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  1. Safe to take my amp knobs off and give them a polish with brasso? They're pretty tarnished. Just an Allen key fitting ?
  2. kernow

    Quick question - cart set up and phono stages

    Did you do anything special with the phoenix? I've heard it's good to have the vta so it sits lower at the back?
  3. kernow

    Quick question - cart set up and phono stages

    Set and forget here. Life's too short
  4. I have one long bolt going through at the rear left, so can use that. The perspex in the mod covers the armboard earth screw hole so I'd have to get a nut and fit it to the 5mm of arm mount screw I guess. Might have to make a cable up, I'll try find the other in my box and take a look.
  5. Since changing to this mod I've removed the earth strap as there's no real way to fit it with the armboard fitted, unless you screw into on of the arm base screws. I've got ground cables from arm to phono, but I've noticed very recently after a full rebuild the record is very static-y when I pick it up after playing. Anyone else noticed this?
  6. kernow

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    End game speaker for me, unless I can plump for Kensingtons. I've never enjoyed the look of glossy black or typically 'hifi' looking speakers with a shit veneer on for £6000. No thanks
  7. kernow

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    I had it on a shelf before. I rent. I have accoustifoam under the speakers and SDS feet under the gyro.
  8. kernow

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Yeah I've looked at it. I've got the pedersen armboard mod fitted which made a decent improvement. Maybe in future as I do need all the help I can get with this floor.
  9. kernow

    Exogal comet

    Cheers, yeah I read the screen is useless but the app doesn't look much better. I love how kitbashed it is. As you say it gets close to DACs that cost a lot more and seems a bit of a marvel. Still undecided, they can't even get the screen fitted straight most of the time. I like the idea of an FPGA dac though and it would just be a set and forget affair. I'd prefer it with no screen at all. Even for a basic dac it still has analogue inputs, headphone amp and pre capability. I might just get an AN unit as that does one thing. Other ones I looked at, wadia 321, dcs Debussy - huge for no reason
  10. kernow

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Kit pic - not changed for years really. In me profile Someone sell me an EAR digital source then I can't be arsed anymore.
  11. kernow

    Exogal comet

    As much as I want matching kit, you don't even see the acute 3 with digital inputs that often. I'm only mainly going to use it with a Chromecast audio and maybe a laptop every now and then for a novelty. Perhaps I should be looking at a streamer with Spotify connect built in, but I don't like the heavy reliance on software and apps which eventually becomes obsolete. I just want a plain DAC box! I have about 300 CDs that would benefit from a new player and obviously would sound better than Spotify, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I got rid, and don't have to worry about moving parts etc for years
  12. kernow

    Exogal comet

    I'm not sure I can be arsed with a cd player this time round, and I've seen no dac4's used, likely won't either. There's an acute classic for £3900 ex demo but it's not far off new. I'm wondering why the comet is that much too, you're not wrong! Great reviews though.
  13. kernow

    Exogal comet

    Around £1800 used with the external upgraded PSU. Having difficulty seeing other stuff around that price .. I can't buy schitt, just can't do it haha.
  14. kernow

    Exogal comet

    Any owners here or people that have given it a listen? I like the history about it and the approach they are taking, and I'm getting bored of waiting for a sensibly priced used EAR digital frontend. I like how it's pretty basic, seriously - why can't you find a DAC with optical in, no headphone jack, preamp , etc nowadays? Edit: or it's a ten centimeter square PCB in a meter deep case ffs, no room on the rack for that. Bleh
  15. kernow

    Quad 909 power amp £450

    I believe the mono was only released in very small quantities in the US, UK and Australia. This is not one of them Buy it anyway as there's no other power amp that comes close at this silly money