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  1. Help please identifying some mic transformers

    Could the units in the 307 be inductors ?
  2. Help please identifying some mic transformers

    I had a quick squint at the cct diagram and you're right. anyway, they're definitely manufactured by the company that made mine. I have a couple of Partridge Transformers that were apparently removed from a Ferrograph tape machine, but these are different, maybe cheaper units ? I hope not
  3. Help please identifying some mic transformers

    Thanks Toprepairman and Serge I think you may have cracked it, I googled Ferrograph and came up with this, it's a pic of a Ferrograph 307 amplifier, maybe not the exact same transformer but I'm well and truly on the right track, Jules
  4. Help please identifying some mic transformers

    Thanks Serge, I've put a meter on them, they are fairly well matched as a pair, I've looked through hundreds of pictures but can't identify the make
  5. Hi I have a pair of small transformers that I'm going to cobble together to try in an MC step up device, they meter 24 ohms primary and just over 2k secondaries anyone able to identify the maker ? Zilch on the outside but there is AF Transformer Type 210 on the terminal end diameter is roughly the same as a 50p piece
  6. leak stereo 20 caps

    I've got a pair of Black gate heart of muse, 100uf , I've since seen them on Ebay for over £1.5 k I'm sure they were worth the £100 I paid for them, I get away with the 100uf as I'm using an offbord power supply. Coupling caps is where the fun is
  7. Punishment for animal abusers - petition for change!

    Yes I get that, my point was that is a shit life destined for the plate preferrable to no life at all ? probably not if you're a battery hen, maybe so if you're a sheep on a hillside or a free range hen
  8. Punishment for animal abusers - petition for change!

    There is a lot of sense in this, I find any kind of cruelty abhorrent and find the ridiculous sentences handed out to those convicted of animal cruelty almost as heinous as the crime itself. My Nephew wants to be a vet and has spent sometime gaining work experience, a week of which was spent at an abbatoir, this has had a profound affect on him, I know that if I had to kill the animal myself then I'd be either vegetarian or eating fish I'd caught myself ( have caught and eaten fish in the past ), I feel this is the way I should be going anyway, I'm aware of the double standards in being happy to let others do the killing for me. To balance this though there is the argument that many animals we eat wouldn't have had a life if they weren't destined for the plate from the outset.
  9. Frankie Boyle....again

    He's marmite, I like him
  10. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pass-labs/16337-ei-vs-toroidal-transformers.html see the Peter Daniel section where he quotes John Curl, seems both have their strengths and weaknesses
  11. Quad ESL refurbish

    Appreciate the advice, I had the same kind of advice before I built my own house but it seems to have turned out pretty good, I'm a practical kind of guy so I figure it's worth a shot
  12. Quad ESL refurbish

    Hi has anyone used the materials supplied by Gary Jacobsen for their refurbs ? seems pretty good value compared to some others http://www.quadesl.org/index.php/fixit/area-51
  13. Boris

    you get to an age and realise that almost all politicians are various shades of shit, I'm sure Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is as vile as any of the tory lot, cycling to work , being a buffoon on tv shows etc conjures up the image he wants to present but his eye is on the prize and I've no doubt he'd do what was necessary to win it.
  14. https://www.gumtree.com/p/ford/ford-mondeo-2.2-diesel-ghia-estate/1153495923 will better your mpg and spares are cheap if you need them
  15. Whats Your Favourite TRex Album?

    Fair enough, so your favourite T rex album is ? The Slider for me,the reason I got a paper round to buy LPs, it was the first album I bought followed by Budgie " In for the kill " and DSOTM. Spaceball ricochet and Ballrooms of mars still pass the goosebump test