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The information for this year's show is now live at or by clicking on the show banner below.

NON EXHIBITOR ROOMS NOW OPEN - Special Offer....Stay Saturday, join in all the build up excitement on Sat night and then gain FREE access to the show on Sunday



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    Phonosophie No3
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    TP90 Philips GP390
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    High Octane Riaa
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    Marantz CD63 MK11 KS
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    £6.00 DAC
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    Linn Intek
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  1. audioflyer

    Quad 22

    I currently have the flu hopfully it coming to an end, now on the fouth week. Yes I wiling to take a look at the Quad 22 per amp I'll pm you next week with my address. Sharif.
  2. audioflyer

    Quad 22

    If you would like to bring it along to my room at Kegworth I will be able to help. I will be taking my Quad II's and 22 preamp as backup, in case the Electrocompainet has any issue! Regards, Sharif.
  3. I'm currently use a pair of Quad II's with ES14 or JBL L40 both are a very easy loads for the Quads.
  4. I will be taking my LP12 with the Philips GP390 cartridge to the Kegworth Wam show this coming March come and have listen.
  5. I should have hidden my profile lol.
  6. Yes it is a low output ceramic cartridge that uses a standard MM phonestage, it has also been retip with paratrace stylus.
  7. I have not posted on the Linn forum in a very long time so here a few photos of my LP12 that I've owned since 1984. The Ittok was add in 1988 followed by the cirkus chassis and Lingo PSU in 2002. Two years ago I rebuilt the turntable and fitted a magik sub chassis new bolts, springs and belt. At the same time I serviced my Lingo fitted new caps and replaced the mains filter for a non filter unit. Fitted with a very rare 1968 cartridge? Anybody like to guest what it is?
  8. Hi Paul, Can I give you my equipment list this weekend as I'm waiting on some part to restore a Leak 2001 turntable and a Tandberg TR200 Receiver? Regards Sharif.
  9. What more can I say other than what been said already. Thanks to Peter and Danny and all the other organizers and exhibitiors. Saturday night was great to meet up with new and old friends chatting and having a beer. This was my seventh time I've exhibited and by far the best, I didn’t get out of the room until late in the day I had a great day chatting, listening and answering questions about my vintage set up. Quite a few people had a double take seeing a Quad 22 preamp driving my Naim inspired NAP160 amplifiers. My setup on the day was as follows:- Phonosophie No.3, RB600 Tonearm, Philips GP390 Ceramic cartridge with ESCC patatrace stylus. Linn LP12, Majik sub chassis, Lingo MkI, Ittok MKII Tonearm, Philips GP390 Ceramic cartridge with ESCC patatrace stylus. High Octane riaa phonostage (DIYaudio project) Quad 22 modified and a separate psu. Naim inspired NAP160 mono block amplifiers. Marantz CD6006 CD player. Restored 1978 JBL L40 speakers. Once again thank you to everyone for making it the best hi-fi show. As for coming back next year count me in I'll like same room please (room 1). Sharif.
  10. Can you add one more to the Sunday curry list.
  11. Hi could you amend and add a few thing into line 3 (Audioflyer) Full Name : Sharif Din Digital Source: Marantz CD63 Ki ll Amplification: could you remove "hsp phono" Cable: Home Made Thanks Sharif
  12. Hi Peter, can you add me to the list as I was on the old spreadsheet. Linn LP12 or Phonosophie No.3 HSP 5.1 Phonostage Quad 22 Preamp & PSU Power amps DIY based on NAP160 monoblocks. JBL L40 Speakers Thanks Sharif. (Audioflyer)
  13. Hi mayebaza I've sent you a PM. Sharif
  14. If anybody fancies bringing a preamp/amplilfier to try in my setup you are more than welcome. Sharif.