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  1. Indeed mine are like the top ones but in matching black
  2. Aha well indeed the company QLN used to make an upgrade of a wooden box which they reckon works. Having spoken with the designer he suggested a few simple mods to the internal crossover by lifting away from the metal box and leaving top open is good enough. So l just wanted to have a lid made to make it safe
  3. D Spoke to Gaia guys and they felt you needed to put their own idolaters between speakers and stand then add feet. So getting kinda expensive. Still mulling over the other suggestions
  4. Just read they are for floorstanders so reckon maybe not suitable for speakers on stands. might give them an email so see what they reckon?
  5. Just found These GAIA speaker support system ,anyone given them a try?
  6. Hi Martin Indeed those Townsend platforms really do work. l know there is controversy over rigid or soft, Hence my slight dilema. Although speakers on bouncy stands are not a good granddaughter conversation. Any other bouncy suggestions?
  7. Having just bagged a pair of QLN signature 11 split field speakers which come with there own dedicated stands.(stonkingly good by the way) These have a spike support system on top late for speaker interface but a flat base for floor contact Previous owner has removed and misplaced original spikes. Anyone know of any product or solution to get best rigidity ( very slight rocking at the moment ) Obviously l could go the spike and cup approach, but wondered if anyone has found a clever alternative arrangement?
  8. Still looking for a couple of meters of the above
  9. Sorry yeah thought it had a world wide reputation. tis Indeed the Hertfordshire one Junction 6 on A1m
  10. Hi Anyone. Not having access to a shed full of tools l wondered if there was anyone relatively near that could help me out. I have a separate crossover box that apparently benefits from being made of wood. Wheras this would be quite a big undertaking the company who no longer make the boxes (qln) suggest a internal component move and remove the lid. This sounds fine but l would prefer to do the mod but cover with a wooden lid.Which would really consist mainly of a wooden flat top plate with two side pieces in effect a upside down square u shape.This would of course be a paid commission. Any takers or recommendations. Trefor
  11. Ahhaaha well here l am back after a few hours of stunned amazement. listening to the JDI’s in combo with the QLM signature split field 11s. Yup that was a real treat, couldn’t believe how live sounding a presentation they delivered. ( folky, girlie,guitar and gentle rockn roll.) musicians seemed to be playing just for you. Speaker location just disappeared with wonderful dynamics ,natural amounts of detail and a huge soundstage. These Qln are an absolute treasure and remind you why you have the audio addiction. You just enjoy the music and forget the system, (not that l’m not going to do a few tweaks). Lucky that the JDI’s seem a very good match at 60 watts, my OTL was non compatible. Have spoken with Mats the designer via email at QLM and he reckons a solid 40 watts needed for valve power. So one happy give classic a try audiofile
  12. Well l tell have my lx5s but never found them to be anything special despite the reviews. watcha gotta do to make em sing? Funnily enough l live in Welwyn !!