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  1. grimep

    Best British Isles trad folk album?

    No Roses and the album with Davy Graham are two of my all time favourites, timeless and definitely desert island choices as you said.
  2. grimep


    from the wonderful True Democracy album, '82
  3. grimep

    What are you listening to right now?

    Just realized Amon Tobin finally released a new album in April, Fear in a Handful of Dust. On first listen it's his best yet, wonderful.
  4. grimep

    Hip Hop

    always been a sucker for mixes... with Force Trilogy.mp3
  5. grimep

    Hip Hop

    another one gone too young But yeah, one of the best
  6. grimep

    Hip Hop

  7. grimep

    Hip Hop

  8. grimep

    Hip Hop

  9. grimep

    Hip Hop

    and I realised Id missed out on a decade's worth of brilliant music.....
  10. grimep

    Hip Hop

    and what got me back into it all was the Cold Krush Cuts mix album.....
  11. grimep

    Hip Hop

    this was my era... Grandmaster Flash, Streetsound Electro series, etc
  12. grimep

    Awesome You Tube Music

  13. grimep

    Awesome You Tube Music

    while Im here... What a performance:
  14. grimep

    Awesome You Tube Music

    Have you guys done the Tiny Desk Concerts yet? Did a search and nuthin came up. Probably best to get the Youtube channel up and have a look through but here are a few standouts for me
  15. grimep

    Hip Hop

    its not hip hop.. its electro...