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  1. stylesound


    If you Google it you will find lots of pictures of these speakers + YouTube videos.
  2. stylesound


    Just bought a pair of these 1970s speakers at auction because I had never seen or even heard of them before and the build quality looked excellent. Now playing them and can't believe how good they sound (hence the posting). Rated at 120W. 3 way with adjustable tweeter and 12" dia. base driver. Has anybody any experience or info on them. Just another example of there being masses of very high quality hifi out there at really crazy cheap prices.
  3. stylesound


    Yes to some extent but not quite sure if it has not been messed about with by previous owners in the last 60+ years. Would be nice to know the original specified values, voltage ratings and tolerances of components etc.. The input/driver valves are ECC82 and ECC83.
  4. I have a 1956 Cape VL1 Mk1 and a 1958 Mk11. These are KT66 ultra-linear 25W monoblock amplifiers with similar circuitry supposedly based on a Williamson design. Does anybody have any knowledge/experience of these amps or technical information especially a circuit diagram.
  5. stylesound

    WTD: Quad II Valve Amplifiers

    I have 9 or 10 pairs in various cosmetic and working states. At least 4 pairs have had capacitors and resistors replaced. Most have original GEC or Marconi (grey or clear) KT66 valves. PM me if of interest. BR Mike
  6. Just completed refurbs on a 1963 and 1965 Leak Stereo 20 valve amplifiers (one grey, one gold) plus 3no Varislope and 1no Point One Stereo pres. Tried to retain as many of the original parts as possible but unfortunately the majority were out of spec. Capacitors replaced with those excellent Russian paper in oils. Now on test and all sounding superb and should be good for another 55 years (there isn't a lot of modern equipment available that one could say that about). For me another of those hifi myths dispelled in regard to past criticisms of Leak valve preamplifiers. Multi functional, user friendly, good build quality, attractive apperance and good performance.
  7. stylesound

    Why do i always seem to do this to myself

    So it is not Classique Audio as you 1st posted. I think you will find that Paul of Classique Sounds will be the first to admit he is not an expert in anything Quad which is why he has all of his work done by Andy Jones of Aquadthingaudio or Andy's cousin at One Thing Audio.
  8. stylesound

    Why do i always seem to do this to myself

    Have you got a contact address / tel. no. for them?
  9. stylesound

    Why do i always seem to do this to myself

    To ensure you get proper advice, give Andy Jones of aquadthingaudio another call. As you know he is a top man who will put you right. Also loads of good info and pics on the net (ie Keith Snook) where you will note there is one treble and two base panels in each speaker the treble being in the middle. It isn't difficult to remove the back panel but why bother at this stage? Just put your ear close to the speaker to hear if each panel is working properly.
  10. stylesound

    Wtd Queen on Vinyl

    I have the following Queen LPs for sale; A Kind of Magic - Gatefold - EU3509 - 1989 - EX+ / EX+ - £10 Jazz - Gatefold - with poster - EMA788 - 1978 - EX+ / EX+ - £25 Jazz - Gatefold - no poster - EMA788 - 1978 - EX+ / EX+ - £20 Jazz - Gatefold - with poster - EMA788 - 1978 - EX / EX - £20 Shear Heart Attack - lyric sleeve - EMC3061 - 1974 - VG+ / EX - £15 Shear Heart Attack - no lyric sleeve - EMC3061 - 1974 - VG+ / EX - £12 Queen II - gatefold - lyric sleeve - EMA767 - 1974 - EX / EX - £30 Queen II - gatefold - lyric sleeve - EMA767 - 1974 - VG+ / EX+ - £25 News of the World - gatefold - EMA784 - 1977 - EX+ / EX - £20 A Night at the Opera - gatefold - EMTC103 - 1975 - EX / EX - £15 A Night at the Opera - gatefold - EMTC103 - 1975 - VG / VG - £10 A Night at the Opera - gatefold - EMTC103 - 1975 - EX+ / EX+ - £20 A Night at the Opera - gatefold - EMTC103 - 1975 - VG+ / VG+ - £12 The Game - 062-63 923 - 1979 - EX+ / EX+ - £5 I also have further copies of the above plus 'A Day at the Races', 'The Works', Flash Gordon', 'Live Killers' and 'Queen' All my LPs are cleaned on a Keith Monks RCM. Postage to UK - £3.00. Combined postage rates offered.
  11. stylesound

    Where do I buy a stylus for my Shure M75EJ Type 2?

    I have a new old stock Shure N75EJ stylus (light green with Shure and EJ T2 in black letters). The EJ is a biradial type (0.4 x 0.7mm) with a recommended tracking force of 1.5 to 3gms. The N75ED is also a biradial (0.2 x 0.7) with a tracking force of 0.75 to 1.5gms. Re playing weight I would be more wary of playing at 0.75gms than at 1.5 to 3gms. Remember one of the most desirable cartridges, the Ortofon SPU Classic, has a recommended playing weight of 3-5gms and no it does not wear out the vinyl. Asking £25. If you decide you do prefer a 75ED I have a couple of good used examples complete with cartridge.
  12. stylesound

    Alfa Romeo

    Used to have a 2l DOHC 1980s Giulietta. It was like a screaming banshee; great to drive with the gearbox at the back and therefore the engine closer to the bulkhead giving excellent front to back balance but frightening with the propshaft turning at engine speed. Kept the registration plate when I sold the car and which I now have on a retention certificate thinking I may buy another Alfa in the future. As a result of depreciation levels (even on used models) I now don't think this will ever happen. As a joke I was even considering transferring the registation plate onto my BMW to confuse the haters of BMW drivers the plate being A1FAA
  13. stylesound

    We're Not Covered for Postal Damage or Loss when we sell.

    So are you advising him to take Parcelforce to court even though his contract was with the intermediary Postage Supermarket? What proof have you got if the insurer says 'inappropriately packed'? Did you photograph your consignment at all stages of packing? With regards to some courier companies I agree with the sentiments of jamwat's statement that' insurance is legal fraud'. On the other hand there are clearly some members who have benefitted by overclaiming their losses. Guess who ultimately pays? Us. The OP says he has been buying and selling on Ebay and Gumtree for 20 years and not met this problem before. I therefore suggest he should consider himself very lucky and other than perhaps recovering his amp and getting it repaired or sell the component parts he should, at worst, just move on. What value of claim are we talking about here?
  14. stylesound

    We're Not Covered for Postal Damage or Loss when we sell.

    I would suggest that the main reason that Parcelforce have refused you claim is because your contract is not with them but with postagesupermarket. Best of luck but prepare for the worst or at least loads of hassle. Prior to sending you amp did you not read the thread on this forum headed 'Best courier for sending hifi equipment?' (Sept. 14). Furthermore I really get pissed off when sellers in forum classifieds, bootsales, charity shops, auctions etc say 'this is what they go for on Ebay' and conveniently chooses to ignore that to get that good price they are using as a yardstick , the seller has been responsible for getting it to the other side of the world undamaged.
  15. stylesound

    Quad electrostatics

    Yes the demo resulted in dispelling many myths and preconceived ideas.