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  1. @Sgt Pepper
  2. Not sure , I just Googled the album and it flagged up Bandcamp , you don't have to join it but it gave the option to buy the download in any format .
  3. Very difficult to buy anything by Soup , I got this via Bandcamp , FLAC download £7.23 , not bad for a double album , lot more expensive on Soup's home webpage .
  4. I think they'd go nice with a cup of tea
  5. I've given this a go and I'm finding it hard to relate to , I like some Indian music occasionally and this started off well but got a bit muddled later when it went jazzy ? I need more time I think .
  6. Location please , your other advert under another account has been removed and the account closed , only one user account allowed .
  7. Close but not quite , moved to Recorded Music .