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  1. Hopefully have managed to get a couple of lengths of the above but need one more 2 to 3 meter length for centre speaker in home theatre set up. Of course I’ll take two if they are cheap enough.
  2. Huntergatherer

    Wanted goertz speaker cable

    Helo Hello Hello any News ?
  3. Huntergatherer

    wanted Elecrofluid monolith 20/20 speakers cable

    Well 3 meters pair would do although in fact I’m looking for a third as l was think of wiring up my Av system with it. But let me know what you have and we could take it from there
  4. Huntergatherer

    FS: Impulse H2

    One of the best speakers I ever owned and bargain at that price. Replaced them with Klipsh la scales thats how much I need to get an improvement
  5. Huntergatherer

    Wanted goertz speaker cable

    Thanks will try
  6. Huntergatherer

    Wanted goertz speaker cable

    Any wire news
  7. Huntergatherer

    Wanted goertz speaker cable

    Ps your selection of kit sounds Fab
  8. Huntergatherer

    Wanted goertz speaker cable

    Great do you want to Pm me and we can negotiate details?
  9. Huntergatherer

    Wanted goertz speaker cable

  10. Huntergatherer

    Wanted goertz speaker cable

    Hi There looking for the flatline stuff minimum 2.5 meter pair .Although I’m intending to wire up my three front speakers in AVsystem so open to suggestions. The cable l use in my Stereo system is Electrofluidics monolith, looking for something similar.
  11. Huntergatherer

    Wanted goertz speaker cable

    As above The Flat stuff that is Like electrofluidics
  12. Huntergatherer

    looking for fixing crews for Decca sc4e

    Putting my Decca in a new head shell and my old bolts were mahoosive. Would seem I need at least 25mm ones. But just can't seem to locate them ?
  13. Gosh where did you get your nuts and bolts from ? mine poke out far to much... Ohn Yeah and they are a brilliant cartridge a real gem among jewels
  14. Huntergatherer

    a good unipivot alternative to hadcock288

    Well must admit, that is a arm I have not heard of. If you want to PM me we could have a conversation, If that's Ok with the forum Moderators?