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  1. My favourite Zep song is on that , Your Time is Gonna Come .
  2. Go back the charity shop there is probably a Tabriz or Artemiz rolling around under the counter
  3. Yes it does but if you use the Qobuz app (iphone here) and stream using Airplay it will display the artist .
  4. Listening to it now and I've heard it many a time , Scalford a few times , never knew who it was .
  5. I just signed up for a free Qobuz trial , the sound quality on this album is superb .
  6. Never heard this , thought I'd better rectify that .
  7. Hmm pretty sure Pink Floyd are in the lead.
  8. Album cover for those like me who have never seen it .
  9. Sony DAB , FM tuner , gorgeous bit of kit in champagne . *NO REMOTE* , (all programming , tuning is done manually anyhow) , User Manual , not original box . Excellent condition bar a couple of tiny marks , see pics. £125 posted the marks , the second photo shows a small white hair next to the line .
  10. Do you know why the Norwegian navy have bar codes on their ships ? It's so when they come back to port they can Scandinavian .