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  1. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    "New" speakers , ProAc Studio 115s
  2. Classical Club #14 Martinu symphony No6

    Can't find this by the Scottish National Orchestra , here is the Czech Orchestra
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Finally took the wrapper off my vinyl copy
  4. I'm going to have them as recommended they sound great and look right , I found it a bit severe at first after my other speakers.
  5. Just positioning the speakers , the manual says toe-in till no sides are visible , thats quite a toe-in , I know experimenting is the way to go but its hard not to follow ProAc's guide.
  6. Arcam acquired by Samsung

    I see Samsung also bought Harman Kardon in 2016 , they don't have many Hi-Fi products on the market , I would imagine they get phased out and the Arcam brand becoming Samsung's main player in Hi-Fi. Has Arcam still got a base in the UK ?
  7. Arcam acquired by Samsung

  8. netflix - anything good on there worth watching?

    Just finished Narcos , what a f***ed up country that was , amazing how anybody was brought to justice with everybody on the take.
  9. Arcam acquired by Samsung

    Quite a different look for the new Arcam range , 2 amps and a CD/SACD player announced.