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  1. Let me see if I can sort that out this weekend. Cheers.
  2. Tannoy Chatsworth speakers for sale with 12” HPD/315/8 drivers. Original factory stickers for June 1975 with close serial numbers. The front Tannoy badges are present and correct; both grilles are in super condition as you can see. The cabinets are in good original condition for their 44 years with a deep patina, grain and shine - no restoration work has been done. Some old marks and chips to the wood, mainly on the front bottom edges as per photos; if you want perfect ‘as new’ cabs then you have the option to refurbish or replace. Crossovers are original. Also included are a pair of beautiful oak spiked stands which I had custom made this year - these get the centre of the driver around ear height and with the sand loading they tighten up the bass appreciably. The sand is loaded in stockings (good tip this!), so it can be easily removed if need be. I have absolutely loved my time with these Tannoys listening to vinyl with tube amps, but now I’m heading in a digital direction and time for someone else to enjoy them. £1500 - collection only from Highgate, London N6 or possibly from Manchester M20.
  3. That's M20 as in South Manchester - but of course I would happily make an exception for you Al and deliver to your door. Assuming you haven't moved to Cornwall etc
  4. I will be in Manchester next Tuesday and could bring the tuner with me if anyone would like to collect from M20.
  5. Here for sale I have a very nice Topping mini rack. I used it with the D30 for which it was designed; it also fits the matching A30 headphone amp of course. I also used it for my Allo Digione streamer which I had sitting on top. The shelfs are acrylic with metal legs which make it surprisingly weighty. £15 collected from Highgate N6 or I can disassemble and flat pack it for postage, £3 extra. PPL gift or cash please. Dimensions - W - 17.2cm D - 15.8cm H - 11.2cm individual shelf height - 4.3cm useable space on shelf - 13.2 x 11.8cm
  6. Here for sale is my glorious Toshiba ST-420 tuner. I just don’t have the room at present to keep this beast. First produced in 1977, it has superb battleship build quality partnered with a gloriously big, full sound signature. Signal and tuning meters work perfectly, as does the monster weighted tuning knob which is a joy to use. All the bulbs function correctly. Condition is very good for its age with a few scratches and scuffs, mainly to the grey paint on top. Dimensions - W - 45cm D - 35cm H - 15cm £90 cash on collection or ppl gift, from Highgate N6. I have taken the following info from the fmtunerinfo.com website - "The ST-420 is a well-built, made in Japan, analog, phase locked loop, AM/FM tuner. It has an FET-based front end composed of 4 FM gangs and 2 AM gangs. The IF strip includes 3 three-legged ceramic filters, 1 SFE10.7MA and 2 SFA10.7MCs, feeding discrete components into a ratio detector. MPX services are provided through a Sanyo LA3350 (one of the few ICs) and then once again into a discrete audio stage with buffer. The front panel houses a power button, signal and tuning meters, and controls for output level, recording level, FM mute and band selection, with the muting switch separate from the FM Stereo/Mono switch. The tuning knob is big, weighted and silky smooth. The dial scale stretches across the full width of the tuner with the band and stereo indicators located at the high end of the scale. The back panel has the usual antenna attaching points, fixed, variable, and MPX/scope RCA outputs, a 25/50/75µs de-emphasis switch and an AC outlet. Inside, the tuner is well laid out with the tuning cap isolated from the main system board. A fully removable bottom panel makes access to the boards fast and easy. This is a very quiet, good-sounding unit with lots of potential for mods. It handles the HD nasties very nicely, a plus nowadays. Although it’s already a pretty good sounder in stock form, after removal of the two ceramic caps directly in the audio signal path things get immediately and immensely better."
  7. This is an Atacama Equinox 2 shelf rack which can be used as a standalone rack, but also acts as a base unit and can be extended with extra shelves from this modular range. It’s a superb system - I’ve extended my main rack up to 5 shelves in this way and it works very well indeed. Build quality is excellent. The finish is steel grey with green tinted glass and there is 230mm between shelves. Spikes for the bottom of the unit are included as pictured. Good overall condition with a few marks here and there - the mark on top of the frame is covered when in use. 25 quid cash on collection or ppl gift from Highgate N6.
  8. I have a WireWorld Starlight 7 - 75ohm digi coax cable, 50cm. £43 delivered. http://www.wireworldcable.co.uk/products/155.html