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  1. Too many boxes - high end integrated?

    Tread carefully with Devialet. Having owned the d400 at considerable cost the launch of the new pro series last year made this investment virtually worthless unless you paid for the upgrade which was not cheap. Having now returned to a traditional pre/power the sound quality is streets ahead in terms of dynamics and leading edge in my system. The only thing I miss is the remote :-)
  2. SOLD Wilson Sasha Piano Black

    Sold stp.
  3. SOLD Wilson Sasha Piano Black

    Back up for sale.
  4. For sale my second pair of Wilson Sasha's. Built in 2013 (verified by Wilson) these are one of the last series 1 Sasha's to be made so a very young example of these amazing speakers and quite possibly the best example on the planet ! They have the latest improved binding posts as denoted by the larger red and black discs. Immaculate in every way and very hard to find and highly sought after in the gorgeous piano black finish. Complete with black hardware, black grilles, toolkit, leather manual and 3 wooden crates. (even the unused Wilson polishing cloth). Reluctant sale I am now downsizing. rrp £28,500 available for £SOLD.
  5. Sold elsewhere, please archive.
  6. Cheers Phil thought it would have been snapped up by now, fantastic cable. Only reason for sale I have completely revamped my system and am now using the balanced inputs on my cd player.
  7. Any Chord fans out there ? This is a stunning digital cable the amount of detail retrieval this is capable of is a testament to Chord and the Tuned Aray technology.
  8. reduced £295 incl next day delivery, bargain !
  9. Bump amazing digital cable you have to pay 4 figures to beat this !
  10. SALE Wilson Sasha

  11. SALE Wilson Sasha

    There's a silver pair for sale on hififorsae for £11,500 !
  12. would consider a swap for a pair of xlr balanced interconnects ?