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  1. Transparency Such a bollocks term to describe hifi, transparent to what? How do you know how transparent it's supposed to be? Absolute flibble
  2. Exogal comet. If you want a modern dac that sounds like no other I've heard
  3. I've been DAC shopping for a while and ended up with an FPGA based exogal comet, apart from the fiddly ass remote and frankly awful phone app, it sounds bloody lovely. I suggest anyone give it a go.
  4. kernow

    Is HiFI Dead?

    There's nothing wrong with red book audio! This thread equates to 'Why aren't all modern adults interested in inefficient audio jewelry that costs £8500?' Oh. I really don't know, couldn't imagine.
  5. kernow

    Is HiFI Dead?

    I don't think they want to be either, when a modern av amp or if you're a little bit serious, a headphone DAC and some nice headphones for a couple hundred will get you close. Even my friends into stereo back in the day who love music and appreciate it in hi fidelity, think I'm nuts for still being into it at 41 almost. If it wasn't for hifi forums I wouldn't know a single person with a decent hifi
  6. kernow

    Is HiFI Dead?

    For you yes, but not for the majority of people -noone nowadays listens to music by itself really I've never thought of my system or goals in hifi to replicate live music as if I was there either. I just want it to play recorded music well. A far more sensible goal.
  7. kernow

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Small, modern 'consumer' audio equipment actually sounds pretty great, even from a small £100 Bluetooth speaker. You'd have to be mad to own a £10k system which takes up half your room nowadays. Even a lot of hi end kit is getting smaller, using hdmi as interconnects, controlled by apps etc
  8. kernow

    Speaker isolation

    Depends on the floor
  9. £50 cables tops across my whole system. No idea what make they are. Don't fall for it. Bear in mind a lot of the cable believers are 60+ with shot hearing. You don't hear differences between them, you perceive them, because you just spent more money.
  10. Email Rob at IAG he can let you know
  11. Tannoys or gyro not included, sorry.
  12. Please read full description I've owned this since 2007 and it's in near mint condition as you can see in the photos. It has six digital inputs and I've mainly used it as a DAC for Spotify. It has both fixed and variable outputs and can be used as a digital preamplifier into a power amp directly. Now I'm ditching cd this is for sale. I've now found the cd player drawer has an issue where it comes out fine if you press eject but won't go back in without a slight nudge. This seems to be a common problem with this model and might be an easy fix - however it plays CDs 100% perfectly despite this issue. The price reflects this - £210 shipped in the UK via courier and PayPal gift. I think that's a fair price for a very well received player. If you pair it directly into a quad 909 you have a silly good system for around £600. Anyway, thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions. Cheers
  13. Very well made , just surplus to requirements £32 posted in UK via PayPal gift Thanks for looking