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  1. Bazzer

    Jokes, old or new

    I would imagine the barrel is now empty .
  2. Bazzer

    Random image of the day 3

    In my garden right now Lillies
  3. Bazzer

    2018/19 Football Season

    Fighting for Premier League survival already
  4. Bazzer

    Twitchers Thread

    Great photo Keith possibly your best , the bird in it's environment just perfect.
  5. Bazzer

    Twitchers Thread

    Wife was disturbed by a knocking noise yesterday , looked out of the lounge window and right in front of her was a Song Trush bashing a snail on the flag stones , no photo I'm afraid .
  6. Bazzer

    one word daily

  7. That is an ear-worm , just reading it has got it whirling round my head.
  8. Bazzer

    WAC (album club) Participants required.

    Obviously anybody can take part in the album threads you don't need to be in "the club " .
  9. Bazzer

    What magazines (paper ones)...

    Non , haven't even bought a newspaper for 12 years , the wife picks a woman's mag each week because it has the TV listings in it .
  10. Innocents released in 2013 is my favourite Moby album , it's jam packed with melodies , laid back tunes and guest vocalists .
  11. Join the Rota here : Guideline : Title : Wammer's Album Club Tues 2nd Nov , Artist - Album Content : Album Cover , Text (about your choice) , Spotify or Deezer etc. link , Poll . Volume 8 Rota Bazzer Moby - Innocents ian917 Sumdumgi FrankD insider9 oldius Amormusic occasional thinker idlewithnodrive meninblack newlash09 Archive Links WAC - Classic Albums Archive WAC - Wammers Choices Volume 1 WAC - Wammers Choices Volume 2 WAC - Wammers Choices Volume 3 WAC - Wammers Choices Volume 4 WAC - Wammers Choices Volume 5 WAC - Wammers Choices Volume 6 WAC - Wammers Choices Volume 7
  12. Bazzer

    WAC (album club) Participants required.

    Your posts in WYLTN thread never cease to amaze me Mike , I didn't realise there were so my albums I'd never heard of