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  1. For practicality the passive pre would be my option. First you would have to decide what value attenuators you would need but then as different cd's have different recorded levels then the selected attenuators might not be suitable for all occasions.
  2. I have a pair of adjustable RCA attenuators, 10; 15 and 20dB
  3. Totally disgraceful, shouldn't be in business.

    Valve info

    You are certainly welcome to come demo and see if they are what you are looking for, as long as they are still available.

    Extreme toe-in

    Seems to me that it mainly relates to a home theatre set up where you have more than one person viewing/listening. I really don't see the point for a single listener unless you choose to sit off axis.
  6. Maybe one of these. I have my phone connected via bluetooth to the Ugreen which is connected to a passive pre to active speakers through a jack to phonos,works a treat
  7. Try these
  8. Well, they're a different matter. Rhubarb tart or any other tart. If you know one then please forward her contact number.

    NFL 2019-20

    Chiefs special teams got them back in the game then Mahomes did the rest with the help of Kelce. Great comeback
  10. Think you are required to state a price