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    Just tried switching off the pre and just the monos powered up, noise is still there. Was fine when I last used them a couple of days ago. got me baffled at the mo.


    I am getting a low frequency noise when I switch on my SET power monoblock amplifiers through both channels. I have changed all the valves but to no avail. I have a feeling it is coming from my valve preamp though there is no indication when I connect up my SS Class A amp. Just wondering is any one had a SS preamp they are not using that I could try so that I could eliminate my pre as the culprit or any advice as to what it might be
  3. Been away and just seen this, so thanks for kind words. Of course anyone is welcome to come and listen
  4. Reasonable offers considered

    Wanted - bloody good speakers for little dosh

    Maybe he has "forgotten his ID" and can't log in
  6. These are sitting boxed up ready for delivery (don't ask) try making me a REASONABLE offer
  7. Hello, it's still available..............anyone?
  8. And Location?????

    Is a DAC upgrade worth it?

    They are open to declaring a low ball price to help reduce additional costs, if you ask nicely

    Is a DAC upgrade worth it?

    If you want to try other options without spending a fortune I can recommend the Xiang Sheng 0.5B DAC which has both tube and SS outputs. You can orderfrom here: I have used this supplier and they were reliable.

    WTB £200-£300 standmounts

    Yes, they work fine as normal speakers. Amazing bass for such small drivers. If you have a large room they make a T7V also.

    WTB £200-£300 standmounts

    I would recommend ADAM T5V. These are active speakers and unbelievably good for around £250

    Yet another thread from me asking for help

    Good news Andrew, really pleased you were able to sort the problem.