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  1. Guess the album cover

    When I cropped to the ship I thought that looks like 13th Star
  2. Guess the album cover

    I’ve got all his works
  3. Guess the album cover

    Excusez-moi I got it its my go
  4. The Wam - Premier League predictor

    Cheers Jon , @greybeard got that Colin
  5. Jokes, old or new

    Paste the http bar from You Tube straight into the Wam reply box.
  6. Jokes, old or new

    Link isn't working I'll edit it .
  7. I was going to suggest the same Colin but the River Dee silted up in the 19th century so you would need to drop anchor just east of Anglesey and its a bit of a row.
  8. -ish , Google maps givin' me negative vibes with 2.5 hrs travelling time Don't think so , Arsenal v Everton
  9. You sailing with the morning tide Cap'n
  10. Wammers Album Club (Round 7) This Week...

    Some Electronica this week chosen by nick dartmoor Lamb - Lamb
  11. Cambridge Audio One+ won't power on

    Hi John I’ve got a Cambridge Dacmagic that has suddenly died , if I twiddle the power lead socket I can get it to power up , the moment I let go it’s off , so in my case a bad joint/powersocket.