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  1. i have already tried J7 for a counter weight and he did not mention use of a repro, maybe i'll ask the question.
  2. Hi Guys Need the heaviest version or indeed the auxiliary stub to make the standard counterweight heavier.
  3. I have a pair of the same and they are just special..... indeed also very other half friendly
  4. Hi Uzzy, Thanks for the link As you might have guessed l’m thinking of the Ultracraft as a Unipivot version of the Mission. Bit worried it might be too low a mass now, but fingers crossed
  5. Thanks Uzzy was just looking for a bit Dutch courage
  6. Any know which brand or type to use, for damping?
  7. Hi Guys Recently purchased a Utracraft AC30 to use with my Decca SC4e, sadly on receipt of the arm discovered needs aux counterweight to add to supplied one to balance out the 15 gram Decca. Anyone got one or something similar, wondered if they are jelco sourced?
  8. Putting a new arm on my 301 noticed an oil leak from bearing and decided a long overdue top up was required ( yes I had forgotten all about it over the years) Indeed forgotten so much that I need some advice. The platter is stuck and I seem to remember hitting with block of wood but where? Also do I remember correctly that you just apply oil to the fur collar at top of the spindle until soaked and allow the oil to seep down by gentle plunging. The other lubrication I seem to recall is a few drops of oil applied to the motor, indicated by a red ring?
  9. Just figured why it would not fit, because platter was pushing down on bearing.... So problem nearly sorted, just an idea on how to shift platter would be good?
  10. Hi Guys, Have had a 301 set up for about ten years and decided on a tonearm change. So this is where my troubles began. When I remove it from the plinth, noticed it has been leaking a little oil. Next prob the platter was wedged firmly onto the spindle. Turned it all upside down in hope that gravity might help.having heard tap on the spindle with block of wood might help. But while i was underneath I thought I'll just remove the bearing bottom plate for quick inspection, and removed the brass disc etc. But sadly now it seems the components are now too proud to reassemble........ Help.what shall I do . Hope this is understandable.
  11. Hi David, Not sure if this is current thread, but have had Sonata collecting dust for years due to lack of power supply, don’t know if you have one of these lying around. Atb Trefor