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  1. v1nn1e

    Storage costs

    Having come across an old Netbook of my son's, I decided to connect it up to my DAC as an alternative to my phone/bluetooth option, without any concerns about bit rates etc. All well and good and then I started to think about my collection of Ripped CD's. Was considering buying a few 128Gb USB memory sticks, which are pretty cheap now at ~£15, but then checked out the HDD options and WOW!!!! A 4Tb portable, external HDD, self-powered off the USB connection for under £90! That strikes me as mega - not much more than ~£20 per Tb and portable and convenient - no separate power supply. I know most serious Rippers go for NAS but TBH, the simplicity of this, and with a USB OTG cable for Phone connection, I can even take it with me if I want to. Anyway, gives peeps another choice if they have a Laptop etc hooked up to their Hi-Fi.
  2. v1nn1e

    My First Streaming experience.

    What surprises me about streaming is that in this age of on-line video viewing, which probably requires an order of magnitude greater bit rate, that it is so hard and expensive to get even lossless compressed CD-audio from anywhere. Can you get it for anything less than £20/month (£200/yr)...?
  3. v1nn1e

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    IMHO, when it comes to vinyl replay, you just have to throw money at it until you get a level of sound and presentation that is above one's own enjoyment/acceptability threshold.
  4. v1nn1e

    Impressions of the new Hana ML cart?

    I've found my AT33ptg/II very good. My previous Benz Gold was really nice and I was keen to get something neutral without any bass/treble emphasis. It'll be a while before I change but I reckon I will try something different when I do to try out a different manufacturer/model.
  5. v1nn1e

    MC Cart Recommended Load Impedance

    A simple rule of thumb that I gleaned from the bumpf that came with my Rothwell Headspace is that as you reduce input impedance below 10x the cartridge impedance, it may boost bass a little but the top-end will be a bit duller. Vice-versa, greater than 10x will tend to enhance treble brightness a little. But I understand the differences are slight. I have yet to experiment with the variable loading in my Headspace.
  6. v1nn1e

    Stream to Chromecast Audio

    Yeah, tried the 'switch it off and on again' times 10; added in the RJ45 connection - tragically all to no avail. I think the finger partly points towards the hub, but who knows. Actually, one thing I haven't checked is the SSID between 2.4 and 5 Ghz. I've heard that if these are different it can cause problems.
  7. v1nn1e

    Impressions of the new Hana ML cart?

    Yeah, could you buy-in a few others at the same time and invite us all around for an audition...? 'New Arm' - I hope you're talking about your turntable!
  8. It's easier to disagree with everyone, then no one can say you're treating them any differently to anyone else
  9. v1nn1e

    Stream to Chromecast Audio

    Chromecast stopped working again! I think now it's my phone connecting to the WifFi extender when I'm sat with the Hi-Fi. The crazy thing is that sometimes Google home sees the Chromecast but then, say Amazon Music doesn't, or other times vice versa! Anyway, for the time being I've ditched the whole lot and I'm using my Blitzwolf Bluetooth device in Rx mode and accepting some audio limitations. At the moment my Sony phone only supports LDAC or AptX. I'll probably replace it later in the year with an Oreo/Android 8 one, that will support AptxHD as well. In the meantime, I will also investigate getting a Router upgrade out of BT to see if that fixes the Chromecast WiFi problems.
  10. v1nn1e

    Bluetooth adapter for Jolida Dac ?

    Ah, just been doing lots of Bluetooth research as I've got in to Headphones. The important bit is the codec that you will be using on your laptop and the Bluetooth receiver. For the highest bit rate you have a choice of Sony's LDAC or Qualcomm's Aptx HD. I have a Blitzwolf BW BR4 tht supports Aptx HD - there are many others around too. This can also act as a Tx, which I use with my headphones. It has Toslink out so you can feed your own DAC.
  11. v1nn1e

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    You are welcome to have my brain but only once I've finished with it!
  12. IMHO, at times Serge's voice was one of common sense amidst a cacophony of nonsense. I found his comments very helpful personally and his audio and electronic knowledge were excellent.
  13. v1nn1e

    CD Alive and Well?

    I only ever look at the Vinyl in charity shops - keep forgetting what a good source of CD's it can be too.
  14. v1nn1e

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    The only way to sort this out is for someone to submit to surgery and allow probes to be inserted into that part of the brain that responds to music signals from the ear and see whether they light-up brighter with a CD or an LP!
  15. v1nn1e

    Impressions of the new Hana ML cart?

    So many cartridge manufacturers, so much hassle to try them all out! When my Audio Technica has had its day, I'm still tempted to go back to a Benz Micro, but then I've also promised myself to try a Goldring, and let's not mention Audio Note, Zyx, Lyra, Shelter......