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    New valves, bias voltage??

    Under normal circumstances valve preamps do not require valve bias but if you are changing valves it is as well to change all of them. Having said that there might be a problem with voltages if one of other components have gone out of spec.

    Free play.. Technics SL1500C

    Having had a quick read I don't think they did a back to back review of both TT. Looks like they just referred to their previous review of the Rega and made a comparison.
  3. I've had lots of interest but not yet sold. Let me know if you are interested in these fine amps

    Hi sensitivity speakers

    How about these, and not too expensive and 96dB

    New 300B Valves for sale.

    If these perform as well as the Guiguang EL34 and KT88's then someone is in for a bargain.
  6. My unmarked and little used Cambridge CXC Transport asking. Comes with remote control and original box. Now SOLD
  7. Near offer considered

    D-Day 75 years ago.

    Can we please leave politics out of this thread - this is for paying homage to those who fought and died on the Normandy beaches. Trump was born a year after WWII ended. Cheers. Sorry you are correct of course
  9. Having too many sources I have decided to offer my Ming Da Valve CD Player. I bought this new but because I mainly use my transport and DACs it has had very few hours on it. It is in excellent condition and comes with a hefty remote. The player uses 5670 valves which I have replaced with Tesla 6CC42 but will supply the US originals as well. I am asking £575 delivered to the UK mainland.
  10. Might help is you stated your budget for each and what amp you are using at the moment, also the speaker make and model.

    Wolfson DAC SOLD

    Great DAC for not a lot of money.

    Marantz DV7001 CD/DVD Player(SOLD)

    Hi Rob, great to see you again. Enjoy
  13. 2 metre pair of 8 core flat speaker cable possibly Goertz . Just one length shown but is a pair available Asking £25 plus postage

    Wireless streamers.

    How did you deduce that? "Whether it's because I'm not familiar with their room acoustics, I couldn't really say. The sound, to my ears, had disappointing levels of openness and transparency" " but again wasn't really taken by the sound quality. Perhaps the speakers were too close to the wall, and I guess they were less than 12", don't really know." Where did he he say it was down to the streamers?