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  1. Am looking to buy the Clio 428connect RCA cables made by Yannis Tome. Would like either 0.5 and / or 1m pairs ideally.
  2. Still available - I actually preferred the Fidelity over a much more expensive Hashimoto ...
  3. Toshiba REGZA 32RV635D 32" HD 1080p LCD TV This full HD TV received excellent reviews, is in very good condition with just light marks to the black frame and has superb quality picture Great for a small living room or bedroom Supplied with stand and original remote control (requires batteries) No packaging so cash on collection only from Highgate, London N6 £40
  4. Here for sale is my wonderful Fidelity FRT-3 SUT. The quality of these units need little introduction and was one of the final pieces in my vinyl playback puzzle. With my AT-33PTG/2 it displays a gloriously open and dynamic sound. Condition is fair for its age with light scratches and scuffs to the casing. If you need to look at specs I can recommend the article below as I’m unable to offer further advice on cart matching - https://www.vinylengine.com/step-ups-and-mc-cartridges.shtml £200 + postage or courier costs. PPG or BT please.
  5. Final price drop - just 50 quid collected. This tuner is pure quality.
  6. By chance I have just got some suitable packing that could be used to transport this lovely granite, so I can offer UPS delivery for another £12, a total of £52 delivered. This includes £50 of insurance.
  7. Here for sale I have a solid state buffer which I have just opened to test full working condition and so is in as new condition. It offers balanced / unbalanced inputs and outputs. Lots of options for use to improve compatibility between pre and power amps, DAC and power amp etc Stock photo shows components and is upgradeable but I’ve not opened it up at all. Nice solid and substantial build with brushed metal fascia. Here is the chinglish description - < This product uses advanced aluminum chassis, 30W High copper rR-core transfrormer, A grade silicon a wound without fracture! Thick gold-plated double-sided PCB (board 2MM, foil thickness 75U,), 718 resistors, fever capacitors, gold-platedXLR (Cannon Block), RCA, Texas 5532 new op amps. Gilded left on board IC socket, users can easily upgrade the op amp. Features: Can be used without balanced output interface DAC, CD, sound cards, and other pre-installation of balanced input and output, sound immediately upgrade several grades, the sound field is very open and elegant, but also significantly enhance the resolving power! > I have all the original packing so can send safely. These are only available to import from HK or China, but of course buying this unit means you will avoid paying any VAT or import duty. £75 collected or £79 delivered, PPG or BT.
  8. The Superpods are now sold but the granite is still available for collection.