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  1. clap

    Wanted: mains cable

    There's a Furukawa with Furutech connectors advertised here and on Pink Fish.
  2. clap

    SOLD: Aesthetix Calypso Valve Preamplifier

    I agree. Proper high end. I've heard one and was impressed.
  3. clap

    FS: Michell Orbe turntable

    Mitchell will supply a box but I seem to remember they used to be £50 and that was some years ago. It's the cheapest I've ever seen one so age is largely irrelevant. There's nothing to really age (apart from the belt) and it comes with a new one. It's a bargain.
  4. This one. The conductor is copper. I have copper or rhodium plugs or connectors.
  5. I might have 2 non black MG power cables available with upgraded plugs and iecs (oyaide, furutech, MS HD Power).
  6. Woweeee, nice stuff.
  7. Have you advertised them on cyrusunofficial? Could be worthwhile. They look absolutely mint btw.
  8. clap

    Chord dac 64 mk2

    Seems a very good price. A very highly rated dac as far as I know.
  9. I think people are still reading your original post.
  10. The Cambridge Audio amps possibly.
  11. clap

    Vacuum cleaner

    I'm just about to buy a Sebo.
  12. clap


    There's some arrogant responses above from people who don't even have a power inspired regenerator. I have one and can't recommend it enough. I used a Belkin Pf40 before which has now moved to AV duties. I have not noticed any negative effects using the power inspired 1500 to run my 300w Classe monoblocs. The bass is tighter and deeper, everything is clearer and more musical. The fan cannot be heard and I am sensitive to such things. I can't see any need to spend more than the power inspired. I do use an Oyaide mains block and decent cables and fuses.
  13. I put gyeon mohs silica nano coatimg on my Porsche 911 and it looked fantastic. It lasted 18 months. You have to do a lot of prep before you put it on. Use Tardis first, then Bilt camber iron remover, then use a menzerna polish, they use Byron prep. Washing once on is easer. Best do it in the spring as it' too cold now to cure properly. Finish Kare high temp paste was is also good and needs less effort. Similar to the Meguiars one above but possibly better. Meguiars is good stuff though. Try the polished bliss website for furtherideas.
  14. clap

    Purité Audio ‘clearance’

    Any hi-end cables?