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  1. Lol. People who have these will know what i am talkin about mate. A good set of cans.......B.
  2. As above. Wanted..pair of hd600 cans. Must be immaculate. Boxed. Etc. I am in Liverpool..please reply by p.m. initially, with contact details. Many thanks for looking.
  3. Again thank you chaps and in response to your question Darren.....aaaarrrrr.
  4. Thank you for the kind words and i am sorry to hear of people who are suffering the same problems my parents have suffered. It really is easier when you have friends behind you. Be strong one and all. Time is the healer.
  5. Hey all. My Pops finally passed away peacefully at home at the weekend after a long, long fight with Parkinsons, Lewys Body and many, many other problems. It was a massive relief in the end but we are all very sad. I have been left with lots of great memories. My Dad loved music and each time he was at my house, we would evaluate how the box swapping was going and have an hour of quality listening and Dad and lad time away from the girls. Unfortunately, my father -in-law has lung cancer and was given 12 months to live a short while back and mum- in-law has dementure so we have no real respite. I am in my early fifties and my parents generation are literally dropping like flies in their late 60s and early70s. I have attended 5 funerals in the past few months, so it has showed me that you have got to pack everything that is humanly possible into life. Don't put anything off, just do it as the Nike advert says. Enjoy every minute you have with your parents. My mum luckily is as strong as an Ox, so i have her to torment for quite some time. Stay strong, keep box swapping. Graham.
  6. Report it stolen with the police. report that you have seen your bike and give a statement regarding the unique marks on the bike. Give copies of the photos to the police. let the police sort out who stole the bike and who is handling stolen goods if you do not act, they will continue doing it. If your insurance is anything like mine it would cover new for old anyway strange though it may seem, if you tell the police exactly what your thoughts were in not reporting in the first place and later seeing the stolen bike up for sale and these facts bolstering your resolve, then they will fully understand.. Its their job and they are human do it do it now everyone should report every single wrongdoing have.a nice day. I have now read what is happening...erm...good.
  7. Any space for a day tripper mate.
  8. Mate. All the best to the both of you. You definitely had too much on your relative plates. Lots o love. Graham.
  9. Liverpool has more trees per capita than any other european city. And btw it looks beautiful at this time of year.
  10. It runs mine to daft levels of sound . The Mowgans are about 87 db . Too loud for me to tell truth. Just listened to Oxygene, John Michelle Jarre..sorry if this is spelt incorrectly. I am loving this amp with my setup.
  11. Hi Mike. More listening and this thing can really rock. Complex bass stuff it manages with ease and the treble, tambourines and cymbals sound sooo real. Really this is daft stuff. Mike no use me bringing it to yours mate. I would literally have to bring a half dozen. But come and have a cuppa and i promise you will be somewhat dumbstruck. The review of Jerry's is spot on. I could wax lyrical about this baby.
  12. Well, i got my Amptastic mini 1 yesterday after waiting a couple of weeks for the release and production of said item. I was pretty confident after reading the review jerry gave to this amp, as below. http://hifipig.com/category/hifi-reviews/amps-pre-amps/ Anyways, it has had a few hours to burn in and i have had quite a few hours of initial listening pleasure and pleasure it was. Believe the hype. This is an amp and then some and all at a silly, silly price. Dont read any more, just read that review and get one ordered, i promise you will not regret it. Best piece of hifi equipment pound for pound that i have ever heard and it punches waaay above its weight. Anyone want to come and have a listen, send me a pm. Ill be taking it around to take5 asap for him to have a go. Forget that it costs a hundred quid or so delivered, its the best investment you will ever make. Have i pushed this amp enough...probably not.
  13. m7rso

    Open house

    Sorry i missed it mate. Just got the email. Too late. I m rubbish, should have checked them earlier.
  14. Now we are getting somewhere... - - - Updated - - - Is this a recommendation?