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    Naim CD5i
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    Beresford Caiman
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    Naim NAC202
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    ATC SCM11
  1. spamnap

    DakhaBrakha - Yahudky

    Ukrainian band, amazing, don't let the cover put you off lol. Check them out on you tube
  2. spamnap

    What are you listening to right now?

    Arab Strap - Mad For Sadness Miserable and pretty cool and fab live recording
  3. spamnap


    Hi, I am looking for a replacement bass/mid driver for Heybrook HB2. Made by Audax I believe. I would consider a single or a pair of tatty complete as I have a mint pair with a non working driver. These would be from Mecom Acoustics original model. Thanks, JW
  4. spamnap

    Stands for ATC SCM11s

    syep2001 I agree but they are like rocking horse sh**
  5. spamnap

    Stands for ATC SCM11s

    Yep, but not easy to find, Epos no longer do them, Target no longer exist and some are very very expensive. Been scouring ebay but geography is killing me every time unless I wanna drive a couple of hundred miles, not many people prepared to post stands
  6. spamnap

    Stands for ATC SCM11s

    Those look good, what are they and do I need a second mortgage?
  7. spamnap

    Stands for ATC SCM11s

    Hi people, I have just bought some mint used 11s and am now searching for suitable stands. Has anyone used open frame stands like Epos 12i or possibly Heybrook Hb1s? Not sure if these would be better than solid high mass type, any suggestions or experience to share? Thanks
  8. spamnap

    Recommendations for small speaker with a big sound

    I remember them well, in fact still have them somewhere. Not bad for price but dodgy buy secondhand as foam surrounds rot. No big deal as replacements are available.
  9. spamnap

    2010 adventures in hifi?

    I bought a Beresford Caiman Dac in october. Very impressed with SQ and love ease of use direct via sp/dif from PC. Hardly used CD player since.
  10. spamnap

    Alternative Amp for Isobariks

    Must change my deoderant
  11. spamnap

    Alternative Amp for Isobariks

    I have a nice pair of late model Briks which I drive with Naim nac202 & nap200 Hicap Snapsc. Recently I bought a Beresford Caiman DAC which has made my Naim CD5i redundant as the sound from PC is so good. I am wondering if anyone uses an integrated amp to drive Briks successfully. The plan being to sell five Naim boxes for one new one. Any suggestions?
  12. spamnap

    Teak Speaker Cabinet Refurb

    I recently was given an old pair of tatty B&W DM4s which I sanded all of the varnish from. Use fairly fine sandpaper and be carefull near edges as the veneer may only be thin. The DM4s though had good quality thick veneer so I was able to sand out all the marks and stains. I then beeswaxed them . They looked like new when I was finished. Jim
  13. spamnap

    Castle Pembroke

    Get the photos up :-)
  14. spamnap

    Angel Brothers

    Hi, Have a listen to Punjab to Pit Top. Angel Brothers & Satnam Singh, hard to pigeonhole but great music well produced. They are live at the Studio in Hartlepool 26 March minus Satnam alas but still worth seeing. Jim
  15. spamnap

    Dealers mark up

    That certainly got them going didn't it?