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  1. IanG-UK

    Thank you to all exhibitors and organisers

    Lovely people, surprising rooms, wonderful organisation, great charity cause too. I could have stayed in hearingisbelieving's room all day - but just too much to see elsewhere.
  2. IanG-UK

    National Audio Show Whittlebury Hall

    It's strange how experiences differ. I too thought that the Kralk and the Pluto were excellent. But when I was in the room the Acapella sound was simply too loud - I thought "does a lead voice and supporting choir ever sound like this? answer: nowhere close". The kit is probably fine. As with many rooms, the volume level set at times was clearly wrong.
  3. IanG-UK

    Russ Andrews highlight

    Highlight of the year (or was it the hour) today when the new RA catalogue arrived. First product - PowerKord. Helps deliver better base, wider soundstage, clearer midrange, sweeter treble, more musical sound. Must get the PowerKord 500 top of the range at £480 for 1 metre. Just in budget but I see I can add Deep Cryogenic Treatment (better performance) and Super Burn-in (even more sound improvements). Ah but these are £25 and £150 - so unaffordable. But they do "improve performance considerably" and "make these cables many times better". Hmmm, so by comparison the standard top of the range unit must be pretty crap - think I will save my money. Or save further until I can afford the top of the range SuperKord 500 at only £1,446 for 1 metre. Think I will wait until next year when perhaps the HyperCord appears along with mortgage finance.
  4. IanG-UK

    Devialet D-Premier

    Thanks, the Torus is nice and I have a soft spot for Wilson Benesch as their technology is impressive and they are made not far from where I live, in Sheffield. And we might have similar musical tastes as my other headphone is the Oppo! Does not quite have that wonderful transparency which you get with the Stax (and that difference effect might be more pronounced with headphones rather than loudspeakers) but is is a good piece of kit - clear, neutral, good imaging. In particular there seems to be no bass boost which one sometimes gets with dynamic headphones. Plus it is beautifully made - to my eyes nicer than the Stax - and beautifully packaged. And costs only 1/7th of the Stax plus electrostatic amplifier combination. I think there is the original Oppo PM1 at about £1,100 here and a recent pared down version the new PM2 at about £400; and a fabulous looking headphone amplifier the HA1 at about £1,200. I really cannot justify one of those though it is desirable!
  5. IanG-UK

    Devialet D-Premier

    Stax do amps for the 009 and are allegedly working on a new one. Those separate amplifiers which seem popular include the Liquid Lightning, The Blue Hawaii (if you can wait 18 months for it to be made), the Woo and the (largely unobtainable) KGSS. As with dynamic speakers, dynamic headphones have, of late, closed the gap on electrostatic units so I guess the market generally for the latter is small and the market for alternative amplifiers must be extremely small indeed. The most recent (re)launch of an electrostatic unit (headphones and amplifier) is, I think, from Jecklin and appears to have stalled on QC grounds.
  6. IanG-UK

    Devialet D-Premier

    Yes I still need the headphone amp because the phones are electrostatic - as you infer, dynamics will run straight off the Devialet. And that is a poor show with the Magico. I was under the impression that dealers had to install them personally?
  7. IanG-UK

    Devialet D-Premier

    Hi Andrew Yes I do. I have a Devialet 800 so I take a stereo pre-out feed from the "slave" (or "companion" as it is now called) and also use the configurator to enable the muting and enable to volume out adjustment through the pre. That way, the 009s are driven by the electrostatic amplifier on full volume (so that piece of equipment is just shut away in a cupboard) and the Devialet volume control is the sole volume control. I seem to recall that the Devialet 120 does not have a pre-out however, but I may be wrong.
  8. IanG-UK

    Devialet D-Premier

    The SAM technology proves to be fantastic with modest speakers like the Atohm and the KEF LS50. I've yet to try it with my Q1s though indications are that the effects are (understandably) less profound. The S1s should give you much pleasure.
  9. IanG-UK

    Devialet D-Premier

    I wanted something small minimalist and good build as my Audio Synthesis was too big - so I got the Cyrus signature.
  10. IanG-UK

    Devialet D-Premier

    The SAM facility probably gives you more options as you should get "more" out than pre-SAM, if, of course, your speakers are or will get SAM done by Devialet. I've not got round to trying SAM with a sub but that is a further option.
  11. IanG-UK

    Are RCA shorting plugs on unused inputs foo?

    Yes, tissues. For a slightly less natural climax you can use condoms. Different brands, different climaxes.
  12. IanG-UK

    Quadies Unite!

    I'm a Quad fanatic having had 22/FM/2xII, 33/FM3/405 and 405.2, 66/66FM/66CD/606 and ESL (with or without REL Stentor subwoofer)/ESL63 (with or without Gradient SDQ63 subwoofers)/ELS989/ESL2905. Now I just have the 99FM. Quad lost its way after Walker retired and although the 77 series looked fantastic it was never really wholly brought to market before Quad effectively went bust. Post Verity/Curtis, the brand under IAG has seen no real innovation - just a brand living on its reputation - which is such a pity. If I had to chose one set-up for style it would be the 34/FM4 with the 306 and ESL63 loudspeakers - such a pity there was never a matching CD player.
  13. I've owned Quads of various guises for 35 years - 57s, 57s with REL Stentor, 63s, 63s with Gradients, 989s and 2905s. The 2905s are, without doubt, the best overall but just too big for my room. I think they need a room at least 14ft x 22ft and probably up to 18ft x 28ft - to give them the space they need but not too much space to fill, depending on your preferred listening level. It is such a pity that in IAG's hands the interest and innovation has gone. The 57s and 63s were the real innovations from Peter Walker supplemented by the extended 989 version from Stan Curtis. So nothing really radically new from the IAG owners for 16 years - though maybe the design has nothing more to give because, if you like that wonderfully transparent sound with the right music there is nothing more you can ask for apart from something much smaller. I sold my 989s to Bob ("It Cost How Much") fully refurbished by Quad - so they should last many more years - and if "Barney's Dad" bought his 2905s from Emporium they may well be the ones I sold to them. I've only come across three speakers in all that time to compare with the Quads and each of them is pretty non-standard for a moving coil application. First the Celestion SL600 with its very light and inert cabinet - but with base and loudness limitations. Second the CML Etude based solely on BMR technology - but not quite so fast and transparent though remarkable for the price. And now the Magico Q1 which i think equals the 2905 but at four times the price and visually better suited to a smaller room - and with no unease of overdrive which can still happen with the Quads albeit in a protected way. It would be nice to have seem PJW's next ESL project (known as "Peter's Balls") come to fruition but I suspect no one at IAG knows how to take the design forward. My brief encounters with IAG at the Munich shows suggest little interest in taking the brand forward as happened in the past but interest in exploiting the name whilst ever the reputation lasts.
  14. IanG-UK

    Devialet D-Premier

    Yes, the survey showed again that their naivety when it comes to customer communication. And anyway, what should they care how many people have even heard of Naim or Bose. But clearly they have to reshape their business proposition to make some serious money, as you cannot employ 60 engineers just to sell what is still one product to a narrow range of hifi enthusiasts. So either they have to broaden the brand appeal by "Apple'ing" it ; or they have to "OEM" ADH and maybe SAM outside the Devialet brand. The usefulness of the survey in helping that? None at all IMHO.
  15. IanG-UK

    Devialet D-Premier

    The former, but as I understand it the significant focus has been phase alignment but also some lower frequency response correction.