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  1. If you ever want to unload that soundstyle rack you know where I am Mike😀
  2. Maybe nothing too bright as I found the tannoys very good but quite lively.
  3. I have one just like it, well a rack that is 😁 Fantastic looking system that surely sounds as good as it looks.
  4. Marantz Na6006 works for me. Doesn't do qobuz though.
  5. And its not straight.. Drive me nuts that would. 😁
  6. Beautiful German engineering. Come on someone buy them.
  7. Having owned the Celan 500 I can only imagine that these are fantastic sounding loudspeakers and a bargain.They are built to a very high standard also. At 6 ton a massive bargain.
  8. Thank you everyone I think I will hang on a little longer with the AT91 and maybe experiment with a better stylus for it. Or get the new 95 and see what I can do with that. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Everybody. Having very recently acquired above turntable I am now looking for a decent cartridge say up to £80 . Came to me with new AT 91. Got to be honest it doesn’t sound to shabby to me though. Will be using the built in preamp in my Yamaha AS-1100. Thank you in advance.
  10. What about this. Chromecast Audio, Pioneer a40, Kef R100, Pioneer has built in dac. Listened to this set up at my friends house on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised. Cost about £700 from Peter Tyson.
  11. Been trying Amazon HD for a few days now and to me the sound quality is very good. On the down side there are a lot of features missing using the HEOS app. It won't let you make playlists. No que function or play next.. You can only play now. Hope they sort this.
  12. robbyrtp

    Roksan K3 Dac

    Hi. Seeing the above at what looks like a bargain price. Has anyone got any views on this DAC ? It would mainly be used streaming tidal via my Marantz NA6006. Thank you.