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  1. I've been really pleased with my Shure's, albeit somewhat higher budget. I listen to a wide range of music and have not been disappointed. Not sure whether the SRH1440 is affordable...?
  2. IMHO, very personally, most solid state amps will be able to handle the MA's, unless their impedance curve dips really low somewhere. I wouldn't sweat it too much. Pick something that has the features you need and at a reasonable price. Whilst I didn't spend in the end, I would also suggest looking at the Quad Vena, or very similar, the NAD 3045.
  3. IMHO, these seem like excellent VfM... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MONITOR-AUDIO-GS20-LOUDSPEAKERS/264204284603?hash=item3d83cd72bb:g:pugAAOSwsGpcFtuK But then I would say that. However, if you didn't like them you could easily sell on with little loss.
  4. v1nn1e

    Blank Canvas

    I would agree that speakers are the key ingredient, assuming you are using a solid state amp. For flexibility, one of the newer Quad/NAD amp/dac combos may be a simple and easy option, and I believe now come with a phono stage too. Choosing speakers though is such a personal thing. I love my Monitor Audio's but many seem to find them too bright. The older ranges like the GR's and GS's come up from time to time. You may want to look on eBay and pick out some items that are in your price range, then post up here for comments - you may find someone near who has a pair and is prepared to come and let you listen. Nothing compares to a bit of auditioning though...
  5. Ah, must have been a price increase for the Twenty5.26, thanks
  6. Always thought of the Fact range as the next step up from the Twenty range but seems that these two models have always been closely priced, with the 26 actually more expensive, which seems a bit confusing. Anyone heard both? Any comments? Seems like most people consider the Fact range somewhat overpriced at RRP!
  7. Looks like Exact Audio Copy is probably the thing, with the PCM data put into a WAV file, which seems to be the most universally recognised PCM file format. With 4Tb portable HDDs available, along with exFAT and USB OTG for smartphone use, I'm giving up on any compression.
  8. plasticpenguin I still have those speakers Not found anything to replace them yet but still looking. Even got the same oak finish - or maybe yours were the GS20's, which had a better more rounded finish. Always rather weird seeing one's own speakers in someone else's living room!
  9. If you can get a reasonable return selling your kit off, then it may well be a big load off your mind and the start of a useful downsizing exercise. I ride 'bikes and had a little loaner Honda CB500F while mine was in being serviced. What a cracking little bike, but when taking the loooong route back to pick mine up I realised that part of the enjoyment was the lack of stress/pressure from riding something cheap, simple and low powered. It actually increased the enjoyment. I wonder if, when listening to a system that has cost a huge amount, we can stress over the smallest things because we have such high expectations that it must be absolutely perfect?
  10. FWIW, if I was ever considering going stand mount, with a reasonable budget, I would certainly audition some Harbeths. Ooops! Sorry - read before you post as they say!
  11. Yeah, now, I thought that was exactly what I wanted, and there are several apps around generically labelled ISO file makers. However, it seems they only work on Data CDs that have the bits laid out according to a file system. An audio CD, whilst still digital bits obviously, lays out the disc in a slightly different way, that doesn't adhere to a file-format style, and so these kinds of ISO file copy apps won't work, as I understand it. I've just come across Exact Audio Copy, which looks like the kind of thing but I'm not 'exactly' sure. At some point, for it to exist on the HDD, the bits are going to have to exist in a 'file', as that's all that HDD's understand. What I want is for the contents of that HDD file to look just like the audio CD.
  12. Just wondered what software there was around for doing a bit-wise image copy to disk, and hence being able to play a 'virtual' CD directly off disk, rather than FLAC/MP3 etc files?
  13. I'm a fan of MA but admit I've never heard the Platinums or their ribbon tweeter. If you are getting them second hand or heavily discounted, you could take a punt and may be able to move them on without too much of a hit. It is a risk though - you'll need to judge how popular they are and how easy a sell it will be if it all goes pear shaped. PS I wouldn't have thought your Primare would be a limiting factor.
  14. When will they include motorcycles...?
  15. BTW, for anyone that's interested... There are a pair of GS60's for sale on ebay at the moment - excellent VfM I would say. Nothing to do with me, just pointing out for any Wammers looking to try the MA sound