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  1. I haven't tried it yet but I've had the regular Cardhu and that was nice so thought I'd try this one .
  2. My favourite tipple is Whisky and ginger ale/dry , I've tried several malts and the most palatable for me is Glenmorangie , I have just bought a bottle of Cardhu Gold Reserve which is currently £25 down from £42 at Tesco .
  3. probably not but Silva didn't have the credentials really , 6 clubs in 7 years 2011–2014 Estoril 2014–2015 Sporting CP 2015–2016 Olympiacos 2017 Hull City 2017–2018 Watford 2018– Everton Moyes 1/4 in the betting
  4. Bought that for the daughter couple of months ago .
  5. Is this the most one-sided Merseyside derby in a generation? Should be and after 17mins it certainly is .
  6. UNKLE The Road Part II - The Lost Highway
  7. Double header from the masters of choreography , not a soulful voice as such but what a voice .
  8. Not my genre at all but some of the songs are timeless , Jackie Brown being one of my favourite films and this now being a big favourite song .
  9. Got my FLACs on random playback , bit of volume as I potter about the house . Currently : Karn Evil 9 , ELP . Mamas and Papas before that