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  1. Dal 1971

    SOLD Event Opal Active Monitors

    Hi there, not the best time of year but I could stretch up £1100 if you are interested? I'm around this weekend. Cheers
  2. Hi. Could you tell me what the RRP of the 40's is please?
  3. Dal 1971

    M2tech Evo Dac

    Very useful review James. I think I might check one of these out
  4. That's a good point. Even dragons den wouldn't make a profit out of that place
  5. Dal 1971

    Had to put my best buddy to sleep today.

    Feel for you mate. We used to have a Weimaraner. Was the hardest thing in the world when she went. Have got two naughty whippets now which has helped us move on but I'll never forget her. Best wishes
  6. Dal 1971

    Dynaudio bookshelf size speakers - advice please

    What about PMC DB1+ Excellent mini monitors, solid bass, great with low power amps as they are easy to drive.
  7. Dal 1971

    Formula One 2012