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  1. Peaman

    Amp damage

    I think your right, I'll do just that and work through . It's typical, as I've just cleared out and Ebayed a load of spare valves, including a pair of 300b's - Sods law right!
  2. Peaman

    Amp damage

    The speakers were hooked up at all times, but it was just that LHS channel that I messed up on. 3 outputs out back per channel 8/16/Ground and I wired 8/16 no ground. Thanks as always Serge.. Just dusting down some kit after standing back from Hifi for a while. Can't get the brain in gear....
  3. Peaman

    Amp damage

    Evening guys I picked up my Dads old Wharfdale Lintons this afternoon, that he built 45 years ago. Eager to get them up and running tonight, I hooked them up to my Trafomatic 300b integrated valve amp, which has been in storage for a while. Because the speakers are an old kit build, the terminals are just a couple of screws in the back. So, I dug out some bell wire, and hooked them up. In my rush, I had wired the speaker wire incorrectly at the amp end with +ve to the 8ohm tap, and negative to the 16ohm tap rather than to the negative terminal on the LHS channel. There was no sound coming from that channel, which led me to my mistake. I've rectified the issue, but still no sound coming out. I've checked the same speaker on the other channel and it the speaker works, so would appear that the speaker is alive and well. My question is, would hooking up the speaker to both the 8ohm and 16 ohm taps fry the amp on that channel? All tubes appear fine, all uniform no crackles etc..... One of those , should have waited until tomorrow when your fresh jobs. When will I learn....... Cheers guys
  4. Peaman

    Klipsch heresy

    Get some Cans!! Rather tempted myself actually......maybe something from the house of Hifiman.....
  5. Peaman

    For all of us who will never hear Vox Olympian

    Of course it is. There is a very simple reason for this. For those of us who have had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with Kevin, some,will feel some what annoyed at him being needlessly slated. I have spent time in his workshop, and seen the endless prototyping, and development of not only his Vox Olympian's but his other products too. His energy and drive, are inspiring to be honest. His products the result of fine tuning his ideas to achieve the best solution to many design problems. I have been genuinely impressed with his approach, it's incredibly refreshing. Regardless of what things cost, he's always been more than accomadating with more run of the mill items and advice. What truely p*sses me off, is this passtime of slating people/products/whatever, for the sake of it. It's the same old story when people show flare and do well. It's not constructive debate, it's just a bit sad really.
  6. Wow! That looks mighty impressive. Bet it sounds stunning......
  7. Peaman

    Marantz PM 45

    Been on Google and didn't think to actually put the Marantz bit in there! What a Donut... Thought it was just a generic lead of sorts rather than a Marantz special.... Cheers for the heads up . What about chucking a UK plug on it? I take it, its just a twin core cable...would you think?
  8. Peaman

    Marantz PM 45

    Evening guys... I picked up a Marantz PM 45 Amp over the weekend from a Charity shop that my Mum runs. Thought I'd make a donation and give it a whirl just out of curiosity more than anything. Anyway, got it home to find the power inlet socket is a two pronged affair (not a figure 8 but a rectangular slot), rather than the usual 3 pronged IEC fitting. Its a UK spec unit with 220v and 240 settings - looks like a late 1980's style/age. Anyone know the technical term for the correct lead for it? (P*ss takes more than welcome BTW). I cannot believe I haven't got one in my big 'Rats nest' of old leads and cables! Cheers JP
  9. Peaman

    B&W 803 Diamond verses 802 diamond

    Winner winner chicken Dinner!
  10. Peaman

    B&W 803 Diamond verses 802 diamond

    Not renowned for Tonal accuracy? Why are they used in studios as a monitor.......? I have a pair, and have had so, for some years now. Along the way, I have gone off at a tangent trying quite a few different brands, and am now back enjoying the 802D's like I probably should have from the start. Sure, many speakers don't hit the button when you get them home, because they are all so room and equipment dependent, which makes home demo the only way now in my eyes. How else can you know. I have run mine with many different amps, all having a major influence on the sound. The two which I enjoy now are a John Sampson modded KW 500 which grips the 802Ds by the bollocks. The other amp is well left of field, for the purpose. But, one evening I threw my Trafomatic 300B which I use on some Musical Affair speakers I have, and I was more than surprised with the result. Sounds really sweet, and I'm really enjoying the music on them. I would say that my room is pretty large that they live in, and I could imagine in smaller space, they'd overwhelm the room.
  11. Peaman

    Steve's hifi shop in Hastings

    Geoff is a cracking bloke - he serviced some Valve Mono's for me - very reasonable and did a great job.
  12. Peaman

    The Pursuit of Happiness

  13. Peaman

    Interconnect Minefield

    Hold onto your hats, here we go again!
  14. Peaman

    Well done guys

    Great day, nice to meet a few faces. Yes, the Opals were fantastic, real top to bottom scale, and crystal clear. Then the fabulous contrast with Rabski's LV's and his set up - superb. The biggest eye opener of the day for me, was the BBC Monitors of Lodgesound. I sat in there listening to the most incredible, effortless sound. They just hit the spot, wonderfully rich and simple way. Big hats off to all of you though, it's. Huge thing to haul your gear ll that way - Thankyou. BTW- the local Radio station was saying the car parking situation had got so big, that it was visible from SPACE!!
  15. Peaman

    The Any questions for James thread!

    ...I've only gone and re arranged the whole weekend around it too!! Our lass is not impressed - oops. See you all sunday....