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  1. Interesting that the Silbertone room at the Munich Hi end show is one of the biggest draws considering the variety of speakers they have displayed are 70+ years old. Curious that the Vox Olympians which are also well renowned are based on The Vitavox Oracle design of the 1960's. Fascinating that the Shindo Latour (Their top of the line speaker) is based on the UK 1957 Westrex Acoustilens. The resurgence of field coil speakers in general implies speaker design went off piste more due to manufacturing costs than pleasing sound. Today manufacturing methods (CNC) are much improved (See GIP). It is true the source material available when Western electric were producing their cinema systems was no where near the quality of today's recordings, however the basic principals they employed are being recognized by many as superior. The fact that huge horns are not domestically practical for many simply suggests a lack of commitment.
  2. The weight displacement of a plinthed 401 and tonearm is quite uneven in my experience which can cause issues with 'shock absorber' two layer type plinths. The 312s does pair well with the 401
  3. Ending tomorrow
  4. FOR SALE - Audio Grail Fully Restored Cream Grease Bearing Garrard 301 1p start no reserve:
  5. From a historical and mass perspective I like the series 1's
  6. AGrail

    A new RCM

    I have a Lorricraft and I can say it is great to use although the top does get wet from time to time which is OK as the top is perspex
  7. AGrail

    A new RCM

    Not too sure how the wood finish will deal with liquids over time
  8. Party hats, every tt should have one
  9. These speakers [video=youtube;FAhaKcnfBig] Preferably paired with A Rockport Sirus III front end avec Kondo IO Ltd
  10. The 1st pressing Classical Vinyl market is very buoyant. As is the re issue market
  11. The Corner GRF, Autographs and rectangular GRFs I've had tended to prefer push pull, either EL34 or KT66 at around the 20W+ mark.