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  1. The Wam - Premier League predictor

    Getting tight. 1 bazzer 13035 2 jkbmusic 12925 3 greybeard 12580 4 lower_bullens 12475 5 insider9 9420

    Always wanted one but never got
  3. The Wam - Premier League predictor

    They played really well .
  4. Vet fees

    This is so very true , sort of ignorance is bliss situation , animals get things but cope ok usually . When I was a kid our dogs and friends dogs never went to a vet , my dad would administer any first aid . I had two racing greyhounds (late 70's)which I kept on as pets till the end , apart from a broken hock neither went to a vet . These days everyone you meet on a walk has just been or going to the vets.
  5. The Wam - Premier League predictor

    Gone crazy this week , put Everton down for a win
  6. Arsenal

    You're only playing Spurs whats the problem
  7. The Wam - Premier League predictor

    Prem is back @lower bullens @greybeard @insider9 @jkbmusic
  8. Guess the album cover

    Bit more please Jeff