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  1. It could all have been so different, if you'd chosen the right pies.......
  2. I did offer to do the pie run again after this thread was started, but nobody has bothered to respond. Shame
  3. Apologies if this question has already been asked Danny: Will rooms be available for non-exhibitors on Saturday night?
  4. One question for everybody: Are you willing to pay any more tax than you actually have to?
  5. With six posts in under an hour, it wasn't just resurrected, it was nailed back on the cross
  6. Quieter without it - that's why it's not connected
  7. I couldn't be happier with mine, even the looks have grown on me
  8. I use one of these to make pure water for a marine aquarium. Four stage - floss, carbon, RO, de-ionise. Using a TDS (total disolved solids) meter on the water it produces, you get a reading of 0.00 - 0.02 ppm. I also use this water for RCM duties. As well as cooking, hot drinks etc. They are only about £50 for all of the pure water you need.
  9. I remember meeting you Martin, you came to Adam's when he was having a bake-off, must have been about 6 years back. If memory serves, you were picking up an OTL tube amp.
  10. a bit like driving an Italian sports car......
  11. Oracle Delphi - you should get a mk 3 or 4 for your budget.
  12. You made a decent contribution yourself Robin, with the massive pie order Hope your colleagues are enjoying them
  13. ah ha, it's my favourite........
  14. [ATTACH]14276[/ATTACH]
  15. Not only does it sound great, operating/using it is an absolute joy
  16. yes please Ian ...if there's any space - bench if not
  17. ahh.....so you did attend.....didn't collect your pie order though
  18. Wouldn't that be great - you could travel back to Saturday and do it all again
  19. JVS

    Pie order thread !

    How about I pick up whatever you want from the shop today and give it to a wammer local to you who's attending the show? Wam Pie Taxi !
  20. JVS

    Pie order thread !

    Nelsons do mail order Mike I'll think of you when I'm eating mine
  21. JVS

    Pie order thread !

    Hi Ben, You've missed the main order, but I can get pies at the counter when I pick up on Saturday - but they might only have 1lb pies. If so, would you like two or three?