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  1. Can I ask a question . If you test and choose your equipment by doing a double blind test , what do you do when you have made your choice and want to listen to it ? If double blind is needed to discern or not discern any differences then once you can see the system for you to use then you will change your perception which is what the double blind tests were supposed to clear up. So the equipment you then see will no longer sound the same as it did during a double blind test. Given this then the only way to maintain the correctly chosen sound you have made by double blind testing is for you to never ever see your equipment , make sure someone else always controls it and listen to everything double blind for the rest of your life.
  2. I have a set of Tandy Gennexa Pro5 speakers which are superb they sound top class and each has an Linaeum Tweeter which at the time cost more than the price of speaker pair .
  3. Would agree with Uzzy avoid the metal cased plugs they are often quite bulky and all too easy for them to touch. I have recently gone over to solder plugs and bought a nice big box of heat shrink . Now when they have been soldered a quick blast with a hairdryer on some heat shrink over the joint and base of the plugs not only makes them easy to colour code and makes them safe it also looks quite profesional as well . Would heartily agree that a cold weld then heat shrink would probably be better but the cost of a good quality weld tool makes it silly unless you change your cables weekly .
  4. Funny really I have very little mechanical ability and most of the physical things needed to both set up and keep a Turntable and arm and cartridge running are just beyond me and were a big factor in my early switch to CD's . I see the threads and things people put about a streaming network and I find this really easy . Setting up a complete change of music server from a Raspberry Pi 3+ to a new Raspberry Pi 4 including the downloading of the software and the complete scanning of all my music from the USB HD attached took under an hour and not once was there any issue . I find things to fiddle with and these often go wrong but that is my fault for not just leaving thgs alone when they are working. All of my music is in CD 16 Bit 44.1khz files never wanted and never used MQA or Hi Res so it just plays. I think I am probably lucky that I do not want or need a Streaming Music servce such as Spotify , Quboz , Tidal etc but I can see that they are very easily intergrated in if i ever change my mind . In addition I get great access to the BBC stations at the best digital quality stream they offer and i get access to quite a few High Quality Internet Radio stations. None of this has ever seemed to be hard to me but i can accept like my mechanical deficiencies that others do find it , harder , more confusing and more diffcult .
  5. I have read this thread with inerest and at times understood very little of it. I have no advice i could give but and please do not take this the wrong way I am so glad that I no longer use or need LP Replay the sheer complications of MM or MC in built Phono Pre or Single Phono Pre unit let alone SUT etc would make my paranoia have a field day . Hope you get this sorted out soon .
  6. Hi Ronnie sorry not too clear on what is an adjustment and what is an update so I probably have not been clear enough. I know that early on using the RPi 4 4GB unit as my server that I did the following Sudo apt-get update Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade And after the changes it reduced the running temperature of the RPi 4 by about 8-10 degrees which made me much more confident that it would not run into overheating in use. I also then added an Flirc case which also greatly reduced the running temperature . I presume that the change which i think was related to the USB 3 implementation was what you term an adjustment and it is this I was suggesting needed to be updated on any new board just in case.
  7. One thing I would caution you about is selling this on e-bay . Many have nice easy sales but there are pitfalls withpeople who are looking to cheat sellers out of either there money the item or both . While it may limit your bidders I would advise to make your sale collection only and that payment is in cash . Have a letter for the buyer to confirm that the item is in good condition and as decribed which they must sign when they collect . This will mean that they can not either collect the item and complain that it is damaged and ask for money back or worse still pay via Paypal then make a cliam and get the money back while holding on to your turntabe as well . I know that many will say they have made sales with no issue but there are others on here including professional sellers who have had this sort of thing done to them . Your table is worth a considerable amount of money and you need to ensure that you get paid accordingly
  8. Ahh but George , did you enjoy the music ? Of Course you did and then you went and spoiled it by measuring how much you enjoyed it .
  9. It also does not mean that it is not a good wine , just that I do not like it. Same with Music just becuase I love an artist and they make every fibre tingle when I hear them and you find them difficult to listen to does not make them poor artists just not to your taste. I concur that all analogies break down it is in their nature . I was only using the two individual tastes for illustration . We all know without being told really when we drink a wine we like whatever that may be and then it is simple , buy some and enjoy it. The same is true for music you hear something you like find the details source a copy and enjoy . Sadly many people will taste a wine and then be told that it is the best example of this or that and that it has x number of Parker points , well it may well have all of that and be very diligently grown and made with great skill and care . Sadly all of this matters not one little bit if when it hits your pallette you do not like the taste . Again I strees very clearly it is not a bad wine and all of the care and intelligence of the maker is still there , it just means you do not like it.
  10. bencat

    Elektor Phono Preamp

    Thank you Shadders I have no intention or ability to make any use of this link but it is excellent that others can share it .
  11. Seriously you not only want to tell me how and what equipment I should buy but you also want to instruct me on how to enjoy wine ? Good luck with that . P.S. People create both music and make instruments , without them instruments do nothing . We are all people and some like to listen and enjoy music I hope that I am in this very happy group .
  12. I must be just mean but I really can not see the value in paying EURO 379 for six pieces of expanded polystyrene (you know the stuff they use to protect corners when equipment is packed). Presumably they make a cliam about the shapes they are moulded into ?
  13. Do us numptys a favour and post a link to things like this. Visited the Elite Audio site and the deal of the day came up as Gato Amplifiers .
  14. It all comes back to the music . If I visit someone and they play a piece of music which I have not heard before but really appeals to me I do not ask was this recorded flat , did they use dummy head recording methods . More likely it will be who is that , what Album is it and where can I get a copy. Measurements in many areas can be very useful but when it comes to personal taste then you are never going to be able to measure things that really matter . Lets take Wine as an example both the science and skill of wine making is quite far advanced . Detailed tests on soil , vines , grape varietals are exhaustive. The methods used to cultivate , pick , store ,press and combine grapes is so we are told very well understood . Wine makers will be able to tell you with pretty accurate descriptions what a wine will offer. The one thing they can not tel you is which one you will like. Try it find a really experienced wine vendor or grower and tell them what you are looking for in a wine. Thye will say wine A is what you will like and sometimes they are correct but just as often they are not and the wine you taste does not match their description . This is because we each have a very individual pallette and we each have individual taste and we are the only ones that can decide if we like this taste or not . Now expand that to music , not equipment , music . We do all of this in most cases in order to be able to listen to and enjoy music . But as proven over and over again we are all different , we like different music , we all hear differently . So how would any measurement ever be able to you what sound and music you like and why ? Many people are swayed by price if it is hugely expensive then it must be good ? Well if you ever get the chance when it does not cost you try a couple of £300 / £400 bottles of wine you may love them but you may also think what is that about I dont really like this wine . The only error here in my view is after finding you do not like the wine you pay the silly price anyway because if it costs that much it must be great .