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  1. Hi TIM I have dabbled a bit with various devices and have a number of Nordost Pulsar Points both boxed and unboxed which are surplus to requirements as well as two sets of Solid Tech Discs of Silence. if either interest you pm me and I will dig them out and price them. tony
  2. Great speakers - owned a pair in the 70’s which replaced a pair of Richard Alan Pavanes. Good luck with the sale
  3. Hi not sure if this post is still open, but am considering a pair, but a bit worried on the power side as my speakers are rated at 86db. how did you find the sound of them and the heat produced?
  4. Hi John thank you for your comments which I found very interesting. It was particularly the temperature that worried me especially jl7’s as my current room is not overly large. The humm is rather concerning as well which I found a bit off putting especially with regard to their cost. There are no demo models available in this country, though the importer has offered me the chance to listen to a pair. I have however put this on hold as in all fairness I am not sure I could suffer the downsides. Although CAT only demoed the jl5 at the recent Munich show, a very good friend of mine and a respected figure in our hobby listened and wasn’t at all convinced that it would suit me. He also commented on the heat. so once again thank you for responding to my post kind regards Tony
  5. Wow, quite stunned that no valvies have experienced these amps
  6. Hi any warmers here own or have heard Convergent Audio’s JL5 and JL7 amps - if so, would love to hear your experience -also any JL2 mk2 amp owners feedback would be appreciated thanks Tony
  7. Hi Bob thanks for spotting that - must have had a senior moment. Yes they are in deed REVELATIONS- will edit Hi Bob thanks for spotting that - must have had a senior moment. Yes they are in deed REVELATIONS- will edit
  8. Hi Mods - this should have gone in "cables/interconnect members classifieds" can you help please as I couldn't see any way to do it thanks
  9. I have 6 Trusoundz Revelation power cables for sale measuring 2M tip to tip. They are superb handmade cables in the uk which were very favourably reviewed by "Adventures in hifi" and there is a link on their website www.trusoundz.net. They are in excellent well run in condition and have Furutech 1363G mains plug and Furutech F1-11 G iec connectors. They cost around £240 and my asking price is £145 each plus postage which makes them good value as the connectors alone retail for around £135.
  10. Hi John - if anybody buys and wants a second pair please let me know - regards


    1. padmad


      Hi tony, will do.

  11. Oh very good point - I completely missed that sorry!
  12. Hi Nick -well said - couldn't have put it better myself - I thought my old Panasonic vt55 was a terrific experience, but my new LG OLED is stunning
  13. Oracle with an Esoteric DAC takes some beating
  14. And 7.1 blows your socks off. have an AV receiver which links into my hifi system through its preamp - absolutely hate 2 channel DVDS films