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  1. grimep

    Awesome You Tube Music

    while Im here... What a performance:
  2. grimep

    Awesome You Tube Music

    Have you guys done the Tiny Desk Concerts yet? Did a search and nuthin came up. Probably best to get the Youtube channel up and have a look through but here are a few standouts for me
  3. grimep

    Hip Hop

    its not hip hop.. its electro...
  4. grimep

    Hip Hop

  5. grimep

    Hip Hop

    a bit of humour in music often goes a long way...
  6. bit of a wide genre definition but some that have stood the test of time for me...
  7. grimep


    Sly & Robbie have still got it
  8. grimep

    Songs with LOW bass

  9. grimep

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    Fair enough, who am I to judge
  10. grimep

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    might be stretching the definition of "pleasure"
  11. grimep

    Awesome You Tube Music

    what's not to like...
  12. grimep

    Songs with LOW bass

    quite partial to a bit of Si Begg once in a while...
  13. grimep

    Awesome You Tube Music