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  1. bencat

    Sharing my heavily modified Magnepan project

    Hi Jamie I am always in awe of the work that others seem to manage on units I have no confidence that I coud replicate this sort of work an excellent and thorough job . Will be good to see the final cosmetic changes when you finish them . I would also echo your comments regarding voices and instruments sound from panel speakers , I recently aquired a pair of QUAD ESL57 and singers and acoustic instruments sound so startingly different without the addition of a cabinet that your first thought is this sounds wrong . Only when you start to listen more do you realise that this sound is mor lifelike and possibly less impressive and just how much cabinets add to loudspeaker sound.
  2. bencat

    Tannoy 8" Dual Concentric active build

    @Dipstick as Tony has said it is hard to gauge what differences or improvements will be made using the MiniDSP HD 2-4 on items you are not familiar with . Tony mainly has made his speakers from scratch adding drivers and his own cabinet and then using the MiniDSP to provide the active digital crossover . I on the other hand not having the woodworking or electrical skills have used ready made speakers and just replaced the passive crossover with the MiniDSP as a digital active crossover. So in my case I can comment on the differences and in my view huge improvement between the original passive version and the finished active unit. Looking at the information you provide it does not seem that your current speakers have much in the way of a crossover so replacing a single capacitor and a single resistor may not have the improvements I found in MiniDSP replacing a pair of more complicated crosovers , but the honest answer is I have not a clue what would be the difference . One thing you do need to keep in mind is that the MiniDSP splits the signal to the Bass and Treble unit as a true active design . This means that in each case you need for a two way speaker , two amplifiers on for the Treble units and one for Bass units (or one for each speaker) . You can not just put the MiniDSP between your current amplifier and your speakers and use the MiniDSP as the crossover. However as the MiniDSP has analogue inputs you can insert it between your source and your amplifier and use the EQ or DSP Filters of the MiniDSP to change the signal to your speakers . I do somehting similar to this for a pair of QUAD ESL57 sepaeakers but I use the MiniDSP DDRC 24 and its DIRAC Live software to measure and read my listening room and apply a filter curve to the speakers to intergrate them in the room . This work very well and much of the same result can be achieved with the MiniDSP HD 2-4 using REW software but I have to warn you it is a much longer and more difficult process that way than the DIRAC software.
  3. bencat

    Advice re CD player and Sub Woofer

    I am going to ask a question which I feel you should think about and answer yourself very honestly . As you have what many would consider a top class streaming front end how often do you listen to your CD Player ? I have a streaming front end to all my systems and I aslo have a Theta Data Basic II transport and Merdian 200 Transport . Neither of them get used that much my Wife likes to play CD's from time to time but I now alomost never do . If you are anything like this then I would suggest that you keep your current CD player until it expires , it was good when you bought it and it is still good now . Only look for somehting better if you really use it lots and intend to use a CD in the future . If that is the case and you use the CD more than anything esle as a source then I would question why you need the Naim if it is not being used. Once you decide then what budget you allocated to your CD replacement , or any money generated from selling your streamer can be allocated to getting a better set of rear speakers or a sub woofer . My opinion only but not needed as rear speakers do not need to be that great as the sound going through them is pretty minimal so long as they sonically amtch your main and centre speakers they will be fine . I dislike and have not time for subs of either the cheap or expensive variety and would not give one house room but this is a personal preference and if you really want one then i am sure someone on here can tell you waht the best modesl are .
  4. I know the answers above say pretty much the same thing but by Saturday night most will have there systems up and working and after a few beers at the hotel bar most will drift off to the variuos rooms and any with the door open and music playing it is an open invitation to go in have a little listen . If you lucky some will have brought a malt whisky or other spirit of choice and will let you have a dram while you listen . If you unlucky then they will demand to know where your bottle of malt is and try and get a drink from that . So in a nutshell great fun will be had by all .
  5. bencat

