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  1. What about this. Chromecast Audio, Pioneer a40, Kef R100, Pioneer has built in dac. Listened to this set up at my friends house on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised. Cost about £700 from Peter Tyson.
  2. Been trying Amazon HD for a few days now and to me the sound quality is very good. On the down side there are a lot of features missing using the HEOS app. It won't let you make playlists. No que function or play next.. You can only play now. Hope they sort this.
  3. robbyrtp

    Roksan K3 Dac

    Hi. Seeing the above at what looks like a bargain price. Has anyone got any views on this DAC ? It would mainly be used streaming tidal via my Marantz NA6006. Thank you.
  4. Fab u less darling. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  5. Sorry I've got absolutely no idea how it compares to the NA-11S1. To be honest it was a gift from my Son last year. Would be interested what it might sound like through a dac though. Which one? I don't know. But like I say it does sound good to me.
  6. Tidal as we speak and sounding mighty fine too🔊
  7. Read after purchase that Heos could be a bit ropey but touch wood it's never missed a beat in over 12 months. Gapless too by the way.
  8. Very happy with my NA6006 streamer. Does all I'm interested in and sounds good too.
  9. If its still under guarantee do not take the lid off.
  10. Doh why didn't I think of that🔌🇬🇧
  11. European mains leads. What a waste of money and resources along with operating manuals in other languages. Why not just provide what's needed in the relevant country that they are being sold. They must be landfil most of the time.
  12. Recently stumbled across an 04 Volvo S80 only 17500 miles and minty. Anyway turned on the stereo and I was absolutely astounded as how good it sounds. Can't help but wonder who made it. Anyway at 2 grand it would have been a bargain just for the sound system.
  13. Thank you John for a very pleasant sale I really enjoyed the hour or so I spent in your company. Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here never sounded so good on my very humble system. Best regards Rob.
  14. Yeah I reported it as soon as I saw it.