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  1. tackleberry

    Are you music or hi-fi first person?

    After going to Munich, I would say I'm a little wiser as to where to stop spending. I appreciate there is a diminishing return, but apart from the materials and severe engineering I came away thinking that nothing REALLY stood out on a musical level, and at £500k plus systems.....to me at that point it for me really becomes opulence.
  2. Would be interested in the proacs
  3. I appreciate this defeats the object, but I would have the drive units if you don't shift them as full
  4. tackleberry

    Ken Ishiwata leaves Marantz

    Top photo feed!
  5. tackleberry

    Philips cd 104

    Thanks guys, it’s a great little machine, just got too much stuff hanging around not getting used.
  6. What have you got?
  7. tackleberry

    Lenco project

    Price edit. Wrong price for wrong unit!
  8. tackleberry

    Marantz Cd85 for sale

  9. tackleberry

    Philips cd 104

    Working as it should, excellent condition. £100 collection only
  10. tackleberry

    Lenco project

  11. tackleberry

    Lenco project

  12. tackleberry

    Lenco project

    Selling as is. Birch ply plinth, needs a quick sand to bring it back up. Platter could do with a re spray. £100 collection only
  13. tackleberry

    Marantz Cd85 for sale

  14. tackleberry

    Marantz Cd85 for sale