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  1. I can split my integrated in half and use it either as a pre or power, so I might hook the DAC up tomorrow and try it direct.
  2. kernow

    Box reducing

    A lot of things have an external power supply nowadays too which requires shelf
  3. I've also got a banking transaction log showing the recall, but I can't really make head nor sense of it. I'm awaiting two interview results today and find out this. 2020s been weird
  4. Guys, this might be turning around /pray
  5. From what I've read, the mytek products are anything but warm. I might be biased, but if you want a 'warm', analogue sounding DAC. Exogal
  7. Ah, yeah. New pair on eBay for 600
  8. Only my SR80s. Hehe The lcd2 look like a good match, whether I'd like them is another matter
  9. kernow

    Bug bears in hifi

    Exactly what I was going to say. I get very little bass leakage from my flat, and no complaints
  10. Can't recall how much this was new, £12 posted? Good cable 2M unterminated pair. Thanks for looking
  11. Thanks guys, I'm looking at 32-140ohm max sensitivity so the 5w headphone amp will drive them. That means the beyers amongst others are out. I like lightweight open back headphones so I was looking at the Grado rs2e, but the build quality doesn't seem any better than my 80s. So I've been looking for a couple days now at closed back headphones, and open. For the 3-600 bracket including used, and I'm still perplexed.
  12. kernow

    Dali 2.8 suite

    In fact, I'm pretty sure I sold mine to a guy in Brighton about 7yrs ago