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  1. I have had a morning of Spotify and earlier Neil Young, before that some Doors. The quality may offend some but the music is great.
  2. I just love filling my lungs with combustion fumes
  3. Mindless
  4. Nobrainer
  5. Both look interesting. Thanks
  6. I went for 4mm Van Damme care of Mark Grant
  7. I experimented with being open minded and tried Tellurium Q Black speaker cable thanks to subjectivist raving. Boy was I glad when I sold it to a happy bunny. Lessons learned many people like a screechy noise for their HiFi.
  8. Rabelaisian
  9. Early in my encounter with HiFi mags, adverts and forums I took the approach to upgrading as - I've seen/been told you can improve my sounds, show me what you can do. Sort of open minded, sceptical. Amazing how it calmed the urges.
  10. No I am not confused just don't hear any difference twixt digital cables.
  11. No I don't find COAX cables make a tiny difference, nor USB or Optical despite some insisting I would. But I did end up giving this thread one star because I wasn't looking what I was doing. Does hearing involve gullibility ?
  12. Why not? Is massive more or less than night and day in degree of difference? Why do people want to talk about cables?
  13. salacious
  14. Dailyish
  15. Ignorant