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  1. tackleberry

    Full range drivers wanted

  2. Ideally jx92, but will consider anything with a broad spec, (40-50hz to 18-20khz) and a decent excursion. No more than a 150mm cutout.
  3. tackleberry

    Jordan jx92 wanted.

  4. Want aan old 5.1amp to go with my old plasma which is scart lead. Can only use RCA's from my old arcam dvd player (dv78) around £100 tops for a good one, pref near Leeds What have you got?
  5. tackleberry

    Hacked Again!

    Happened to me twice over the last 6 months, the way I always know when it says 'sign in' when I try to look at watched items, someone has obviously changed my settings I find calling em is the safest bet. But to be honest I'm done with eBay anyway. They can't catch the hackers or stave them off. They just say rather robotically "well just reset everything and you should be good to go"
  6. tackleberry

    Jordan jx92 wanted.

  7. tackleberry

    Jordan jx92 wanted.

    Still after a pair of drivers, or in a good box.....
  8. tackleberry

    Jordan jx92 wanted.

    Thanks Jay, can't seem to find either at the minute
  9. tackleberry

    Teac VRDS 7 CD player

    Enjoy bud👍
  10. tackleberry

    Yamaha ns 10

    What's that, over the tweeter?
  11. tackleberry

    Yamaha ns 10

    That's a shame. I liked the look of em
  12. tackleberry

    Yamaha ns 10

    Has anyone ever had these in a system, I wonder what kind of characteristics they would have in the home environment, a small room perhaps?
  13. tackleberry

    Linn new product launch

    You have pm
  14. tackleberry

    Linn new product launch

    Think you need to calm down