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  1. As an alternative, I use a 5V Powerbank - took me a while to find one that outputs 2.5A but very pleased with it indeed. edit - sorry ignore, just read you need 5A ...
  2. New and unused Edge RCA cables. OFC, aluminium foil shielding and foam insulation. 24K Gold plated split-tip plugs. Very nicely constructed for this money! 1m pair - £13 delivered 50cm - £11 delivered PPG or BT please.
  3. Just to confirm that this is RPi version B+
  4. Hi Damian, it's coax only and requires an external DAC. Have a look at the link I included above and you'll find all the details ...
  5. Allo DigiOne Player Superb sounding, full working order and ready for use Volumio OS installed on SD card - all you need is to download Volumio to computer or tablet etc Or reconfigure with OS of your choice Black acrylic case with black rivets, some marks to acrylic Original Allo supplied PSU included but for best results use with Powerbank or LPSU Support and downloads located here - https://allo.com/sparky-eu/digione-player.html Cost was £183 including delivery £120 delivered, PPG or BT please
  6. I had a Toshiba GZ34 rectifier of the same vintage, absolutely superb, so expect this tube to be very good as well.