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    Box reducing

    Sold all my amps few years ago for Devialet.........................big mistake ! Initially impressive but sold on after couple of years - it took all the fun of box swapping, trying this, trying that out of this amazing hobby. For some people Devialet ticks all the boxes but not for me.
  2. as new phono stage now available for £180
  3. It sure is. I have bought a Gold Note Phono Stage at over £1000 and imho the Gold Note is better but the little Project is punching way above it's price.
  4. For sale my Pro-Ject Phono Box DS+ phono pre-amplifier for both MM and MC cartridges. Excellent condition lightly used, complete with all original packaging, power supply, instructions. Very versatile phono stage with plenty of gain options. Bought brand new, only selling due to upgrade. Amazing value phono stage at the RRP of £275 available for £200. I preferred the clarity of this to the Pro-Ject Phono RS. IMHO this is the sweetspot for the Pro-Ject phono's. Payment by BT or Paypal gift.
  5. BRAND NEW unused TAG McLaren F-3-10-ANA XLR Interconnect 1 Metre pair. Bought for balanced phono stage that I did not pursue so up for sale. Very capable balanced cable. Offered for £50 plus postage.
  6. As per title looking for Project Phono Box RS with balanced in/out. Please pm me if you have one available? Cheers.
  7. Oyaide pure silver FTVS-910 Audio RCA Interconnects 0.5m Pair. As new (hardly used) complete with upgraded Harmony KLE Classic Bullet plugs.Fantastic cable rrp £500+ depending on plugs. Pure 5n silver conductors gives a very natural and holographic presentation. As sold by MCRU link here..... Looking for £195
  8. Bump for these amazing speakers.
  9. Bump - keeps evil spirits away as well as improving your hifi
  10. Very high quality power cable 1.2 metres long Voodoo Fire Dragon. Made in USA featuring massive 8 AWG heavy grade silver plated copper conductors this will work equally well on source equipment and amplifiers. Factory fitted uk plug. RRP $995 looking for £225. I bought this to compare against my Shunyata Python Zitron power cords and the results are very close for nowhere near the price of the Shunyata. Very transparent cable just lets more information through. Decided to keep my Shunyata which I had briefly for sale on here so this is up for grabs. Details here;- The Fire Powercord delivers refined harmonic resolution and vivid soundstage transparence throughout the entire dynamic range. The Fire Powercord is especially suitable for high-current power amps (200+ wpc) for an ultra-quiet background for vivid soundstage imaging and accurately controlled dynamics. When used with source components such as CD/SACD/DVD transports and DACs, the Fire renders the subtlest nuance of sonic detail and micro dynamics in the musical presentation. The Fire Power Cord is constructed with high-purity #8 AWG silver-plated copper conductors and terminated with the cryogenically treated gold-plated VooDoo PowerPhase IEC Connector and AC Plug. The conductors are wound in a proprietary geometric design for balanced inductance and capacitance. Each strand within the lay of the conductors is insulated with Teflon dielectric to suppress AC noise caused by micro-arcing within the individual strands of the conductors. For the purpose of suppressing electromagnetic interference, each conductor is insulated with Teflon dielectric and wrapped in a secondary dielectric jacket of polyethylene to shield against invasive EMI. The power cord body is sheathed with double layers of abrasion resistant mesh sleeve for maximum durability and optimal flexibility. All of the wire and connectors used to build the Fire Dragon are cryogenically treated in our custom cold fusion deep-immersion process at minus 315 degrees Fahrenheit to structurally align and fuse the metallurgical molecular structure of the conductive metals for optimal sonic performance. Available in lengths 3-10ft. Optional Connectors: PowerPhase Gold-Plated 20 Amp IEC Connector (120/240v) PowerPhase Gold-Plated Schuko AC Plug (240v) PowerPhase Gold-Plated Australian AC Plug (230v) British 13 Amp AC Plug (fused 240v)