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  1. bump.....I wonder how much these would cost new today ? Hand made in uk with exquisite real wood finish!
  2. For sale my gorgeous Keswick Audio Research (KAR) Volante floorstanding loudspeakers on offer for £350. I bought these some 20 years ago from Classic Sounds in Kettering for around £1000. They were handmade in Keswick, Cumbria and I believe the owner and designer Dean Hartley then went on to be Chief technical Designer for Monitor Audio. Many hi-end speakers have come and gone over the years but these have remained and spent most of their life safely stored in my spare room upstairs. I have now decided to move them on. Hand made in solid mahogany hardwood they are in excellent condition with a few marks which you would expect for speakers originating from the 90's.One speaker does have a scratch on the top but I have managed to pencil it in and is not noticeable from a few feet away. The mahogany finish is truly stunning in appearance. At the time these speakers replaced my Mission 753's and offered much more detail and transparency. Comes complete with grilles which are immaculate and upgraded QED bi-wire links but I cannot locate the spikes (these could easily be bought on ebay). They are currently filled with sand to increase the stability and density of sound and hence weigh in at approx 25 Kg each! I have had some very expensive speakers over the years and inbetween buying and selling these I have always reinstalled the Volante's and they do not disappoint especially when matched to my REL Stadium subwoofer to augment the bass response. A great sound for peanuts. Collection only from Northants.
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    Focal Scala Utopia V2 "Stunning"

    Back up for sale! Details and pics on ebay.
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    Sold stp
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    More pics uploaded including pics of packaging, valve boxes, etc so forum members can see just how new these amps are (packaging is also unmarked as i collected these amps direct from Icon) cherished from new just under year old lightly used. Need a good home.
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    New amp on its way so close offers considered?
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    Any offers for this wonderful high end cable?
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    pm sent
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    bump close offers considered
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    For sale my immaculate Icon Audio MB90MKII monoblocks. Bought brand new in late Jan 2018 from Audio Emotion (receipt available) these are just under a year old. They have performed flawlessly offering oodles of gorgeous valve power and the build quality is amazing. (They also look stunning) Just have an itch to try a solid state power amp with my Focals so now available. I have everything complete from new, manual, valve cages, packaging - 3 boxes which are also unmarked as I collected the amps direct from Icon in Leicester as not far from me. Also features upgraded David Shaw CV181 valves and NOS Jan OD3 valve regulators. So you will be buying an as new pair with upgraded valves but with a substantial discount. rrp (with standard valves) is now £4,199 available for £2,795. Some info from Icon's website:- One of our best-selling power amplifiers offering excellent all round value in terms of power, quality and specification. Designed around the superb new Tung Sol KT150 or KT120. Our specially designed LDT transformers get the best out of both valves. As a “modern” design it is at the cutting edge of what is possible from high end valve amplifiers. In this case a heavy duty individual power supply. The venerable “Leak” inspired driver circuit updated to match the performance of the KT150 and our in-house designed output transformers with our unique design of Tertiary (balanced) windings. The hi fi press has been unanimous with praise for the MB90 and ST60 (integrated) design. Designed for modern less efficient speakers this amplifier gives a fast yet very smooth musical quality to the high power available, making them very versatile in their application. Pure Triode mode has equal emphasis here. Customer feedback indicates that 80% of customers listen to Triode mode most of the time. The sonic characteristics of the KT150 are a little fluid and warmer when used in this way. The MB90 is a very cost effective way of getting a large 60 watts Triode output without the expense of large Triode valves. This is an ideal replacement for a larger transistor amplifier for someone wanting a more easy listening presentation. The combination of medium/low feedback, Triode/UL and 4/8 ohms output means that a wide range of pre-amps, speakers and room conditions may be accommodated. Summary: Ideal alternative to powerful solid state amp. These excel in every way with high power low distortion deep bass transparent highs. But retaining the sound of a thoroughbred classic valve amplifier. Specifications and Features Comprehensive manual supplied All hand wired point to point Class A, all Triode front end Output Ultralinear (115W) or Triode (60W)* 4x KT150/K120 matched valves KT88/90 compatible (when de-rated) 1x 6SL7 2x 6SN7 driving valves Signal to noise level -90db Frequency response 20hz-20kHz +0 – 0.5db THD typically less than 0.1% 1khz 8w 4 & 8 ohm loudspeaker taps Valve cover included in the price Solen hi fi audio capacitors Silver PTFE audio cable Tertiary winding output transformers Big custom wound PSU Choke Gold plated Input & speaker terminals 400mv (high) & 1200mv (low) input sensitivity Input impedance 100k 230/240volts 200watts approx Consumption: 38w standby, 88w zero vol, 200w Max C E, ROHS Size 22cmW, 50D, 21H ( 23cm inc cover), 20kg ea Collection only from Northants.
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    back up for sale, open to offers.
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    back up for sale bump