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    SME IV / Phoenix
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    EAR 834p Deluxe/HM3
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  1. kernow

    Phase and stuff

    Cheers Serge! Putting my mind to rest as usual I suppose it only matters when the speakers are connected out of phase and going through the kit doesn't matter?
  2. kernow

    Phase and stuff

    Hi! None of my ear kit is labelled on the phono connectors. They are also the same colour. This isn't an issue when I connect the phono up as I just match top to top and bottom to bottom on the interconnect. But it got me thinking when I was reassembling my kit after a spring clean. My SUT isn't labelled left/right or top/bottom. I just had to play a test record and find the channels reversed which I sorted. My question is, how do I know, and does it matter if the connection is the correct phase through the chain from turntable to amplifier. Would it matter if it was crossed over but still playing correctly through both channels? You get me? Edit: ok I've rechecked my SUT and it's clearly labelled in/out and red/white, but then my phono input is just both black and unlabeled apart from IN obviously, and neither is the amp, or tonearm cable.
  3. kernow

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I'd quite happily live with a CDP2/909 combo if i had to.
  4. kernow

    Peter Belt RIP

    RIP original king of foo (pre Russ Andrews)
  5. kernow

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I just can't be arsed to upgrade my CDP2 , it does the job and very well.
  6. kernow

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Same old! I can't remember the last time I bought anything, probably the hashimoto sut a couple years ago.
  7. kernow

    Faulty Quad 99 tuner. Repair ? Ditch ?

    They're about £150 on eBay at most so you could possibly just get it looked at by someone local instead? My last service for a 99 preamp (that came from a dealer!) was £129
  8. kernow

    DAC/CDP recommendations

    Hmm, not fancying DIY. any other off the cuff recommendations?
  9. kernow

    DAC/CDP recommendations

    Hello! Looking at a new digital front-end. Up to about £3k. Still can't decide on whether to keep CD support as I only have about 250, but it also seems a waste just for Spotify unless I do some 24bit streaming I guess. Liking the Esoteric D05/7X, Acute III DAC or CDP. Wadia CDP with digital in, or an opus 21. What say you?
  10. kernow

    SALE Transfiguration Phoenix S MC cartridge

    I finally have mine going into an hm3 sut and .. oh my
  11. That's a damn fine price
  12. kernow

    SALE EAR Yoshino Acute - Valve CD Player

  13. Hi all, Couple things for sale. Sonos Bridge - couple marks but nothing serious, with original mains adapter and cat5 cable: £22 posted Nikon CoolPix P-300 Digital Camera It's a shame this hasn't been used much since I purchased it, it's a lovely camera. Would make a lovely gift for someone getting into photography. Pretty much mint condition, and I am very critical when judging such things. Comes with: Original box, manuals, software, A/V cables, USB charger + original USB cable Separate official leather case, ooh vintage. I think this was about £50 alone. 4GB Sandisk SD card £85 posted Payment via paypal gift or bank transfer please - can post Friday daytime as I'm off work. Thanks for looking
  14. kernow

    Any record shops in North Devon?

    Barnstaple has a pretty good record shop! Or go to really good records in Plymouth. It's really good