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  1. Well I’ve got a super heavy one on its way to me for a trial so I’ll let you know what happens
  2. Thanks for the replies yeah am using electrofluidics myself on major system looking for small space set up hence only need two meters. l have found all the expensive stuff out there was hoping for a more realistic price from a Wigwammer... will keep an eye open for that isolda
  3. Have tried a couple on my 301 but never noticed any sonic benefits , therefore never pursued that option. But as time is now abundant wondered if anyone has any thoughts about their ability to improve sound quality. Thought on types and compatibility welcome. Thanks in advance
  4. Look for a couple of meters of the flat single core variety, or something simillar
  5. As above, needs 222mm from spindle to pivot These are the earlier versions
  6. Hi Guys Anyone have a recent one of the above they want to move on?
  7. i have already tried J7 for a counter weight and he did not mention use of a repro, maybe i'll ask the question.
  8. Hi Guys Need the heaviest version or indeed the auxiliary stub to make the standard counterweight heavier.
  9. I have a pair of the same and they are just special..... indeed also very other half friendly
  10. Hi Uzzy, Thanks for the link As you might have guessed l’m thinking of the Ultracraft as a Unipivot version of the Mission. Bit worried it might be too low a mass now, but fingers crossed
  11. Thanks Uzzy was just looking for a bit Dutch courage
  12. Any know which brand or type to use, for damping?
  13. Hi Guys Recently purchased a Utracraft AC30 to use with my Decca SC4e, sadly on receipt of the arm discovered needs aux counterweight to add to supplied one to balance out the 15 gram Decca. Anyone got one or something similar, wondered if they are jelco sourced?