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  1. Bump with price drop, £170 including delivery £160 collected from Brighton.
  2. JezR

    Wanted - bloody good speakers for little dosh

    I have a pair of Elac Debut B5 for sale if interested, mini review here, They’re too bassy for my room so going cheap.
  3. JezR

    Any users Technics 1210gr

    Arm 3 v2, all my stuff's in the profile.
  4. JezR

    Any users Technics 1210gr

    It's doing it fine, I can't fault it, maybe in the future the new SP10 but I'm really happy with what I've got now sound wise.
  5. JezR

    Any users Technics 1210gr

    Hi Alan, I’m using the 1210GR with a Ammonite Audio arm board so I could use my Audio Note arm (Rega geometry) I can’t comment on cartridge compliance as I never used it with it’s original arm. I get no hum at all with my MC cartridge so no problems there, I’ve never owned a DD turntable before, I just fancied a change from belt drive and I’m glad I took the gamble, if you like a dynamic and lively sound it could be just what you’re looking for, I like it for it’s ease of use and as you mention no more belt changes or faff. Regarding the mat, I use a Puresound Tenuto gun metal mat designed to fit the Technics perfectly, I won’t be trying any other mats this time though, I compared the Tenuto to a Mystic mat on my old turntable (Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck) and just had a preference for the Tenuto, I was hearing a more precise sound from the Tenuto so sold the Mystic on. Cheers, Jez.
  6. JezR

    Wanted 1m XLR interconnect

    I have a Audio Note Lexus 1m XLR interconnect, yours for £100. *SOLD* If interested I also have a 3m one as well, the cable is separated along the length approximately 2m for when I used it with AN P4 Balanced monoblocks, looking for £300 for this one. *SOLD* The XLR plugs are Switchcraft and were supplied by me to Audio Note to fit, cable assembled by Audio Note.
  7. Yes Please, PM sent.
  8. Thanks John, I’ve sorted it with Robin now.
  9. Hi, I’ll have the PS1 please, I’ll PM you now.
  10. JezR

    Pairing Heco Direkt Speakers

    I would move the power amps from the second system into the first and see what it sounds like then, then do with the same with the pre, then source. See how the sound changes with these three moves should show up where the change happens.
  11. I have a pair of Partington Super Dreadnought Speaker Stands in black, yours for £100. I’m based in Brighton if you wanted to pick up. I can maybe get them to Kegworth as well.
  12. Thanks John, will do, but no takers as of yet.
  13. Did a fix today, it was just a tie wrap inside that had come loose, so re did it with a new one and also tightened the other one for good measure, good as new.
  14. No I'm not going to Kegworth unfortunately, but if it sold before then and someone was passing by, that could be a plan. I'm sure this can be used for many things requiring the same voltage, another thing to consider is I think it can be adjusted internally for a different voltage as well, I would call MCRU for anyone interested in doing this though to make sure.