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  1. I had the integrated Jungson JA-88D, exceptional value for money, someone's going to get a bargain here, GLWTS
  2. Hi, Sorry I have no more, there are some pics here I found, scroll about half way down to post 65.
  3. JezR

    Musical Jokes?

    What fish is very musical............................a Tuna.
  4. I couldn't resist, Amazon are doing Carry on Screaming on blu ray for five pounds. No extras as such but a commentary from Fenella Fielding and Angela Douglas.
  5. Would have been good to see Christopher Lee in Screaming, one of my favs also.
  6. JezR


    2 watts won’t touch the Frugalhorns being south of 90dB.
  7. One way to find out if your CD player acts as transport and DAC at the same time would be to get/borrow a SPIDF to USB converter, plug that in to see if you get a loop through, that's the only thing I can think of, if it works I'm sure you'd get a result with the M-Scaler.
  8. Very informative, especially regarding the connections, it explained why I was only getting one upscale option via optical when I plugged my Mojo in.
  9. JezR

    FREE 100s of DVDs

    And the TV 😁
  10. Wasn't where I thought it was, I may have sold it already at Tonbridge Audiojumble a while back, I can't remember for sure, sorry.
  11. Indeed it is, I just got it out of curiosity, a non serious purchase, I've never moved it around to see if it does anything that changes the sound, it's just my DAC stand.
  12. Bump with price drop, £160 including delivery £150 collected from Brighton.
  13. I do have a nice Sony one, I can't get to it untill tomorrow morning, from memory it's one of the last models, it's a round aluminium body, it takes the bubble gum batteries, has optical out, just a few things off the top of my head, I'll post some pics up tomorrow.