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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    I have had a morning of Spotify and earlier Neil Young, before that some Doors. The quality may offend some but the music is great.
  2. I just love filling my lungs with combustion fumes
  3. one word daily

  4. one word daily

  5. spot the space station

    Both look interesting. Thanks
  6. Biggest upgrade that turned out not to be?

    I went for 4mm Van Damme care of Mark Grant
  7. Biggest upgrade that turned out not to be?

    I experimented with being open minded and tried Tellurium Q Black speaker cable thanks to subjectivist raving. Boy was I glad when I sold it to a happy bunny. Lessons learned many people like a screechy noise for their HiFi.
  8. one word daily

  9. Do you find digital cables sound different

    Early in my encounter with HiFi mags, adverts and forums I took the approach to upgrading as - I've seen/been told you can improve my sounds, show me what you can do. Sort of open minded, sceptical. Amazing how it calmed the urges.
  10. Do you find digital cables sound different

    No I am not confused just don't hear any difference twixt digital cables.
  11. Do you find digital cables sound different

    No I don't find COAX cables make a tiny difference, nor USB or Optical despite some insisting I would. But I did end up giving this thread one star because I wasn't looking what I was doing. Does hearing involve gullibility ?
  12. Do you find digital cables sound different

    Why not? Is massive more or less than night and day in degree of difference? Why do people want to talk about cables?
  13. one word daily

  14. one word daily

  15. one word daily