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    70's Pioneer DD
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    Sony DVP-S9000ES
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  1. Eckythump

    SOLD - Rel T-Zero Subwoofer, black

    I'll be at the show on Sunday - make me an offer and meet up.
  2. A nice condition Quad 303 that was serviced and re-capped by Quad a few years ago. Original box, packaging, a new power lead and a RCA to DIN cable. I'll even throw in an original sales flyer from 1978. Would prefer collection from Eccleston, near Chorley or can meet nearby or at the NW Audio Show, Cranage. If I post then it will cost a fair bit more due to the weigh / insurance. £200 (& post if necessary)
  3. Eckythump

    SOLD - Rel T-Zero Subwoofer, black

    Small and fast. Ideal for music and pairing with satellites or small speakers. I had it running with my ESLs and it kept pace, no problems. I got a full refurb on my ESLs though and found I didn't need it anymore. Collection from Eccleston, near Chorley Lancs, meet nearby or at the NW Audio Show, Cranage. No box so I can't post. High level and power leads included. £200
  4. Eckythump

    Belkin Pure AV PF30 mains conditioner

  5. Eckythump

    Belkin Pure AV PF30 mains conditioner

    Feet have been found and will be fitted
  6. Eckythump

    Belkin Pure AV PF30 mains conditioner

    Oh yes, I believe it is - good spot. I'll go and have a rummage around
  7. A bit marked but works fine. No original box and may be expensive to post so you can collect from near Chorley, Lancs and save a few quid. £50 delivered PP or BT
  8. Eckythump

    SOLD Sony 670ES

    Sorry for the delay, had a busy weekend. A friend borrowed the amp and has decided to buy it. It is now sold.
  9. Eckythump

    Anyone from Chorley heading this way?

    Handed them over to a very nice chap call Neil last night, so they will be en-route to you very soon Rick.
  10. Eckythump

    CD player choice for Senn HD700's

    I can recommend the Marantz HD DAC1 which is an excellent headphone amplifier and DAC. You can then use any old CD player to read the discs and will have the ability to play MP3 / FLAC / DSD files through the USB.
  11. Eckythump

    SOLD Sony 670ES

  12. Eckythump

    SOLD Four GIK 242 Accoustic Panels

    Hello Rick Not a problem, I'll keep these for you until we can work out how to get them your way. Maybe one of the Lancashire massive can help?
  13. Eckythump

    FREE A&R Cambridge C200/SA200 pre/power

    Not a problem Bob, it is all yours.
  14. Eckythump

    SOLD Four GIK 242 Accoustic Panels

    Four panels 1200mm x 600mm x 70mm in a cream / magnolia colour. In good clean condition from a non-smoker. Big and heavy so pick up from Eccleston, nr Chorley, Lancashire or might deliver locally. Grab a bargain at £100 - no offers. The best hifi upgrade for £100 known to mankind. (Will add more photos when I am given my Super Wammer badge)