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  1. Lokes

    Large heatsinks WANTED

    Thanks, I hope your storage system is better than mine, I've got lots of bits, somewhere ?
  2. I'm collecting parts for a project (Firstwatt f6 ) and wondered if anyone had any large heatsinks that they're no longer using . They don't need to be pristine , just reasonably priced
  3. Lokes

    Are the Leak Stereo 20 and TL12+ a bit rubbish ?

    I was given my first Stereo 20 by a colleague who's wife had tripped over it for a decade and threatened to bin it. it was hummy and only worked on one channel, Smoothing caps, new coupling caps and a few valves and I was in business, it was great. A few years later I bought the amp pictured with Border Patrol supply off Ebay, although working the supply hadn't been correctly wired and rectifying this small mistake gave it a lift, I experimented with coupling caps and ended up with a mix of teflon V caps and Ampohm PIOs, The Black Gate Heart of Muse are probably overkill but they didn't cost silly money at the time I bought them, They are 100uf because the BP supply can more than cope. A sq getter long plate Mullard ( V1 ) and Siemens E83CC ( phase splitters ) followed by a quad of KM1 Mullard EL84 complete the valve line up. I used a TVC passive, a great choice and better than a number of stepped attenuator units I'd used, Speakers were a pair of Snell type J mkII , it sounded very good sober and excellent after a glass or two
  4. Lokes

    Wanted - Helius Orion Mk1

    I need weights for mine, bought it without any, but at the price I paid I won't grumble, thanks for the heads up
  5. Lokes

    Moving abroad - sell?

    Befriend someone with more attic space than you can shake a stick at I've managed to stash a lot of kit in Spare rooms and attic space, in all honesty I'm not 100% sure what I'll find when it comes to unearthing it all
  6. Lokes

    Exceptional value audio: new/used (but not DIY*)

    Quad kit is sensibly priced and easy enough to work on, picked up a 33, 405 and FM3 for £75 on Gumtree, 405 apparently needing attention, It all worked fine when powered up, also Picked up a well looked after pair of ESL 57 speakers for £205. Nad amplifiers are pretty good value secondhand, I've heard a lot worse for a lot more. Probably my best buy is an Inca Designs ID 25 Class A power amp, Very good condition and almost certainly better than my knackered ears deserve, bought at auction for £100, nobody else had a clue what it was
  7. This is a bit of a long shot but..... I've recently aquired a nice Victor turntable and Trio amplifier, both are 100v ac supply so I require a step down transformer, I'll probably make a unit but on the off chance someone has one gathering dust, I thought I'd ask here first.
  8. Lokes

    Hifi Clearout

    Hi Reg I've had Castle speakers that buzzed, it appears they made great speakers but used a dodgy batch of glue on the severn bass units and maybe others. This link shows the procedure, Mine were free with a midi system and are now having their second life following the purchase of some glue and a little of my time Jules
  9. I'm about to order some First watt f6 boards from the U.S. I thought I'd ask on here if anyone had some boards or transformers they wanted to sell before I place my order. Boards already ordered, still interested in Input Transformers JENSEN JT-123-FLPCH Thanks Jules
  10. Buy a plot and build exactly what you want from scratch, you'll be glad you did, when I embarked upon my house build I had two room that ticked most boxes.
  11. Lokes

    Going large with loudspeakers

    Wyatt is very much a one off, the world couldn't cope with 2, top bloke though
  12. Lokes

    Going large with loudspeakers

    These ar ER esl III Designed down under , Frame is solid Ash, each speaker weighs about 25 - 30kgs
  13. Lokes

    Going large with loudspeakers

    Recently aquired, not had chance to hear them yet but I have high hopes that's my mate giving me a hand to lug them upstairs, he's 5ft 10 inches for the sake of scale
  14. Lokes

    "NBS" speaker cable structure/geometry

    I will be going up into my sister's loft at some point but don't hold your breath, There's a pair of Transcendent OTL mono blocks up there too, along with various other bits of kit, to be honest I've forgotten exactly what. She lives some distance from me and it might be many months away, Jules
  15. Lokes

    "NBS" speaker cable structure/geometry

    The polk cable was great for blowing up Naim amps I seem to remember, fine with valves though. This thread has also reminded me that I have many metres of it somewhere ( sister's loft ??? ) and I had intended to have a go at paralleling it up and even bought a cheapo solder pot, unfortunately a serious head injury and consequent house sale means it all got boxed up and stashed.