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  1. Mmm.. Audeze! They have completely re-defined headphones for me. I have LCD-2 Fazor, and Sines. I use them with a variety of set-ups - my Jolida Glass FX III, the Audeze Cipher into my iphone, my studio Monroe-Sonic headphone amp, my Centrance Dacport.
  2. Always fancied trying the 1SCs. I've always regretted not grabbing a very inexpensive pair that I was aware of being sold a few years back.
  3. Hey folks.. I've been pretty quiet on here for most of the last year. This is mainly because I was solidly in the studio working on my first album. And then I went on tour in the States, road-testing the album on big club systems and the odd outdoor festival rig. I was happy with how it worked, so now the album is released. It's streaming on all the normal platforms, or you can buy it from Bandcamp. No physical media yet, but a vinyl release will happen if it gains traction, and CDs possibly. I made a video for the first single as well, which I just noticed @Sumdumgi has already kindly posted in the What am I listening to.. thread, but I'll link it here as well: Particularly recommended for people with systems that communicate bass well! Cheers, Nick.
  4. Oh wow! Lovely! If I had cash lying around, I'd bite your hand off for that. I'd love a decent mandolin. I'll keep an eye on this, see if it hangs around. Can't afford right now, but things change.. Good luck with the sale :-)
  5. I grew up with Bagpuss, and it has always held a very special place for me. When I was really little, I used to get really freaked out when he yawned, so although I loved the program, I used to hide behind the sofa or outside the room until my Mum or Dad told me he'd yawned, and then I was safe to come out and watch the rest of it! Hey-ho.. Funnily enough, in adult life I've become pretty good friends with Peter's grand-daughter, who is similarly talented. I didn't know for years that she was his relative, but I knew her as a creative person, so it was interesting when I found out, to see the connection there in her work. Now whenever I am around her, I somehow place her slightly in that strange Bagpus world, which definitely suits her somewhat!
  6. That's what I'm going to try this season as well. Fed up with carrying two lenses around with me.
  7. They closed with Gabriel as encore, on Monday. It was a stunning closing track. One of my favourites too.
  8. I was going to list Lamb's most recent album, 'Backspace Unwind'. I had the topic all prepared, and went to post it, and my browser just sat there, frozen, as they do sometimes, neither still on the last screen, nor arrived at the next.. blue line in the address bar, halfway across. I swore at the computer for some time, to no avail, so I left it there, to stew in it's own juices. Half an hour later, still no change, so I shut down the browser. Then Hifiwigwam itself did the same thing. Nothing would load. An hour later, here I am again, and have decided to take my failure as a sign that I was going to post the wrong album. So instead, I will travel back 21 years to Lamb's eponymous debut. For those who don't know, Lamb are, at their core, Andy Barlow and Lou Rhodes. They formed in Manchester, and released their first album in 1996. It contains, among others, what is probably their best-known song, 'Gorecki', with which they often end their shows. They are currently undertaking a tour commemorating the 21 years since the release of this album, and are in fact performing the album live in its entirety, which they have never done before. I just saw them on Monday night, in Manchester Cathedral, and it was an excellent night. If you like this, I strongly advise checking out their catalogue generally, and catching them on the current tour if you can.
  9. Hmm.. had a bit of a listen, and I quite like what I've heard so far. Nice voice.. I'll come back to it for a proper listen later, as this is mis-matched with my current headspace, so I don't want to form a wrong impression of it.
  10. I really like it. I think I'll probably grab the vinyl. Nice songs, lovely production. Really nice atmosphere to it. Thanks!
  11. Unfortunate! Of course the gig would be a very good place for someone celebrating a birthday! Justsayin..
  12. Ott's band (in which I play guitar, sing and bits of synth and stuff) are playing Exeter Phoenix on September 2nd. We have Merv (Eat Static) supporting. Should be a great night! They have a new system in there, so the sound will be top-notch. Hope some Wammers can make it!