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  1. I have a number of stable platters players, 904, 802 etc ( don't ask ) you'll find that a number of different Pioneer remotes from that era will work
  2. I had these with my Snell type JII, perfect and an absolute bargain
  3. A Bargain. I own both of these items although in my case the BP supply is paired with a Stereo 20, and the AI runs on it's own supply. I shudder to think what items built to this quality would cost new. Thanks for the tip on the rivets
  4. I've attacked the crossovers of two pairs of type J with quality caps and resistors, both pairs benefitted from the assault. I found the tweeter a bit tiresome with the stock cap, Mundorf silver oil in one pair and Hovland musicap in the other went a long way in improving the over all sound.
  5. I've fitted clocks to a few Pioneer stable platter machines, well worth the effort. Bought my first from Tom evans, when after a brief chat we realised we lived about 10 minutes from each other
  6. Lokes

    Capacitor porn

    Many years ago I fitted "V caps" as coupling caps in my Leak ( when each pound was worth 2 dollars and they were doing start up deals ) they took forever to run in, probably more than 300 hours. Even stranger than that , they sounded OK to start with , after a few days they went edgy and quite unpleasant , I took them back out ( the beauty of a Stereo 20 is that this takes minutes) and plonked my polyprops back in. I'd read that there was a long "burn in" time, so I placed them in a kitchen system for a week or two, back into the Leak and they sounded as good as I'd hoped, there was a further small impovement over the next few weeks. Like Psilonaught has said, he's not imagining it.
  7. Just a quick update, thankfully the diplacusis seems to have rectified itself, I can detect no frequency shift between right and left ear, the tinnitus levels still seem a fair bit louder than " normal " but I'm hopeful that too will ease as my head clears. Thanks again for all the support
  8. I had grommets when I was 5 years old, I'm now 58, it's a very common procedure and probably saved my hearing at that time, I think they dissolve after a while, I remember crusty blood in my ears. When I had an audiometric test in my twenties ,prior to joining the BBC, my ears were pretty much top notch.
  9. Thanks for the support chaps, I'm hoping that the rarity of the condition peaks the interest of a good Audiologist and I can maybe get some help, I agree just leaving and hoping probably isn't the best course of action. I've had blocked eustachian tubes in the past in fact as a 5 year old, I had grommets in a classic ear nose and throat op, Adenoids and Tonsils whipped out too. Without that op I wouldn't have enjoyed a 30 year career in the Sound dept of the Beeb. Unfortunately this seems to be more than a blocked eustachian tube but I've no doubt their not functioning correctly at present. "If your diplacusis is caused by an obstruction, your hearing may return to normal once the obstruction is removed or the infection subsides. Diplacusis caused by sensorineural hearing loss is permanent, but it may be treated with hearing aids or cochlear implants. If you notice symptoms of diplacusis or suspect you are losing your hearing, make an appointment to see a hearing healthcare professional. They can provide easy, painless testing and determine the right course of action. To find a trusted hearing healthcare professional in your community" I've found a guy on diyaudio.com who's been through something similar, I'll mail him
  10. As many who frequent these pages I've had hearing problems, In my case for the last 8 years I've struggled withTinnitus, however, with time I've adjusted and recently started enjoying music again, low level, 60 to 70 dba modest equipment but still enjoyable. In March I caught a virus, a few weeks of coughing didn't shift it, then something altogether more unpleasant took hold, I became very unwell , no appetite etc, seems to have been Pneumonia, the effects of which are still ongoing. About a week ago my better half spoke and I started laughing, she sounded like she was on helium, initially I was worried in case she had a problem with her throat, a few hours later ,with the radio on, it dawned on me that I was hearing everything pitch shifted, blocking off either ear told me that it was my left ear that was affected, it 's always the left ear that gets affected more when I get a head cold ( tinnitus worsens in both ears but the left ear takes longer to clear ) I've not seen a doctor as yet but the condition is known as Diplacusis dysharmonica, I'd never heard of it before, I'm hoping it's transitory and that I recover to some extent when my head clears, but I've googled a few cases where it's a permanent fixture. Anyway the point of this ramble is the most important part of your kit are your ears, don't listen too loud, take care you don't bump your head ( that's where my tinnitus came from ) and if this thing ever clears up I'll not let a cold persist without seeking treatment. Jules
  11. Thanks for the info, I don't have a turntable rigged up at the moment, a friend used it for a few months with a Sowter step up, I'll check the output , thanks for the tip
  12. Hi, I did message you on the 10th to see if you could email me some pics but didn't get a reply, still interested Jules
  13. Just an update to this, AN kits couldn't help, no longer have the paperwork, Messaged Peter Qvortrup, he took the time to reply, and loved the case unfortunately he had no info on the design either. The good news is that a piece of 3mm steel plate has screened the choke and traffo and the hum is no longer a problem, my tinnnitus ravaged ears are not the best but this preamp has allowed me to really enjoy music for the first time in years, at levels of 65dba ( about my limit ) it pulls you into the music, recommendations don't come much higher
  14. I heard these at a show, driven by the second audio triodes, Jeff Beck has never sounded as good as he did then, and I've seen him live 3 times! wonderful speakers, I've got the cash but I'm between abodes, great speakers but bad timing for me. Good luck with the sale