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  1. I've got;- AT Vibrating stylus cleaner. Used it for 20 years or so. Usually dry, very occasional with a tiny drop of Lyra SPT cleaner on it. Used with a variety of MC Carts, Linn, Lyra & AT. Never had any problems with it. Maybe Ive just been lucky. Linn Green paper. Again, used it for ages, no issues. Ortofon (I think) small little stylus brush. Probably the thing I use most frequently. It works. Small pot of VP gunk. Had it a few years, very rarely use it. Seems to do the trick though. Summing up, if someone was getting into vinyl replay & asked what best to use, I would suggest the small stylus brush eg the Ortofon one for use every LP or so, the AT637 (if you can find one at a sensible price) for use once a week or so, depending on the state of the vinyl. Lyra SPT fluid to be used occasionally & in tiny quantities.
  2. Updated to remove sold stuff & price drop for the remaining valves.
  3. If you’re buying from new at under £200, the Pro-Ject DS, or the new S2 would be well worth checking out. Remember that you’ll also have to have another rca cable from the phono stage to the amp, if you don’t have a spare one floating about.
  4. Agree that the 180 isn't enough amp for the ATC's. They are a sealed box design & quite inefficient to drive. Blooming lovely though. A mate of mine with a Vitus integrated amp recently went from PMC Twenty 24's to ATCscm40 mk2 & they sound excellent. A bay window between your speakers can do some weird things to the sound, so a home demo will be pretty important if possible. PMC's usually have a decent bass on em, so should suit your musical preferences? The Pro-Acs could also work well.
  5. Kt88’s provisionally sold, subject to the usual.
  6. It works for some people, not for others. The early days of a fruity Lp12 having great synergy with upfront Naim electronics could be a superb thing. But they fell out with each other & views became more polarised. Buy a Nait or a supernait, with sympathetic speakers. Never look at another Hifi mag & definitely never look at the Naim forum & chances are you’ll be very content indeed. Get hooked in to the “just add another box” upgrade mentality & you could go mad or broke or both.
  7. Thanks for the update, hope you enjoy them! ATB Matt.
  8. Updated to delete some sold stuff & price drop on the ‘88’s.
  9. Having moved on from my Graaf valve amp & Jolida valve DAC, I’m now selling on my mini stock of spare valves. 1–Two EH KT90’s. Again, used but in good condition. £35+p&p 2–One EH6922eh £10.+p&p 3–Two TAD7025s rt011, £30+p&p Or £65 +P&P for the lot. All items located in my home in Bishops Stortford. Personal collection welcome. Photos of all of the valves are available if required but I can’t post them all here due to busting the 2mb limit.
  10. Try adding a small sub with them..... heard em with a little REL t-zero & the sound really opened up. It wasn’t all about the bass, obviously that was a lot better, but the sub added more dimension & space. A big upgrade for the £££.
  11. A Bel Canto pre with ATC active speakers.......superb combo.
  12. FWIW, I auditioned passive 40mk2’s ( driven by my Graaf amp) vs the Actives with an ATC Pre. Also at the Dem was a mate who has passive 40mk2’s with a lovely Vitus amp. Starting with the passives, we both looked at each other & felt that they were lovely. No real weaknesses, everything we tried sounded right. Female vocals such as kd Laing & Tracey Thorne, rock from Steven Wilson/ porcupine tree, & pop from Elbow ( mirrorball). The bar had been set pretty high. However, the actives woke the music up even more & small details came through with more clarity. The bass end was also quicker & cleaner. We both agreed that the actives were easily better. If we had compared the actives with the passives with a very high quality, high power output amp such as the Vitus, the conversation may have been different. But in a way, that’s the conclusion........... it would take an incredible amp ( such as the vitus at easily over £10k) to equal or better the actives, & that would be a far more expensive proposition than a decent preamp feeding the actives. Either speaker will give superb results & take a lot of beating.
  13. The 5600 is blooming massive for a sound bar......much bigger than most would ( WAF) want, as sound bars are generally liked as they’re less intrusive than “proper” surround sound options. Plus you still need a sub with it really. So that turns it into a big & expensive proposition for a sound bar. It is decent, but big & bulky.
  14. Bluesound powernode2i gives you a decent amp a good DAC & streamer in one box with one of the best control apps going. Add speakers of your choice. As others have said, there are so many options for a £1k system new or 2nd hand, you have to start somewhere to begin to narrow down options. One way to approach this is to find an amp that ticks your boxes & then use only that amp to find which speakers work best for you. The danger is that there are so many options, you’ll Just get confused with all the permutations.