additional equipment I should be taking along but will hope that every thing will just go back together and work as it should.
  14. Advice on having a room at Harrogate

    Thanks for CD I do have a remote for the Theta , but for the SBT I planned to take a Contoller whihc has the LMS screen and can rattle through what is on the server which I hope will be enough . Failing that I will also be taking a Samsung Tablet which has a controller on it . Appreciate the advice on what to expect .
  15. Afternoon Everyone I have been lucky enough to be allowed to have room at the Harrogate Show and this is now confirmed with a room number and all the details so it is real and will happen . I have never done this before I had planned to take a room at Scalfold two years ago but due to personal family issues it was just not possible . Now Scalfold would be a goo primer for this show as it is all members systems and rooms and so there is a general knowledge from all visitors as to what they are likely to get. Harrogate however has more Trade rooms than members (which is at this show was planned so correct) but this means all members rooms will be looked and judged in different way . So as many of you out there are veterans of Scalfold or in some cases Trade people and have done this many times could I please ask for some advice on how this should go. What do visitors to a room look for ? I am more than happy to play any music on CD that they bring and can talk forever on equipment and music . It was my plan that as my main music is on a Server using LMS that I would just select Random Mix and Songs and hit go . I have over 50,000 tracks and quite a large range of musical styles including some that many people may not have heard but is this difficult for visitors if they only hear music that they may well not be familiar to ? I will be taking two pairs of speakers to the show and plane to switch at certain times of the day to show off the differences this can make. I would have liked to have some alternative DAC units or possibly the new renderer units like SMt 200 but I have not been able to get any equipment off other people so it will have to stay as it is. Any suggestions or tips on what to do would be appreciated.