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  1. It's 50 years since the photographer, Moneta Sleet, became the first African American to win a Pulitzer prize for journalism. Has his work received the recognition it deserves? On 4 April 1968, Moneta Sleet Jnr made his way to the front of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, as the funeral of Martin Luther King was about to begin. He found a position that allowed him to see Coretta Scott King, the civil rights leader's widow, and the photograph he took of her won him a Pulitzer Prize. It almost didn't happen. Initially, no black photojournalists were selected to cover the funeral, but when word of this reached Coretta Scott King she insisted that the black media be represented. If Moneta Sleet was not allowed into the church, she is reported to have said, there would be no photographers at all. The shot that won the following year's Pulitzer prize for feature photography shows the civil rights leader's dignified, veiled widow clutching her youngest child's head to her lap, while five-year-old Bernice's eyes gaze mournfully across the church.
  2. Yep...………………….Sheffield style!!!
  3. Richard, Glad to have you & your pics back here on the Wam & that you are feeling better. Mick
  5. What about one of my favourite photographers, albeit she was an amateur, Vivian Maier! There are names on these other two lists that I hadn't heard of, so thanks to both of you, I will now look them up.
  6. Of all the billions of people who have picked up a camera of some kind, who is the best photographer of all time?
  7. Fuji XPro1 + XF 18-55mm f2.8-4
  8. Hi Pete, I know you are based down south & I am based in West Yorkshire but I use a place up here in Bradford. It is adjoined to one of my favourite camera shops, it is called Bradford Camera Exchange & it is called ProAm Imaging & these are the people that I use when I want some of my photos printed out, usually on lustre paper. Anyway I highly recommend this firm as it is owned by the guy who owns Bradford Camera Exchange & he is a nice guy. You could phone them up & speak to them or try to find a similar place near to you! ProAm, 01274 723622 Bradford Camera Exchange Mick
  9. The creative community EyeEm has announced the 100 finalists for its annual photography competition. Split into 10 categories, the awards received more than one million submissions from 100,000 photographers in 150 countries. The shortlisted images will be exhibited at the Berlin Photo week in October when the category winners and Photographer of the Year will be announced. Here is a selection of the finalists' work:
  10. Thanks for all of your replies...…………….top class wamming as per usual. Now sorted. Thank you. Mick