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  1. I might have a couple but it doesn’t mean that they get played very often !
  2. In Swedish - because I can ! Opeth - In Cauda Venenum
  3. Exit Stage Left is v. good but...... (the first proper album wot I bought)
  4. It’s a grower..... IQ - Resistance
  5. https://iconaudio.com/passive-line-pre-amplifier-passive How much, and is it the remote control version ?
  6. Finally got my copy today ; sounding good so far ! IQ - Resistance
  7. Haven’t the faintest 🤔
  8. Listening to the free track ( Towers ) before next weeks album release on Bandcamp We Lost The Sea - Towers from the album Triumph & Disaster
  9. I recommend Lateralus which I’ve just been listening to again !
  10. A bigger bit before I leave for work.
  11. I`ll track it down then. In the meantime, another proggy entry.
  12. Never heard the album but always liked the cover..... Camel - Nude
  13. Don`t be down - now that I`m back from work . you can have some more !
  14. Right, now that I`ve had my dinner...... Chances are it`s easier than it looks.