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    Well for better or worse I have sent an e-mail to the letters page high lighting the above and also indicating that I have already tried a test myself using three different Ripping Drives . I have no access to the Melco D100 so that could not be included. I copied the files to my desk top lettered A , B , C then got my Wife to mix them up without me seeing and keep a note the of the real original order. I then put them without my Wife seeing in my LMS Library as a playlist . I then chose the playlist and selected random play so that it would play them in any order even the same file twice . Hit play and listened to at least six plays . (I could check the history for what file was played after marking my views. I later did the same play with a couple of music loving friends and got the general opinion. Without any surprise to me no one was able to identify any difference with any file that played as nothing was touched or changed after the first play all the tracks would be at the same levesl etc and no one could tell any difference . Now all I need is to get to hear the same thing with the Melco included. Not sure if Hi Fi World will either answer the e-mail or even possibly publish it but i am not at all confident that they will agree to the test.
  6. With whisky malt biscuits , scandalous only good short bread biscuits with whisky .
  7. Okay despite the thousands of miles I have driven in another life (Sales Manager for a Shipping Line) I have never owned a Sat Nav and my current car still does not have one . I do recall that last year there was lots of consruction work on the turn off from the A50 and i did do a rather round about drive before i found the hotle by chance. So if anyone can give me clear instructions of how I get to the hotel in the most direct way once I get to the large roundabout at the end of the A 50 Derby section I would be grateful . I know myself and I will still get lost but having clearer idea of where I want to be will help .
  8. Tony have you not had your snack this afternoon ? You know how forgetful you get when your blood sugar levels drop . ------- Maverick has posted the link before I could damn !!!
  9. bencat

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    Being able to check what this reviewer claims would be for once very easy for anyone that plays digital music files . If they support this reviewer and his claims then the Magazine should organise a trial as follows. If as the reviewer claims ripping a file on the D100 is just better than other drives then get a piece of music or and audio recording and rip this from a CD using the D100 then perhaps a stand alone CD Drive such as the Iomega I use , A PC installed CD Drive and to be complete a CD Drive on a Mac Book . To reduce the variables they should all be ripped using the same software (dBPoweramp is good) . All of these files can then be labelled A , B ,C , D etc and placed on a file share so that they could then be downloaded by others . Each person that downloads listens to all the files and comments , one can they hear any difference ? Two if they do which of the files was best . Given that all the files should be bit perfect copies and only the person that codes them knows the source this would be pretty much a blind listening test and should give clear results if the majority of people can hear any difference at all . Tempted to just send this as a suggestion to the Magazines contact page but suspect it would not get taken up and the excuse would be copy right issues for the files.
  10. Okay just paid for the Saturday and Sunday Night so that is it committed . See all those that will have rooms and anyone that decides to visit as well . Fingers crossed that I can get my system to work and that I can complete a full room measure as early as possible on Saturday so that things sound as good as I know they can . After that it is just up to the visitors to listen and see if they enjoy what I think is a good sound .
  11. bencat

    CD mats- WTFoo?

    Oh yes and the extra weight will most likely shorten the life of your transport motor as well. The music will still sound just the same (even if you do all of the above)
  12. bencat

    Phono Stage to Passive Pre?

    I think Graham Slee makes a Phono Stage with Volume control and general concensus is that they are excellent phono stages so this would solve the issue in a single box .
  13. Due to changes to the signal routing in both my systems I now have a number of DAC's that are doing nothing . If any one in interested then please let me know before the show and I will pack them and bring them . If not then will leave them at home . 1 x Lite - AD-Dac - * x Phillips TD1541 Silver Crown chip NOS DAC - Optical and Coaxial input - £180 1 x Metrum Quad DAC with Octave Power Supply - £350 1 x Perpetual Technologies PA-1 Correction Engine - PA-3 DAC - £400 the pair .
  14. Sadly an area I do not know too much about is Bourbon and the only ones I know I like are Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace . always open to a bit of education though .