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  1. I would say that if you are relaxing as above with CD then it will be a different experience with vinyl. Apart from only having approximately half the time of a same version of the CD before you get to to the run off of the record, which will initially frighten the bejezzers out of you once you are totally relaxed and in the groove. Also you will find it difficult initially to accept the surface noise such as crackles and pops if there is some foriegn object in thr grooves. I tried to come back to vinyl after years of CD only and found that there were too many distractions as above but that's just my take on it.
  2. I think there are a number of Naim enthusiasts on here that might be interested in these:
  3. Thinking about getting the Audiolab 6000CDT so just wondering if anyone has had any problems with their unit. Have heard that there might be "skipping" problems though all the reviews (personal not hifi mags) are very positive.

    Valve info

    I would say Not, I'm sure Rabski will be here soon to confirm.
  5. I've only ever tried the Van Damme 4mm Blue cable and was not impressed. Found that it made me having to concentrate more to hear the finer detail of the music thereby causing some fatique and not as enjoyable. I now use this:
  6. Known as Sticky Lice if you lived in Liverpool

    Wtd DAC

    If not I have a spare DAC you can borrow
  8. My SET Monoblocks run 2A3 and 245 valves at 2.5 and1.5 watts respectively I have 99dB speakers which work superbly with them Take a look at these They are single driver, full range speakers with no crossover You are welcome to come and have a demo

    Channel Drift

    Nothing wrong with my hearing folks I know it's the amp as when i am connected up with my main amps there is no problem. Just wondering what could cause it to be audibly lob sided.

    Channel Drift

    Thanks uzzy but I changed the valves for the very reason of channel drift as I didn't know how old the original valves were and thought that they might have been the problem. I'm beginning to think that once the amp has been going for a good while that the image appears to move more central, playing the same track each time, though I could be imagining that

    Channel Drift

    Hi Brook, I am very familiar with the albums I was playing and I know for sure that on my main rig that the vocals are central. I appreciate what you are referring to as I also have recordings where the vocals are either to the right or left of centre.

    Channel Drift

    Thanks for your suggestion John, but no everything is connecteted correctly. I am connected on the 8 ohm taps maybe I should try thre 4ohm to see if the image moves back to centre position. Don't really know whether that would make a difference in this respect.

    Channel Drift

    I have recently acquired an Eastern Electric Minimax Integrated amplifier running ECL82 valves but find that the central imaging has drifted to the right. Vocals are now located between centre and right speaker. I have replaced the valves for a set of brand new ones, changed the source but to no avail. Does anyone have a solution to this?
  14. I think it was @Mikeandvan that bought them off of ebay and now wants to sell them.