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  1. As you have a strange room then the first thing to use is SO v2. It allows you to plot out your room exactly. Many view it as a significant upgrade as Katalyst and it is FREE!! CJ
  2. Yep, after some time my DSMs have appeared but the music does not play out of them and the control in qobuz shows just a spinning part circle and the counter does not increment CJ
  3. We used our 320a with Target R1 stands on screws through the floor. They were rock solid. We were definitely getting the best out of our 320a. Would have been exceptionally happy with them until Focal Diablo Utopia turned up. They were better still and were our speaker until the Akudorik EXAKT Katalyst. We would have been happy with any of the three but when we have the choice at no cost then each new speaker has been an improvement on the previous. CJ
  4. Sadly turning on the Beta showed up UPNP on my device list and two devices within it but neither of those were Linn DSMs. So not working for me. Note that the Qobuz page referenced is two years old so prob not something they are working on at all now. CJ
  5. You have told the TV to send the audio output to HDMI/ARC? That is also required (at least it is on my LG)
  6. Doesn't work for Linn. I just see my Chromecast devices and not Linn even though I have enabled UPNP on both my powered up Linn DSMs. I primarily use ROON and Tidal anyway so am not bothered. CJ
  7. One element of particular significance is the Sneaky DSM has a Dynamik power supply where the Sneaky DS does not. The Sneaky DSM is actually a Kiko in a different case. It all comes down to price though as both are pretty good in a second system. CJ
  8. Yes, the non-Kat EXAKT Doriks are still brilliant. We were extremely lucky to have a one-off deal on the Kat ones so finance did not come into the equation. CJ
  9. Sorry cannot answer that one as only have the stand integrated versions but both Kat and non-Kat. CJ
  10. Yep they are. We had Klimax Dynamik 320a in our own system for two years. The are really good and better than 212 analogue active by some margin. However, Akudorik Exakt are something else entirely. The realism, control, detail and bass is astonishing. The only caveat is we had the 320a before SO2. Saying that the 320a are a lot cheaper second hand. They are also a lot bigger which often does not come over in pics. CJ
  11. There are silvers with two types of build of the plugs - one plug has slots in the outer gold plated part to help ease over the female socket, the other is solid with no slots. Don't know whether there are new ones CJ
  12. I think of it this way. Is you bank statement correct. If it is then it has been produced from masses of network traffic down all sorts of cables. If the network system made a difference then your bank statement would often be wrong. In my case it isn't so as long as my DSM is connected to my router in some way I really don't care. Remember that the folks at Lejonklou firmly believe that there is magic length of speaker cable to connect amp to speakers. They are nutters they hear what they want to hear. The magic length of speaker cable is 0m, that is none at all as speaker cable can only make the signal worse not better, at best it will be unchanged. One of the great reasons for integrated EXAKT - absolute minimum of speaker cable from amp output to speaker driver and all internal to the speaker. CJ
  13. Generally January is a BIG month for dealers as people have received their Christmas and/or annual bonus CJ