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  1. Ha, serviced mine last year. It's running well, they can sound nice. Thanks, the wife and I had a chat recently about a trip over there at some point.
  2. I know nothing of the Brexit thread bud, just looking for an amp!👍
  3. A utilities company has been neglegent and caused significant damage to my property After masses of correspondence with them, insurance and ombudsman. They are still refusing to admit liability or offer any real compensation. The ombudsman told me I should probably take the company to the small claims. Has anyone been through a similar situation? I'm not sure exactly how to go about this, I've tried to call citizens advice but finding it impossible to get hold of them.
  4. Boat shoes and half mast turnups. The guy in question I saw the other day, who walked in front of me at the lights with this look also had man bag,man bun , tweed jacket and a beard that was so neat it looked like a tattoo. He gave me an instant headache. In relation, I must cro magnon.
  5. tackleberry

    Tannoy Owners

    Who's system pic is this????
  6. tackleberry

    Alpair 7.3

    So, this filter sits on the RCA, how does it work when I have a passive sub lending positive from left chanel and neg from the right chanel?
  7. tackleberry

    Alpair 7.3

    Mentioned it to Stefan, but he didn’t advise anything...
  8. tackleberry

    Alpair 7.3

    I'm looking for anyone with experience with this speaker. I've got them in an 8L cab (sealed) running alongside a passive sub, (2.1config) This is my first set of wide band drivers, which I find good in certain areas. I'm looking to attenuate the bottom end slightly as at moderate listening levels they can hit the arrestor with heavy bass. These are a lovely sounding speaker, but they can be caught out when power is increased, Also, if they are within moderate/high excursion with heavy bass on the track the sound can marr , as if the upper mid/treb is breaking up due to the bass movement. Not sure if it's because the driver is spinning too many plates so to speak. Can anyone advise on resistance to trim off the lower frequencies maybe to 80hz? Thanks.